Network Marketing: Is It Really Worth Your Time?

Ok, so you have been invited to one of the network marketing seminars or had gone through one personal meeting to build this business as a career so here I will tell you Is network marketing really worth your time?

In short, Yes because it is one of the largest growing industries that has created the most stable millionaires with consistent passive income but the industry has a bad reputation due to so many sc*ms and fake companies.

I have personally worked in a network marketing company(that I left) so in this article, I will share my totally unbiased opinion.

Is working in this industry for great financial freedom really worth your time and effort.
So, let's dive deep:

Network marketing

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Is Network Really Worth Your Time?

The answer is actually Yes and No!

No, because when you will join initially it's gonna be a lot of rejections.

You will gonna approach people and as soon as you gonna say I want to share a business opportunity with you.

After talking back and forth on a call, most of the people straight out gonna know what business you have started and just wouldn't give you the time of the day.

Because as I said initially this industry has created a massive number of millionaires but is filled with so many bad incidents in which like,

New companies enter this industry with no product and choose their marketing model to be network marketing.

And after some time when the company collects a lot of money from general people and the promoters, essentially "YOU", who is actively promoting the product.

They switch lanes overnight and gone! In most cases so to say...

So I say, initially even after you join a right company that has a good culture and whatnot.

If you don't have the mentality of keep going even after rejections or if you are looking for easy business.

I think Multi-level marketing is not worth your time.


If you are that type of person that sees the bigger picture with your vision in a strategic way or your mindset is like;

You gonna take a little hit initially without seeing any results but gonna build and learn the skillsets that are necessary and required for "sales" and learning and improving every single day.

If you have that type of mindset then I think you are on definitely on the right track.

Because you can take a look at anything you touch in terms of making money. It obviously gonna require you to have certain skillsets to make something work.

And to be successful with this network marketing business is no different!

I also wanna add here that if you are investing in a network marketing company, you are essentially gonna create more asset franchisees(people) and gonna spread it.

Just because of the reason you started with so little investment, you are not gonna take it seriously even if you take a loss.

If you invested millions to get this franchise, you obviously gonna work day and night and make it successful no matter what because you gonna be like:

I have so much money on the line and so much to lose. You, God Damn right, you gonna make it successful.

Giving your energy in this direction(network marketing) and no return upfront from quite some time until you sharpen your skills.

So, if you have that mindset then I think network marketing is definitely worth your TIME & EFFORT in every single way you put upfront!

That's the Reality!

Network Marketing

My Opinion?

I think it just definitely depends on YOU!

Because I can only share it from my perspective what I have seen personally when I was in a network marketing company.

It depends on you what your current situation is and you have to analyze it for yourself like would you like to pursue something like this for the long run of say 1 year?

If the answer is Yes, Go Ahead!

If the answer is No, Maybe some other time when someone approaches you again, who knows?

Can Network Marketing Really Be Done Part-Time?

Oh definitely No!

Really, when this was presented to me that I can make and work and build this business part-time and will not disturb the actual work that I'm doing.

Everything gonna works, right?


You have daily meetings to meet with the leaders, your direct upline(the person who sponsored you), and you gonna attend 2 weekly seminars.

You gonna invite people to these seminars.

You gonna have personal meetings almost between 2-3 days with the group for your accountability how's your business is doing and how you can improve?

You gonna personally gonna travel from places to places to give personal meetings and whatnot.

So, in combination, I definitely don't think it's something you can do part-time by putting 2-3 hours a day at a realistic level.

Also, I forget to tell, most people can't take rejections really well. Everybody should build this ability but most people can't.

So if you can't, you obviously gonna obsess about it actively even when you are not building the network marketing business and just in your daily routine.

It's gonna hamper your results in currently what you are doing at hand because you gonna obsess about the rejections if you know what I mean...

I think it is more of a full-time job and Grind thing.

Yea, definitely a Full-Time Thing!

Do I Need To Drag My Friends Into It?

Network Marketing is a people's business and you need people to build this business.

When you initially gonna join this business, you will be told by your uplines(the person that sponsored you) to make a list of all the people you know.

This includes your family, your friends, your uncle, your aunties, your cousins, your relatives, your teachers, the people you haven't talked from a long time.

Do you know where I'm going with this?

Basically, this process will give you a list of 100-200 people(most likely) as to which you have to consider as prospects.

Prospects are the people to which you gonna roll with whatever you know about the business and company and gonna give a presentation to.


You straight gonna invite to a weekly seminar so that these "people you know" can join your business and you can build this business.

So, if you asking that do you need to drag your friends into this business then I say drag is a wrong word to use but most likely you need to approach them to tell them about your business so that they can join.

In my case, I took a lot of rejections personally!

So kind of dragged few friends here and there and I say that's some other cool stories what happened.

But Yes! You definitely gonna approach and pursue a lot of your friends to join you.

Do I Need To Sell Products Door To Door?

It depends on You and your kind of mindset of what you can do. Yea! It totally depends on you!

I mean, your people, the company leaders and the uplines most likely in today's age don't force or actively tell people to do door to door selling.

Actually, nobody tells you to do something like this. They(your teammates) most likely give you what they have done and have worked for them.

So say for example:

You approached a lot of your friends and all the people you know and now you are left with a very small list and along the way you kind of build some business.

It depends on you that you have changed so much as a person in this business and now you can even go door to door for generating sales, you know what I mean?

The truth is, nobody actually condones you to go with this approach but it totally depends on you and your personal choice what you allow yourself to do.

Network marketing

Is It An Easy Business As Shown From The Outside?

No business is an easy business, that's universal!

Every business requires some type of risk tolerance capacity, some skills, some strategy, some determination, etc.

But again if you want to start any business in today's age, it's gonna require money.

It's totally different that now people and especially kids are making money online without putting much effort but still if you start a physical business in today's age.

It definitely gonna require from you something in some way or in some sort...

So by enlarge, it is one of the easy ones out there out of the most.


It is something you can start cheap and can end right away as a business. It's more like you start and then you don't see any results even after putting time and money and then you build the skillsets and then you get to some high trenches.

The industry is Good but the reputation is really bad just because of a few(a lot!) companies.

If you happen to find a great company, it's definitely a Greenlights from my side!

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And I hope after reading this article, you got what you were looking for, good or bad, really worth your time?

Do share if you find it helpful after reading, that would be greatly appreciated.



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