Should You Dropout of College To Start Your Own Business?

So you are thinking about dropping out of college and wanting to start your own business and walk in the direction of your dreams.

Should you drop out to be a full-time entrepreneur or what can you do?

I am also a college dropout and I say do not drop out of college if you do not fully have belief in yourself yet and cannot see at least 1 year into the future with what you are trying to achieve. Pros and cons well in advanced and giving it a really deep thought is what you really should be doing!

We'll discuss, should you really take the leap on yourself with some college dropout advice is what I will tell you in this article.

So, Let's dive deep:

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What's Your Skillset?


The real talk is, nobody gives a Damn about you if you have nothing to offer to the market place!

That may sound kind of rude but it's the Truth and I'm not gonna sugarcoat the things that right now you really should know.

What do you know? What skills do you have? What things you can improve? What problems you can solve?

Everything is changing and in today's business world, people just want everything fast.

Most companies and people nowadays while hiring do not even consider having a degree if you know what you are talking about and your skills are on point!


Suppose if YOU are a business owner and you want to hire me(yea, the person behind this writing this article).

And I'm a college dropout and I do not have any degrees to prove my knowledge base.

But I can produce results, I can make things happen, I can create value, I can offer solutions to you.

And I can do that much more effectively as I have self-learned everything and have more skillsets than an average joe that has degrees and theoretical knowledge but can't do anything!

You obviously gonna hire me because I have something that is in the best interest of you as you are the business owner and you only care about getting results.

That's why degrees don't count!


So if you are sitting there looking at your screen and you have low skillsets.

Ask yourself, what are your current skillsets?

Because your Bank Balance is the direct reflection of your current skillsets.

It doesn't mean you don't have any, it simply means they are under-developed and you need more self learnings.

college, dropout, advice

Your Bank Balance is the direct reflection of your current skillsets.

Is This Your Current Mindset?


Why you are exactly thinking this way?

Is it because you are feeling like you are wasting time here in college and just want to work on your own thing.

Is it because you are feeling all the studies that I am doing and all these pointless assignments that I need to work for, it's just not my thing.

I just feel like I have so much potential and I want to do so many big things but this college seems like a cage to me and I'm kind of feeling stuck.

I only came to college to see what college life feels like and what people do and how people live and what's the whole environment is like?

And now, after entering this college I feel like all these people around me are just robots and they don't know what they are doing and just walking on the path that the society has laid out for them.

I have so many big dreams and I have a great vision to make a reality but my mindset just kind of does not fit with these people all around me.

I will work non-stop on my visions, dreams, and goals but I just do not want to waste more time in college.


If you related to any of these things that I just listed above and this is the type of mindset that you currently have.

And you are ready to take some risks by dropping out, it simply means that you have got some entrepreneurial tendencies.

Because this was the same mindset I had when I was in college and dropped out of college at the beginning of the 2nd year!

If this is YOU and you are relating deeply here, then you can go and do the Dropout!

But wait before you do something as you are getting validation here, you need to look out for some things that I have explained below:


What's My Opinion?


Actually, it totally depends! If you are sitting face to face in front of me and I know your personalized situation, it would vary.

But what I think, there can be 2 case scenarios with you right now:


Do Drop-out!


If you are right now just in the process or somewhere in the middle and still trying to do things in your business.

And there are some results that you have produced and you are exactly not sure but still doing kind of OK.?!

If this is your situation that you already have started your business and you are in the middle and thinking that you gonna take the drop.

And by doing this, you can focus fully on the business and not waste my time in doing those pointless assignments.

If this is your situation and you are extremely confident and fully believe in yourself to the point that you can pull this business up and make it big very soon and it will pop-soon!

Then, by all means, you are at the perfect place to drop out of college and never look back and just walk straight in the direction of your dreams.

Go-Ahead, Greenlights from my side!


Do Not Dropout.


If you are in a boat where you have kind of seen some opportunities to pursue and you have not really started the business.

Or even if you have started the business but it is in the very initial phase.

If this is your situation and you are thinking that you will work on the business and I need time to work.

So let me just drop out so that I can have all the time in the world to build this business that I have on my plate and planning to pursue full force.

college, business, dropout

I actually do not recommend doing something like this because this is the exact same mistake that I made when I dropped out back then and now I call it being Lazy!

I still suggest that you manage the time out between college and work and do the business things in balance with the studies.

In my case, I was seriously messed up by doing this.

I kind of started a few things and some of them were good and producing results, some of them went straight to the gutter.

And by dropping out, I took a lot of $#I^ from my parents!

And was too stressful of a situation from so much negativity and hate roaming around me that I couldn't think straight.

I went on complete isolation and me just completely cutting-out every single person I knew and doing my own thing and making new plans.

It took me 2-2.5 years after the dropout to have something that started to work the way I expected and I came back to my normal life after getting sick and tired of facing the hate.

It was so much negativity from parents, society, relatives asking about me, etc.

So just do not drop out if you are in this position where you are just thinking and not really have the results in the business.

Stop, Consider, Some Red-Lights from my side!


Bonus Tip:


If you are really sure that you just want to drop out and you are just sick of studying and completing pointless assignments and passing tests.

You drop out but make sure you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

This is the best thing you can ever do! It has nothing to do with what the quality of the video is, or what the weather is like.

It has everything to do with YOU!

When you take this decision, from the very day itself, start to record yourself.

This video footage will contain your true emotions and feelings and what was your true mindset was and what your situation was.

Find that Thing you are Super Passionate about and then Give it all you got.

Nothing fancy here but the thing is when you do this type of documentation, it's a memory that is in a recorded form.

When you will look at this same damn video after 1 year, 2 years, or even years later, you always have this smile on your face.

And the thought you will be thinking after watching these videos years later would be:

Where I was back then in terrible situations and what I have become now and so much have changed.

And it was a damn good decision I made by recording my clips with all the high's and all the low's in raw form.

So don't forget to do this!

What Worked For Me?

And if you are thinking what was the thing that I started and worked for me.

Actually, I did a lot of things in the past when I was in college like network marketing, freelancing, etc.

And I got to know while doing my research from the beginning and along the way, as I was refining everything by doing is that I can make money online.

So I started to look for different opportunities and more of like 12-15 more things that just did not work for me.

Then I came across building passive affiliate websites that I can build for consistent multiple streams of income from multiple websites every single month.

That was something that really intrigued my mind and now I own different successful affiliate websites in multiple niches.


If you also want to duplicate this and walk in the direction on making money online.

You can Access this Training for free that will teach you how you can build passive affiliate websites without any past experience and build multiple income streams from different websites.

I have personally taken this course and I say this course has got some decent information in-there that can provide value to you.

You can check this out if this is something that you want to pursue.

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In the end, I hope you find value after reading this article.

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