Read This Before You Drop-out of College!

So you are thinking of dropping out of college and you are scared how and what are you gonna do after if something goes bad or what should I exactly do?

In short, if you have a really powerful vision with deep planning to which you have given deep thought and ready to take a chance on yourself, you should drop out of college but if you kind of idk, dada, hmm, you probably gonna make the biggest mistake. Know my real story below.

I'm personally a college drop out and tried a lot of things, some failed and some pop-up but,

In this article, we gonna discuss, what can you do if you are thinking to take a drop from college.

Let's dive deep:

College, dropout

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Main Thing: What's Your Mindset?


The first and foremost thing I wanna initially point out before even starting out on this article is that what's your current mindset?

What you are trying to achieve with dropping out of college?

Is it because it looks cool that you are a dropout?


Is it because you are getting sick and tired of studying the things that you feel you don't need to become a huge success in real life?

Is it something in the background that you got going on for yourself and you wanna take it full-time head-on?

Are you doing things on a trial basis and not really fully committed and on top of your game?


The thing is when you are young and in high school, you don't really know what the real world is.

Mostly, we get everything on our lap and parents to help us out in almost everything.

But in the real world, nobody gives a damn, like seriously!

Because after this, you have to make your own decisions. If something goes bad, well there you go, these are the consequences for your decisions.

The main thing here is, you have to think about what you are trying to achieve by taking a drop, what your long term planning is, what's your idea, what direction you wanna take your actions in?

If you don't have these things ready then "THINK", just sit back, relaxed, and just give a deep thought.


These Are The Steps That You Can Take:


These are the steps that I think you need to have to take and be ready with whatever comes after because there will be consequences for your actions.

So, before you do anything in any direction you have to make sure you are well prepared in advance.


Do Not Dropout!


I don't exactly know your situation to which I can give you a personalized approach.

But before you do anything or just thinking about dropping out next week or next month or very soon.

Just postpone it for a while and do not take any decision at all, just take the time to think to see all the pros and cons and give it a deep thought.

Do not jump right into actions real quick without judging or analyzing those actions to avoid potential failures.


Gain Skills


The real world is REAL!

Most probably if you are thinking of drop-out, I kind of expect that you have some kind of entrepreneurial tendencies.

Nobody just gives out money just because you are a college drop out with big dreams.

Nobody will give you the time of the day if you have no results to prove or show it to.

You are of absolutely no use to the society or to anyone if you have got no skills of any kind.

People pay money because you either save their time, money or provide value to them in some kinda way.

These skills can be sales skills, closing skills, people's skills, marketing, networking, analytical, etc.

You basically have to have something to offer to the marketplace.

As the old saying goes: Skills Pays The Bills.

So before you do anything, develop some skills in the direction of what type of skills are needed in that business I'm trying to start?



Use Breaks


The best part here is, everything is learnable and everything is available online.

When you are in college, there are a lot of holidays and breaks that you can take advantage of fully!

You don't have to go to clubs and parties, keep those things on the back-burner because you are trying to make a decision here for yourself.

Do not waste time or procrastinate just because it is just difficult to think.

The things you look for are also looking for you. So use this time to your advantage and learn new skills any way you can.

First you do the Learnings and then you remove the L! 

Deep Planning


This is the real main most important thing here!

What is your planning?

I say you give it a very deep thought and try to plan for a minimum of 6-12 months in advance looking into the future.

Make sure you do in a fully relaxed state because it is very frustrating sometimes just to think.

All the planning that you will do here should be in writing in terms of vision.

You will be shocked to know how so many people are just scared to think and I think "thinking" is the most difficult part here of all.

So sit back relaxed and give that dog some food that keeps barking every time you come home and leave the video-games aside and you put that phone in airplane mode.

Just alone time to think and make a good vision with loopholes as few as possible!

College, dropout

Save Money


I don't know do you have an apartment or live with roommates or living with your parents.

But you have got to have some extra money saved up for at least 3 months in advance.

So you just calculate your expenses and everything and put that money aside as it was just never existed.

There are random expenses that can happen anytime like opening a company or anything.

And if you got a part-time job as a college student, don't quit that too!

You will not get any medals if you cut all your safety nets from all sides.

You just got to have decent money saved up and me saying 3 months is being very generous, it should be at least for 6-7 months in advance!


Full-Blown GRIND!


Ain't none gonna come overnight, believe me, nothing comes overnight!

