Can You Make Significant Money Using Affiliate Marketing?

So you are doing research on affiliate marketing and want to know if you pursue this. Can I really make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing and how can I get started?

In short, Yes! You can make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing. There are people making money while sleeping and their business is working on autopilot. There are also super affiliates that touch $20k/day and above!

I'm also an affiliate marketer and also have a couple of passive affiliate-niche websites.

Here I will tell you how you can make money as a beginner in affiliate marketing and how much?

Let's dive deep:

affiliate marketing

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How Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


First of all, you need to understand what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate is the person that does not own anything or any product by himself.

Rather he just works as a connector between the company and the customer or we can say he connects the businesses with their leads.

Affiliate marketing is of many types and you can literally get or find hundreds of ideas on how you can promote an affiliate product.

So now you know what exactly affiliate marketing is let's see what type of money you can make here working from home with just a laptop and an internet connection.


Do I Need a Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?


The answer is Yes and No!

Because there are literally hundreds of ways how you can promote a product.

In some methods, you do need a website and in other methods, you can promote the affiliate products as long as it 's making you money.

But in my opinion, if you are serious about building this affiliate business, you consider spending some money.

Money in terms of getting a Domain name(.com) and a Hosting so that at least you have some foot in the door.

And you actually be putting efforts into making this business work otherwise you feel like;

I have invested nothing, I can cut it and lose if this does not work for me, you feel me?

It is much better if you get yourself involved fully.

And one more thing, don't be scared how you gonna maintain the website and I'm not technical and whatnot.?

Don't worry, everything is available online on YouTube about how you can set up your affiliate website.


How Much Potential Earnings As An Affiliate Can You Touch?



Yea, I think saying this best describes on affiliate marketing earning potential.

And the thing is, everything is about traffic and right now there are a lot of niches that are hidden and nobody is working on them.

You just need to find those niches and start to produce content around them.

Suppose you started an affiliate niche website and that website can be of anything.!

Everything is about content and the scope is very very BROAD!

It can be amazon affiliate, e-bay affiliate, affiliate for a specific software you use, etc.

And there are literally hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs out there in a Tonn of different niches.

And you are dealing with an audience of millions of people that search every single day online on Google.

The opportunities are endless and very broad!

Say you opened a website and it went successful and bringing in passive affiliate money.

Just because of the reason Google traffic is passive after the websites Ranks.

You can open countless websites and keep spreading your income sources within a couple of few months. So affiliate income can go really high!


How You Can Find Your Niche?


The niche can be anything!

Just ask yourself what are you most passionate about and what things you can write about without much effort.

You can go to various places like Amazon and just look at their categories and go within the categories, there are topics.

Amazon affiliate marketing

And every category is a niche and you can niche down more into topics and subtopics.


Just keep these few points in mind when finding niches:

1. Make sure you know about that niche and passionate about it so that you can write with it with fun.

2. When you find a niche, you need to create content around it that solves a problem.

3. Search it out on Google to look for other websites and what type of competition is there and you can also model their websites to get an idea about it.

4. Lastly, make sure the niche you pick is "EverGreen" and it's not like you made a website and from one year that niche is over.


Like some people are "good at dating" and they choose to open niche websites on dating.

Dating was just an example that just ran through my mind right now but there are literally countless niches from which you can make money!

Then you just open a website about dating and just start to solve problems around it.

And there are a lot of affiliate programs that you can promote in the background.


Quick Tip: Make sure the programs that you are promoting to your audience are legit and provide value and you actually feel like this can help them. Reputation and Trust is everything online and then think it by being in their shoes, would you buy that product if you be them? This will help you a lot.


How You Can Find Affiliate Programs?


If you have a good niche that you think you can write about then just search it out on Google with adding this keyword "affiliate program" so it's like:

For example, your niche is;

"Dog care or Pet-care" then just add affiliate program with that.

"Pet food" then just add an affiliate program with that.

"Fashion&Clothing" then just add an affiliate program with that so on and so forth...


This is the most simple way you can find a ton of new affiliate programs.

Also, you can look for marketplaces like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Jvzoo, Share a Sale, Max Bounty, Cpa Lead, etc.

There are a lot of marketplaces and there are millions and millions of products that you can promote.

Like, I think Amazon alone has got more than a million products to promote so there is no shortage of any kind.

This way you gonna find hundreds of affiliate programs to join and you can promote what program seems authentic to you and you feel comfortable sharing with your website audience.


How Much Time Would Affiliate Marketing Will Take?


Usually, I would say it can take you around 6 months to start earning some from affiliate marketing.

And don't make anyone make you feel like affiliate marketing is dead.

Say for example,

You are a business owner and you have a product to sell and then there are affiliates like us that simply tell you:

Hey, you guys do not worry about your business, we affiliates will bring in massive sales and leads and we will take a cut for the same to keep up floating in the business.

I mean that business owner would be so thankful to each and every affiliate that at least his business is safe just because of us guys.

And believe me, there are programs out there that offer "Recurring Commissions" which means if someone buys from your affiliate link and becomes their customer.

As long as they are there, you will get lifelong commissions each and every single month.

I mean, it's really cool that you can just work on something and after some time you keep receiving passive commissions for a good period of time.

Not shifting from the topic but I say you can expect to start earning money with affiliate marketing after 6 months.

Or even earlier, it totally depends on how much competition is there in that niche that you have selected.

Some websites blow up in 3 months and some take longer to bring in that Traffic.

But by enlarge, you can consider "6 months is a decent enough period" to start making some money with affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

How Much Would It Cost For Affiliate Marketing?


This is the most important part i.e. everything is Good! But man how much money exactly do I need to spend from my pocket to get all this started??

The thing is, you initially don't need a lot of money to get going.

Like you just need a "Domain", it is basically a .com extension that you see at the end of each website you visit, this usually costs around $12 per year.

And to host everything on a server, you need a "Shared Hosting" that usually costs around $45-$50 for a whole year.

You can buy both of these things handy from Namecheap and they are like the best at everything.

Domain+Hosting= Within $80 to get started for the whole year!


These are some tools and extras that you may need down the road but not needed initially.

The themes, plugins, paid keyword and other researching tools, click funnels, e-mail responder, etc.

These are the things that are on the expensive side that you can invest down the road when you start making some money with the website initially.


In the end, if you are someone that is struggling to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can check this Free Training Course that will help you especially as a beginner to get going.

I personally had taken this course when I was getting started with online stuff and it is one of the best ones out there.

You can Enroll and Get Started Now.


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