Network Marketing REAL Story- Is It Good For Students?

So you are a college student that came across this network marketing industry from one of your friends or really curious to know is it real or some type of pyramid scheme, should I join if I'm in college?

In short, network marketing for students is the best thing that can ever happen in one's life at such an early age to give a sample of what the real world tastes like after you finish your degree or college.

I actually have joined network marketing in my college days so in this article I will share is joining multi-level marketing companies for students really a good idea at a young age?

So, let's dive deep:

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Network Marketing For Students- How I Got Introduced?

First, let me tell you how I came across this industry in my college days.

So, I was in the first year of college, extremely nervous on the first day, don't exactly know what to do, and was searching for what class I really need to sit in for the lecture.

I was in the corner and this "Random Dude" approached me like:

Hey, you look stressed out, what happened?

I was like nothing and we chatted back and forth about regular college and societies and whatnot.

He was my Senior that is in 2nd year and the next day at night, he left a message in my Inbox for just having a regular chat.

So we chatted again in the messages and it was nothing serious, just normal talk like he was trying to know me, I suppose.

I was taking days off from the college as it was just initial admission time and people were still joining so this Senior Guy messaged me again asking why I'm not coming to college?

I made some random excuses and just told him I was busy so next thing I see on my phone where he is calling me.

I was like I do not even know this senior guy properly and he texting and having convos with me like we are some best friends- that was just a random thought that ran through my mind...

So I picked up the call and he said there is "THIS" really big event that is happening on {location} and a lot of people are gathering there to give a motivational speech, he basically invited me to come and join with his friends.

First I tried to deny it with some random excuse again.

He insisted again said no, you should definitely come with us and it would be a lot of fun.

I had at that time nothing better to do so I decided let's go, maybe I will make some new college friends, who knows?

So he texted me the location where exactly the event is going to happen and it was on Sunday. Everything is Cool!

Right After The Event:

Fast-forward to Sunday,

I was exactly at the location as I was supposed to and found there exactly nobody! I called the dude, he didn't pick up the call!?

I was like what.? Is he playing some sort of prank?

I roamed here and there and asked a few people near Is Today is going to be some sort of event happening here, a lot of big people and motivational speakers are coming.?

Everybody said No!

At that point, I was like Super Confused, am I wasting my time here.?

I received a call from that Senior and he said the event is on delay but don't worry I will be there in a few...

So finally after 45 minutes, I met that 2nd Year Senior and the event started, everyone entered the Hall and it was 4 LONG HOURS OF NETWORK MARKETING EVENT, super boring, can't even explain in words.

I was like- Oh shiii...!
Now I have to call people and s*cam other people to join and this is the business. huh.?

He was with some other people that I suppose was his uplines(the people that introduced him to the business) and everyone made it so simple like I'm going to be Rich soon in few months down the road...

What Happened Then & After-Math:

At this point, I only heard bad stories from everyone I know, from parents, family, relatives, etc.

I rejected the opportunity and Told that Senior, NO! I am not going to do this chain building pyramid business.!

He went straight up "pushy about things" like I'm his only option to make this business work, so I had to tell him NO!

I didn't join but went straight up on YouTube and reading articles to gain knowledge about this network marketing industry.

And I suppose you are also doing the same right now as you are reading this article by looking at your screen in this split second and doing your full research, is that right?

But in my research, as I was listening to all these people, they made a lot of intellectual sense and what these people online were saying about the network was kind of, I say somewhat right.

After gathering enough perspectives and listening stories online from other people.

I came to the realization that Network Marketing is a good business and people actually are making money with this.

Thank God I didn't Join the company that was presented to me by my senior, it was a really a sc*mmy company that got closed after 3 years to which I said NO!

But, in the meantime, I actually found a company that I did join and started officially doing network marketing.

There are a lot of incidents, rejections, handling pressures, uplines that I can write a whole new article about but here I will tell you the things you care about as a student, should you join network marketing, why and why not?
Here it is:

Don't Join Network Marketing:

(-) It's Lot of REJECTIONS

If you are planning to join network marketing and can't take rejections on a daily basis without messing it with your head and normal working on a day to day basis.

Don't join network marketing!

Because the whole point here is, you have to get exposed in dealing with so many people including your personal friends, people you may know, strangers you will meet, and friends of those strangers too!

You will be constantly going to get rejected a lot of times and most of the time it hurts the self-esteem of the majority of people that do join and work. Because Rejection Hurts!

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(-) Walking Joke Around People

When you are especially in college and dealing with people, things spread and people know you are doing network marketing.

Just because most people do not know the complete picture of network marketing, they tend to avoid you.

Nobody wants to deal with all the stress that comes and often times you may see few people making jokes in the background about you.

