The REAL Truth About MLM Network Marketing Revealed!

So are you thinking about joining a network marketing MLM company as you may have seen or presented so many benefits or future of this industry?

You join and then you make others join and then after some time you will get commissions daily and you will be successful. Right?

The truth is, network marketing business is not a part-time thing, it's a GRIND! You actively have to put a lot of work and effort and do a lot of things above and beyond working in so much pressure all-around!

In this article, I will share some truth and facts about MLM network marketing companies from my experience what you can expect after joining.

So let's dive deep:

Network marketing

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Truth About Network Marketing Business

I joined network marketing a few years back and actually, I was researching a lot how I can make some extra money and open up some new income streams.

A lot of YouTube videos happened to come across that actually talked about a lot of positives about this MLM business.

Until now I have only heard a lot of stories and people can't get their money back and they get stuck or something goes bad with the company and it's over.

Basically, a lot of the bad side of network marketing business and whatnot.

And actually, the people I was watching on YouTube are great well-respected speakers and made a lot of intellectual sense to me.

So I decided to give this business a shot to actually see what this business is all about and here I want to share some truths about the same:

1. It Is Not A "PaRt TiMe" Business! 

Yea, Definitely No!

I don't know specifically about you, maybe you have gone through the presentation or you just researching about it online.

But if you are thinking that you have got your job and on the other side you can build this business and everything gonna work.

Hm... Think Again!

When you join this network marketing business, you have to travel to places to places to give presentations.

You have to learn about the company Product and whole working, you have personal meetings with the teammates then you have got training meetings for your accountability.

And then every week you have got 2 seminars where you have to go.

If you compile everything up, it will take a lot of time when you find people, fix a meeting, travel for presentation, follow up with them, etc.

It is definitely not 2-3 hours a day work. It is more of a full day of work consistently for a long time to see something working and that too takes some time when you develop your skills if you know what I mean.

Every business takes full-time dedication, any part-time business never prosper in a way it should.

2. Make Rejections Your Best Friend

Not in a literal sense but, definitely if you are thinking to join this business, you have to go through a lot of rejections.

I remember my Upline(the person who sponsored me) said when you show the plan to 10 people, 2-3 gonna join you.

Well, that didn't work for me.

It's a continuous Grind. You have to find a lot(a lot!) of people and you have to continuously show them presentations and notice patterns in the way you show it.

And then you have to improve on what works and whatnot.

Also, a lot of people so to say 99 people out of 100 take rejections personally. Nobody likes to get rejected, Absolutely Nobody!

So the path is paved with a lot of rejections where in the middle you feel like you don't wanna do it no more as it hurts every single time when you get rejected.

There are a lot of good things only for the end or a much better way to put it is "after some time", you can expect to see some good things coming your way after you have put in so much of WORK!

Network marketing

3. Your Reputation Is On The Line

When you are actively finding people, approaching people, even showing your needy side that may come out of you as you face rejections that normally you would not show.

When you are actively finding financial freedom with this business model, your reputation is the biggest thing that is on the line.

Say, you approached a lot of your relatives or friends or people you know that you think can be a good fit for the business.

And everyone Damn near rejected you every single time and started to look down on you like you are some sort of a salesman.

A lot of them will gonna say this is not a business and after some time the company will run with your money, maybe some of them start to make fun of you on the back, things happen!

Now at this moment, your reputation is on the line, either you make it big or you gonna lose these relationships in a somewhat bitter way.

Your reputation is the biggest thing that is on the line and you may not like it in the initial months or for most people years when you got nothing going on for yourself and you got no skills.

4. May Lose a Lot of Friends

There are very high chances that the people you gonna approach or show the business plan as friends, you may lose them totally.

Now, this point is not at all to scare you or something like that. Actually, it is something common that happens a lot in this network marketing business.

And that's why I named this article the truths about network marketing revealed!

Because these are things that happen with people after they start the business thinking it is someway or something easy money part-time.

And this losing friend scenario happened with me and I personally lost some friends.

Maybe you show the plan to none of your friends and to other people that you just happened to "know them", maybe you take that route.

So I think this is something you should take into consideration before entering these network marketing companies.

Network marketing

5. Pressure From The Uplines

The person who showed this business to you has the responsibility to spread your business because they want to make you grow so they can be pushy about things.

Because the big leaders pressurize down leaders to produce results and your uplines gonna do the same with you.

Where you on the downline just want to keep it easy and do it when you feel like doing it.

Maybe you just do not want to take it seriously as you haven't invested much in the first place.

But this pressure thing is something that is continuous and pressure not only from the uplines, but there are also other various pressures, and these points are some of few ones.

6. Playing on The Ego

I don't know should I put it here or not but when I was in network marketing.

In my personal experience, I can only say from my perspective so maybe this may or may not happen in other companies.

Like after sometime when I was going through my rejection phase, my upline did not exactly say it straight through his words but showed a few things through his actions.

I will not go in deep detail what was the exact situation but what my interpretation of it was "it's not the company that is wrong, It is you that is not sellable", and also when talking to other people of the company it's like.

He almost started to look down on me because I was struggling to produce results, that's like every single person that join network marketing do!

Not all of them, but I kind of started to get a sense when I also heard a few other people saying when you gonna join a new prospect, play on his ego, like What?

That was kind of Toxic, can't say much that people in network marketing face this in every company so pick this like a grain of salt.

But this was just my experience that I thought I share here.

7. Some Are Sc*mmers

You just can't trust it!

Some people may get you to join just for the heck of it. The company may be just on the downfall and they present it in such a way that seems very interesting.

I actually went to a seminar, can't say the name of the company but the company was sinking day and night and the inner leaders were so pressurized.

When that company was done and over, my friend that showed me the way to the hall for the seminar told me this after that the whole inner team of the company was spreading into pieces and when they come on stage, they make it seem like the business is so easy.

Most of them may lie about things just to make you join and everything is roses and sunflowers and sunshine, like really :D

So be mindful of things and know what to pursue and what not to because as I said this industry has not a very good reputation and pyramid companies with no product keep coming in and out making the image of the whole industry looks dirtier, not like it's already not very good tho :p

My Conclusion 

After all of the things that you have read in all truths of network marketing. So you obviously wanna know what I think should people join this business that has a reputation of pyramid schemes and whatnot.

Actually, the answer is pretty opposite. I think people need to get a taste of the real world, what actually goes on, and becoming a better version of themselves, that's is what I would say.

Despite being all I have said in the article, I think if you become successful or not, pressurized or failed, one must go there for experience purpose as I did the same.

Now to You, doing something like this or not is completely up to you. I just happened to share my experience with what I faced in doing network marketing.

And finally in the end, if you are someone who is looking for a way to make some extra money on the side, would you be interested if I show you how you can make it online?

If Yes, then check this to know how you can do the same for yourself.

Finally, everything I shared here is out of my own experience, share this if you find value after reading, that would be greatly appreciated.




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