Is Network Marketing Good For Students- My Experience!

So you are a student that happens to come across this MLM network marketing industry and want to know is this multi-level marketing really good for us students or just a s*am?

In short, the network marketing industry is really good for all students but beware, there are a lot of fake companies that enter this industry and have spoiled the name and reputation of this industry.

I have also tried doing MLM when I was a student so here in this article, I will tell you what you can gain and what you can lose by working in this industry.

Let's dive deep:

Multi-level marketing

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Network Marketing For Students 

Before I tell you what you can gain or lose from this industry.

I wanna tell here completely that this industry is also known for taking people's money and leaving them hanging right there.

Time to time, a lot of people and companies enter this industry with no products or extremely costly(very costly!) products and chooses network marketing as their marketing model.

And due to the reason that college students or students, in general, are the most naive ones that are eagerly looking to make money by doing anything.

Most of the young students get involved with wrong companies that have no track records and no reputation and these young guys get involved with the business.

If you join any company if you choose to, always make sure that you choose a stable company that has got a decent reputation, track record, search online about the company and go in-deep.

Because, if you join, you are going to put your hard work in building the network and you don't want everything got washed away one day as the company was unstable from the get-go!

Having said that, here are the things that you can GAIN or LOSE in network marketing as a student:


What Students Can Lose In Network Marketing


(-) Your Reputation


Your reputation is the biggest thing that is on the line as to when you gonna show the presentations to people, they most likely gonna tell you;


Oh, it seems like this is the same pyramid scheme that other known one joined and he got cheated!

Oh, this looks like a pyramid scheme s*am, why you came here to s*am us when you already got s*ammed!


When this happens, people gonna judge you harshly that you are such a good person and why you are doing a business like this to make some money.

Do something else and this type of stuff just does not work. Some may even throw hate your way.

So all in all, your reputation is the biggest thing that is on the line!


(-) Being Avoided


Being avoided is I think the most common one.

When you try to show a few presentations to some of your few friends, people tend to avoid you as you want them to join you.

It can also reflect in a way like, say you are in an event and people that you know you have also shown the presentation in the past that didn't join are also here.

They can talk and spread that you are the one doing network marketing and now all the people that could have joined with you are avoiding you.

This exact same situation happened with me and yea it hurts almost you feel like you are an alien that just does not fit in and constantly getting avoided by everyone.


(-) Losing Best Friends


Initially, when you gonna start this business, you will be told to do make a list of everyone you know till this date.

And you have to give the plan to the people first that trust you the most, initially!

Because they trust you and they are easy to convert to give you the initial income and some confidence that money can be made through this business.

In my case scenario, I didn't show the plan to my inner circle for some random reason but when I showed the plan to the other that just happen to be the known ones, I lost a lot of people.

So, be mindful before entering this business that you are gonna lose a lot of friendships...

multi level marketing

(-) A lot of Pressure


Pressure mostly comes from you struggling to produce results in the company and you doing everything you can and you see your whole social circles are getting messed up in front of your eyes...

One thing that remains constant in this business that you are always in some kind of pressure along the way on a continuous basis.

And also, combined with that you are in all-time, every single day in a serious leadership that holds you accountable, and you deep down just want to do your own thing and quit and do not want to deal with this anymore!


(-) Walking Joke


Especially when you are a student doing this, you can go through some tough times when you are just hanging out and people making jokes in the background.

They may not say directly on the face or I say some may come at you with something very indirect.!

If you are a grown-up that is a university pass-out and building this business, it is most likely never gonna happen.

But in university, people are not that mature and they can throw some jokes just for the sake of having some fun and they got nothing else to do.

Again, never happened with me as I dropped out of college very soon but when I was in a personal team training of the company.

I heard this young guy on the stage that was a six-figure earner telling his story from what I got to know, things can go somewhat messy if you are a student.


(-) May Hurt Your Self-Esteem


When you are in a business that is related to sales and you have to give physical meetings, Rejection Hurts!

That's why most people want to do everything but avoid being in a Sales job because it is one of the most difficult jobs out there.

Absolutely Nobody wants to get rejected, that's a Fact!

Ok! Being rejected one time is cool but getting rejected again and again and seeing very few results and still getting rejected, it directly hurts the self-esteem.