Just for the sole reason that you are doing this type of business that has not a very good reputation, you know?

(-) You Are Introverted

If you are a pure "Introverted Type" that can't stand dealing with people and just want to do your own thing and recharge your batteries when you are alone then this business is not for you!

Here, in doing multi-level marketing, you are dealing with people on a massive scale.

This business is mostly about, I say ALL about sales, and as an introvert, you are gonna be the one that's gonna avoid people as much as you can because people drain most introverts.

(-) Get Rich Quick

If you are thinking that once you join network marketing and things will go smooth, just forget that!

No business is smooth and it takes persistence, determination, consistency, and handling pressure for a prolonged period of times and you actually have to put in the WORK and you have to build the necessary skills.

The whole work here in this business is to build a massive downline and then you can think of relaxing a little bit when your downlines start to work.

But not every person is ambitious and most people think it is an easy money-making system.

So if you are thinking that you are going to somehow get rich quick, if that's the mentality you are going on with this then most probably think again because network marketing is WORK!

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(-) You gonna lose a Lot of Your Friends

So when you join this business, you are asked by the team leaders to make a written list of everyone you know till now and categorize them in 3 zones/lists.

Hot List- These are the people that are in your true inner circle and they trust you the most.

Semi Hot List- These are the people that you do not consider them as your best friends but you just happen to know them and do Hi-Hello with, Good to see you type people. All these people are covered here.

Cold List- These are all the people that you do not know or they are very far from your relations. Like if you have read the above story when my college senior approached me. I was his total cold prospect if that makes sense.

So, in these 3 lists, all the people you have known have covered and in this process, you gonna lose a lot of your friends...

Why You Should Join Network Marketing:

(+) You Value Self-Improvement

If you are on a journey to improve yourself and take your personality to the next level then you most probably shape it in the network marketing business.

The improvements you gonna get here are long-lasting or I say second to none!

You cannot compare the type of improvement in someone's personality in such a short time frame in working in a network marketing company.

If you truly value self-improvement then you can consider joining a network marketing company.

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(+) To Know Who Your Real Friends Are?

When you are in college, you basically meet a lot of people every single day and you make a lot of friends eventually.

And most friends you make or I say most friends you may right now currently have will be the first thing smoking in the air when you face difficult times.

Not saying all of them will leave you but you already know what are your true friends and what are just faking to be the real ones.

(+) You Make a Lot of Friends

Now, this is contrary to the negatives that I have written above.

So Say, you have shown the business plan to all of your lists and now you have 0 friends to show it to.

But the people that had agreed to work in the business with you, you are gonna meet with their friends to show the presentation.

Say you have 10 people in your team and then those 10 people also know 10 of their friends each i.e. 100 new people that can and may eventually become your friends if they join the business.

When you go through this process enough times, you make a lot of new friends, even better than your current ones.

(+) You Want Sales Experience

After this college time, everything depends upon how good you are in selling yourself.

Like, if you are planning to get a job, what you gonna do or are doing in a 1-1 interview i.e. trying to sell yourself that you are the perfect fit for this job.

If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to start his own business then sales experience is THE BEST thing you can acquire and if you can acquire this type of experience at such an early age, that's GOLD!

What it feels like to get rejected so many times and your attitude still not change, you feel like if one customer does not buy the product, who cares, on to the next, maybe the next one will buy!

This type of mindset is called an "abundance mindset" and sales experience fuels this to heavy heights.

(+) You Hate Working 9-5 Job

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If you cannot see yourself working on a fixed salary and living your life under a boss whose first priority is not your paycheck.

If you feel too stubborn and want to shape your current reality to exactly as you have imagined in your head, people call them Dreams.

If you have this type of mindset then I think you should definitely join network marketing because true entrepreneurs get excited when things get hard and they have to put forward their full-blown Grind.

And people with this type of mindset are the ones that suit the best for this type of business model.

Now, it does not mean if you do not have any of this and cannot build the business. Every one has entrepreneurial tendencies that come forward when things get hard and building this business is the only focus.

My Conclusion 

Now, I know I have said a lot of things that people in network marketing do not share and always present in such a way like everything is roses and sunflowers, you know what I mean...

If you are a student reading this and you are the one that is an ambitious type that wants to go big in life. I know despite being all the bad reputation of this industry, I say you should do network marketing!

I think it does not matter if you become successful or not but the real-world experience is learned the best in this industry.

I actually did the same thing as I tried and I got the experience and I moved on pursuing better things like building this website.

In the end, it's green lights from this site and also if you are someone that happened to land on this page and looking for a way to make some extra money on the side?

Would you be interested if I show you how you can make money online? If the answer is Yes!
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