Is Affiliate Marketing Really Dead: Honest Truth Revealed!

So you already know that affiliate marketing is a decent business and can be done by you but you still have this doubt that Is affiliate marketing is dying, declining, or just totally dead?

Should you pursue affiliate marketing or is it worth starting the affiliate business right now?

In short, affiliate marketing is Not Dead! Never listen to the people that say affiliate marketing is dying or in the downhill because they just want to sell you something most of the time. Know more as I explain it fully.

Let's dive deep:

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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?


Let me ask you something, is network marketing dead? OR Is digital marketing dead?

Is doing any type of business is dead?

The point I'm trying to make here is it does not matter what type of business it is, as long as businesses want leads and sales, Affiliate Marketing will never be DEAD!

Just take a look and just think it for a second and just look from the perspective of the business owner.

Like, suppose I am the business owner that is selling say Dog Shoes or say even better i.e. any information product online.

And I am struggling to make money in my business and want to grow.

Then suddenly you enter in the chat and say look:


I am an affiliate and willing to promote your product and I will take a small cut from you for the same.


Like, I will be so thankful to you because you are the reason that my business will grow to massive heights.

And the same goes for affiliate marketing.

When someone launches a product, there are plenty of affiliates that promote and make the product viral.

It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Instead of asking is doing affiliate marketing on a downhill?

I think people should really ask Is getting a job dead?

Because as new artificial intelligence and other technological advances are entering, these jobs are really in the downhill.

As an affiliate, you should be proud that each and every single business owner online want you because affiliates like you are the reason their business is growing.


Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult- Why Most Affiliates Fails!


The answer is Yes and No! Let me take a second to explain everything:

Yes because I think everything is about the right knowledge and information.

Imagine, when you first time tried to learn how to drive a car, was it difficult initially.? Hell Yeah!

But after the right knowledge and now knowing exactly what to do. Is it difficult now.? NO!


The same goes for affiliate marketing!

When you initially start, "you don't know what you don't know!", let this statement just sink in!

Means, In easy words, you should have known the right knowledge to make the affiliate marketing business work.

But you personally deep down don't know what that information is and you also don't know where to look for that or get that information from?

So, it would be difficult for you because you do not have the right knowledge.

On the Totally Flipped Side:

In this split second as you are reading this article on this website, someone out there that has the right knowledge is making big money with this business model.

Just because he has the right knowledge that is working for him.

And for the same reason, the affiliate marketing business would be extremely easy for him because he has something you don't know.

The business model has nothing to do with easy or difficult but it has everything to do with us affiliates to get the right knowledge and we can also do massive numbers in affiliate marketing.


Is Affiliate Marketing Still Works?


To set the records completely straight, I went on Google and searched Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Just like you did as you have landed on this page or maybe came here from social media, etc.

The RESULTS were:

Affiliate Marketing

So you just take a look at the search results and what "Quora" has to prove.

This "Quora" post has been published in 2015 where someone has asked the same question and was in the same boat as you are in Today with all the same confusion and whatnot.

Years before people also asking the same thing and now this.

But the point is, affiliate marketing is just a business model and as long a businesses need sales and leads, every affiliate would be getting paid.

Some would be paid massively and some would struggle for a long time just because there is a difference in Knowledge.


Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?


As more and more people are getting to know that they can make money online profitably and legally with the less physical hassle, it's very attractive!

You already know, the job environment is very hectic or even sometimes can be toxic in a few companies out there.

As years are passing by, a massive number of people gonna jump on board and try to make money online as online money is where everything is headed.

So, if you think logically, as the number of people gonna rise in the coming years, there would be even more competition.

So doing affiliate marketing is not at all going to be easy so make sure you learn the right knowledge as early as you can.

That's why it is only going to be more difficult with time and not getting any easy.


Affiliate Marketing vs Other Businesses


And just for a minute, just think like in what type of typical business you can earn money by not having any product, not giving any customer support, each payment is on time, not have to worry about your brand image, etc.

If you are building any other business, you already know that "Extreme Focus" is needed and a lot of persistence and hard work and a lot of challenges along the way to rise from.

And if you compare this affiliate marketing business with that, the work you are putting in here is the easiest of all to make this business produce you money every single month.

Or even sometimes commissions on a recurring basis with some products you know what I mean.

Affiliate marketing has everything that can attract every person that is looking for some extra money.

Anybody can build this business but not everybody does.

More than 90% of the people that start an online business fails because they don't think it's possible or they think they cannot do it.

And you know what?

The strange part is, these are the same people that apply for a job and read through all the books and get prepared for an interview with a lot of practice.

Receive failures along the way in getting a job a lot of times but they keep trying to apply for another one and finally, they get that job!

But when they come and try to build this business of affiliate marketing or any other online business.

They just try to understand for a few days or weeks or keep researching for months. They just take a look at all the opportunities that are present and take few actions here and there.

When they don't see anything working, they say:

Oh, Online Business does not work, I have tried it! 

Oh, it's just very difficult to build!


And the matter of the fact, doing business online is way way easier than getting a job and living in so much stress and pressure of the Boss.

That was the biggest thing I wanted to add here and want to say if you are trying to build this affiliate marketing business and finding it difficult.

I say, just hang-in-there and try more, eventually, it gonna pop-up!




Affiliate marketing is not dead and is not gonna be dead anywhere in the future because as long as there are businesses that want sales and leads.

And you as an affiliate just come in and give them what they want and be out with your commission, you will be in the business and always in demand.

So from now if anyone tells you that affiliate marketing is on the decline, just tell them what you have read in this article or just share this page.


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