And also, it's a lot of work and you actually have to put in a lot of hours and give time in a lot of self-improvement and working on the skillsets to start seeing some results...


What Students Can Gain In Network Marketing


(+)Like-Minded People


I'm sure nobody got "this type of friend circle" that are true visionaries and business-oriented and working every single day to chase their dreams.

At least my friend circle was not fully like this until I joined a network marketing company.

You meet people on a daily basis and the friends you make here working together as teammates share the same kind of mindset of people that hate working 9-5 jobs for life.

All the people here are the people that want to try something different and can throw sacrifices upfront to achieve their dreams, mostly the people that are ambitious and driven from within.


(+) Long Term Generational Wealth


What you are essentially doing is, you are taking a little hit on yourself with all the negatives that I have explained in the above points.

A little hit on yourself to build this massive pipeline that once gets fully set up, it produces money and heavy commissions every single month.

Maybe you work or not but it gonna product money 24/7, every single day as you now have leaders under you working to build their massive downlines and duplicate the same for them.

Most companies in network marketing have this policy i.e. that if something happens to you and you are no longer there to receive commissions, for whoever name you had given at the time of joining as a secondary partner.

All 100% of the commissions will be going to them. This person can be your dad, your mom, your brother, etc.


(+) Build Great Relationships


This is the "only business" where all the people that you know are in your team or even in your downlines daily pray for you that, no matter what but you become successful.!

Where does this type of people you gonna meet in any business you can think right now at the top of your head?

This is a people's business and after losing a lot of your friends, you make the kind of friends that are positive, supportive and you can have long term great relationships with them.

Because these people want nothing from you but just want all the good things for you and keep hoping that you reach massive levels of success.


(+) Direct Contacts From 7-8 Figure Earners


So there are these seminars that happen every week on Sat-Sun and also there are inner personal meetings within the company.

This is the time where you can meet a lot of the high achievers of the company and you can ask questions directly from them.

You can even ask them the best advice for yourself if you have anything other going other than building this network marketing business.

Or even better, if you want some of these high achievers to mentor you, you can ask them directly face to face.

Maybe, if they see potential in you as a student and notice some specific traits in you.

Who knows? Maybe you get on-board with them to personally mentor you so that you can reach heavy heights of success in the future.

Multi level marketing

(+) Appreciation Like a President


One thing that I noticed while I was doing network marketing that you are supposed to speak on stage, both in front of the crowd and within team training.

It was something like, no matter what you say, as long as what you are saying is making intellectual sense and you are confident, all the teammates from the audience gonna clap for you, strange Huh.?

I don't know if this happens in every single company but I know a lot of team training within the company happens like this.

It is the best way for you to boost your confidence levels to peak really high as you always get treated with so much appreciation and respect.


(+) Personal Mentor


In most cases, the person that introduces you to this network marketing business becomes your personal mentor.

If for some reason he is the unqualified or a better word to use here is "unsure" of his skills, then his upline will become your mentor.

Because it is in their best interest to help you as much as they can because your success is their success ultimately!

So they can go above and beyond if you are the ambitious one and serious about building this business with them.

Multi level marketing

(+) Free-International Trips


When you start to earn money, there are various levels in the company plan.

Obviously, every single company has its own plan with its own benefits but by enlarge, most companies like to add this as a bonus for every single person working.

Like, if you achieve and produce a certain amount of results in the company in "this much time", you can qualify for an international trip where all your major expenses will be covered.

In my company, all the team groups started formulating different strategies on how they gonna qualify for this.

Also, there are other major major bonuses that keep coming in and out throughout the year, so this is something that also happens.

My Conclusion


Btw, I do not do network marketing personally and only did it in my college years when I was a student so this was a fun article to write.

But for YOU, what you can take away from this article if you are confused should you join a network marketing company or not join it.? Maybe you keep it discreet from your friends if you are worried about losing friends and show it to other people.

The main thing as a student you will receive is experience and this type of "harsh" sales experience can help you so much with the person you will become in so many different ways in life.

That's what I would say, it's a green light from my side!


In the end, if you are a student that is looking for a way to earn some extra money on the side.

Would you be interested if I give you a Free Step-by-Step course on how you can make money online?

If Yes, then You can Enroll in the Course Right Here.

Lastly, if you find this article helpful or this helped you in any way. Share this, that would be greatly appreciated :)














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