How Fast You Can Expect Money With Affiliate Marketing

So you got some information from somewhere that you can also make money online with this business model called affiliate marketing and want to know exactly how much time it will take to make some $$?

In short, you can expect to make money with affiliate marketing within 6 months and if you want to earn full-time income that can replace your job income, 9-12 months is a sweet period to start making decent money from affiliate marketing programs from home.

I personally own a couple of affiliate marketing websites, some failed and some succeeded.

So in this article, I will clear a lot of doubts that you may right now have related to affiliate marketing.

Let's dive deep:

affiliate marketing

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Ways You Can Do Affiliate Marketing 


Very Important!

First of all, before you do any of the deep research and try to find more about it.

You, from the get-go, need a direction in which you are going to walk in. I know you are very excited right now that your laptop can also make money 24/7 in the background.

But before you do any of the research, you need to know the types of affiliate marketing that you think you can make it work for YOU.

In short,


1. Free Ways

These are just some freeways that do not require much time and money either. These are very quick to give affiliate commissions and quick to setup.

Free Launch-Jack Method[Massive Traffic]

Another way you can do this is, most big marketers and businesses have these massive launches of their product and they list it of on websites like Muncheye for the timings when it's gonna go live.

These big marketers have got massive email lists of hundreds and thousands of people that all of a sudden search online on Google for the product review.

You can make a small niche website, even can be a free blogger one, and just publish review articles. Maybe consider having a .com domain that just only costs $10 for like an entire year.

And these product keywords have got absolutely "0 competition" and you can dominate the search results and derive massive sales, even recurring commissions every single month.

Small Review Videos

Freeways are something in which you mostly do not need to invest much as you can look for products to sell on marketplaces like ClickBank.

Either you can make the video yourself or you can pay some money on Fiverr to do it for you.

And make a genuine review video either yourself or from places like Fiverr. As long as the video is there, it gonna get a lot of views and sales.

Review keywords on Youtube have no competition and the videos will be there making passive affiliate money.

affiliate marketing

What Do I Think About Free Methods?

These are, I think the most practical ways you gonna find in the affiliate marketing ideas that can really work with the most little work possible.

The above ways are for those people that got no money in the hand or not willing to invest a lot to start this affiliate marketing business.

Time It Will Take To Make It Work= 2-3 Months


Next is for the people that are "very serious" and willing to invest some more time to make this affiliate marketing business work:


Niche Websites


So there are various brands out there that offer sweet commissions to affiliates like You to promote their products like Amazon, e-bay, etc.

Even if you just type any niche on Google and add a keyword "affiliate program" to it, there are thousands of affiliate programs out there.

Every company right now these days have their affiliate program.

You will get hundreds of affiliate programs to join and make money from, some of em are on recurring commissions i.e. the work you do now will benefit you for a really long time.

There are literally millions of products that are on Amazon that you can promote in any niche.

And do not even worry about what niche you gonna select, anything you can think of on top of your head right now in this split second, there is a market for that.

As you are dealing with billions of people that search online on Google daily and you can open a professional website that can have people coming in that can buy products.


Don't worry, I know you right now will be thinking that I do not know to code and I'm not technical, at all!

It was the same case with me!

The thing is it does not matter if you know how to code or not, there are various free videos on YouTube that you can watch how you can set up a WordPress Website.

Mostly you gonna write articles on very niche keywords so there will be very little competition. Maybe a free extension on Google Chrome i.e. Keywords Everywhere can help to know the search volume.

Do not worry about the traffic, as long as there is traffic in search volume, and as long as you have something valuable to share and you keep publishing, soon the niche website has to RANK!

These are totally passive websites, once they are ranked and deriving in traffic, you jump on to the next and keep receiving passive commissions.

Maybe open a few more like these passive niche websites to have multiple income sources coming in from different websites.

Time Taken To Make This Work= 4-5 Months


Brand Websites


Now, everything is the same here but you are basically not targetting a specific niche.

You are basically producing articles in a bunch of different niches and whatever your interests are whatever you wanna share.

You can open up a website and publish content there and add different affiliate links on different pages wherever suitable.

You can even also start to collect e-mails so that you can market them with the help of their email later and develop a relationship with these people that visit your website.

This Branded Website can go very very BIG!

Affiliate marketing

You are basically doing affiliate marketing, having ad banners on the website, collecting email captures, doing sponsored posts, etc.

You can basically do a lot and a bunch of things and are not limited to a specific niche or just AFFILIATE MARKETING.

These websites take a little bit more time to get Google traffic and once it gets, the traffic is very passive.

Time It Will Take To Make This Work= 6-7 Months


2. Paid Ways


Now, here we are talking about big numbers, REALLY BIG NUMBERS!

The type of money you can earn with affiliate marketing without any of the headaches of products and employees, etc.

This is where you are really in the game and usually, you are not gonna see this in main-stream.

Most people will always talk about doing the SEO and making passive niche websites but this type of marketing is called Paid Advertising!

This is the initial entry for this type of affiliate marketing. You need tracking tools, spy software, graphic designers, auto-responders, etc a lot of expenses.

And the affiliate campaigns you make here go big to $6 figure range per month or I can say "have the potential to go that big" as I have seen super affiliates making this much on a regular.

I really do not even recommend you to even look this way of affiliate marketing if you do not have at least $2000 and that too, spare money just with no attachment!

If something happens where you lose that money in advertising and seeing no results, you will be cool! That type of no attachment and not like this is the last paper you got and you got rent to pay next month.


Time It Will Take To Make This Work= 1 Year


This stuff costs a lot and if you go do this unprepared, you probably gonna lose a lot of money as Paid Advertising is all about reading Data and making money decisions on the spot.

So if you are a beginner and need a roadmap. It would be best if you first learn about how you can rank affiliate websites and make money with normal affiliate marketing.

And once you have decent enough money then you use that spare money and enter the Paid Advertising Route!

You can check this Free Training out that I also personally had taken and if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, I think it's a great place to get started.

If you find value after reading, consider sharing, that would be greatly appreciated.



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