If you are fully sure about what you are trying to achieve and got all the back-up money and planning ready and you have really thought everything through.

And you just really at the point where you feel like you can put yourself into a situation where what you are trying to achieve with taking a drop can happen.

You have to keep in mind that, everything you start,

You have to put in the work with a serious Grind to lift it up from the base level which comes at a price called sacrifice.

It can come up to a point where all you do is work, nutrition, learnings, and skills and then you sleep to repeat the same day as this next day again.


What Can You Expect After Drop?


Initially, when you start in the beginning, you have to face a lot of failures after failures.

If it's sales, then you have to face rejections after rejections so thick your skin up!

If it's building your client base, the same thing!

If it's being a dating coach or any type of business you can think of, it will start from you facing a lot of failures.

And you have to be courageous to take losses if something goes bad.


I really do not recommend that you quit everything, just to build up your business or idea what you are trying to achieve, I call that being Lazy!

You do not have to quit anything rather you have to start everything with balance.

And once the thing you are trying to achieve and you think you have put yourself in a decent position to the point you can take a drop without looking back.

You Go-Ahead!

But most importantly, everything you gonna touch initially will start with putting in a lot of time and seeing a lot of failures.


What Happened With Me When I Dropped Out of College?


I kind of started to get sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Every time I enter college, I always felt like I was in a cage that just leading me nowhere and just trying to hold my own potential.

It went to a point where I remember I was in a business class in college and this teacher was teaching about entrepreneurship.

And me just thinking, why I'm learning from a person that has never built a real business and just teaching me theory.

I kind of never did any assignments and just looking for opportunities online and started researching from the first year itself.

I find something I thought I can do and was living with my parents and my plan that I made for myself failed!

I was so terrified of what I have done but at the same time going to college was just a waste of time for me. The time with friends and people was all good but still, it was a waste of time!


My parents almost started to treat me like I'm trash! Like literally!

So it was pure hell in my home for 1.5 years of me trying a lot in different business models and nothing was working.

Even though I was doing all I can but still there was so much pressure all around that I couldn't think straight!

I cut everyone out, no family, no friends, no outings, no fun, nothing!

Just me sitting alone in my room, thinking and making strategies to what I can do, and how do I need to proceed further.

Then while researching, I got to know that we can also make money online.

And that's the time where I decided to open a bunch of different websites. And the one on which you are reading this article is one of those websites that pop-up.

And most likely if you sitting there thinking about your first business, it most likely will not work. Not saying it can't happen but the process is like,

Failing after failing and moving on from implementing ideas after ideas to finally you got something on your plate that gonna cover up all the losses that you previously had once.

That's the process that I have experienced till now after dropping out of college.

College, dropout

If you are in the same boat as I was in back then when thinking of taking a drop from college and terrified about what you gonna do.

I'm recommending a Free Course Here that I have taken personally and I think it offers decent value in building an online business.

You can check it out if this is something that interests you as everything is headed towards making money online.


What Can You Do About Parents?


For me, back then I thought these guys are the worst people in my life.

Like, trying to control me, making decisions on my behalf, saying I don't know anything, I will gonna fail, college droppers are losers, 99% of businesses fail, etc.

And all types of things!

That's why I had to cut these guys out for a while too!

Because they were doing nothing more than being a roadblock in my road and imposing totally negative of what I was trying to achieve.


Kind of built a deep resentment with my parents because they were putting so many restrictions on me and more focused like what's the society gonna think.?

I'm like what.? I do not care about these society people and what they gonna think and it was like a back and forth battle every time.

Most likely, cutting them for a while is what you should do if you also have this similar situation and trying to control you.


This is the most difficult thing to understand if you belong to a regular middle-class family:

Your parents just want good for you and they just do not want you to see failing in life and you being not able to provide for yourself later down the road.

And quite seriously, they do not think it is possible for you to go through all the failures that come along and perseverance it takes.

They just want to keep you safe and not take any risk and live your life as all normal people live.

And you on the other side, want to live life on your own terms and the way you want and this will be the biggest disconnect with you and the parents.

If you fully believe in yourself, you just cut everyone out for a while and do the right things that are in your vision that needs to be done.

And at the same time taking full responsibility for your actions and owning the consequences if anything comes.

I hope after reading you got your answer to your question that you were looking for should you drop out of college or not?

Again, if you are trying to build something online, you can check out the free training here.


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