Affiliate Marketing: Is It The Best Way To Make Money Online?

Ok, so you have researched about this affiliate marketing business in the past and ready to jump on board and wanna know is affiliate marketing the best way to make money online, or is there any other easy ways to get started?

In short, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as the business model is really simple and can be started cheaply without much investment upfront but there is another way that 95% of the people that start this don't know that I will share here to blow your mind!

In this article, I will share is affiliate marketing really the best way to online money or there's any other that is even better than this?

And finally, the bigger picture to really give you the idea and potential in what ways making money online is possible?

Let's dive deep:

Affiliate marketing

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Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Get Started?


Of course, definitely Yes!

This is the easiest and the most convenient business out there that just do not require much work.

I mean, it obviously requires some work but the amount of money on the high scale you can earn is just ginormous!

There are various ways to make money online but in this type of business model, you have the ultimate freedom.

People say online business is easy as you just build your personal brand and just promote affiliate products and even your personal products.

There are a lot of segments to making money online.

And some of these segments can be really difficult to pull up to heavy heights as it requires a lot of work.

So not everything related to making money online is easy. Like,


For Example:

Say you made your personal brand by putting in a lot of work to promote your own clothing brand.

Then, there can be a lot of challenges like your reputation, continuous value to your audience, shipping, handling, costing, your content SEO, marketing budget, employees, etc.

Basically, a lot of headaches to deal with, even though people say making money online is easy.

Yes! It is relatively easy than traditional businesses but there are some segments of making money online that are easy and some other segments of making money online that are just "TOO MUCH PAIN" to work and added stress!

The example that I share above was on making money online as on a difficult side.

If you right now don't know anything how you gonna make any money online and came across affiliate marketing.

And you just thinking is it really the best way?

I'm telling you, there is no other business like this in which you do not even have to leave your own house and make money.

Affiliate marketing is the best way till now to make money online, definitely!

But then a question occurs:


Personal Brand vs Behind The Scenes: Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?


Despite being the fact that this affiliate business is all about sharing affiliate links and promoting products.

Why 90% of the people that touch this and put their mind to make this business work to get some passive online commissions Fail.?

Why people fail in this and is this business really that easy as presented as shiny to look from outside?

Every person is different!

Some people go towards the way of building their personal brand to promote affiliate products and some keep it on websites and promoting from behind the scenes.

Personal Branding is really good! But in the long run, you put everything at stake as your name is out and you are the main presenter.

You cannot be 100% sure that, the products that you are promoting are from a true genuine source and reading through their privacy policy.

Basically, every burden that goes wrong maybe with the product or you choose to launch your own product, each and every burden is on YOU!

As you are doing your own personal branding, some may even upload videos on YouTube or may pick-up on something about your authenticity.

Like, things happen down the road and you may initially do it for the money or some commissions, and may later you realize that I just don't like this and I hate working.

If you want easy affiliate commissions by building a personal brand, you go ahead and do that if that's what you want to do.

And the matter of the fact is, doing affiliate marketing with Personal Brand is Easier to get the commissions as people start to trust you as an Identity.

It's just my opinion, your's can be different than mine but,

I personally do not want that quick commissions early and then later realize that I'm Famous but a lot of people talking negatively about me for the things that I never did.

I personally go with starting the website and promoting the products that way.

And Yes, it is definitely difficult and I may not even receive any commissions in the first 6 or even 8 months.

But in the long term, I have full control over the traffic and collecting e-mails and building a genuine value-based relationship with the audience.

Now, it's just me, your mindset can be different and the way you want to do the affiliate marketing business.

Personal Branding on Youtube to promote affiliate products is easy or can be easy but building a website and keeping the identity safe is what I would prefer.

Google is the No. 1 search engine in the world so there is no shortage of traffic.

It's really a personal choice, whether you ganna do it the "Personal Branding" way or "Full Force on Website" way.

Either way, affiliate marketing is not easy but the business model is simple and can be executed in both ways Powerfully!


Before Promoting Affiliate Products, Do This!

I know you want to get the commission and want to make the money as fast as you can with this business model.

But, before you promote any product, you always have to think about the people.

People, People People! You Main Audience!

They come first, no matter what.

Just before you promote any product to your audience whether it's on your personal brand or to your thousands of e-mails that you have gathered.


Affiliate marketing

Always ask yourself:

If you would be in the shoes of your audience, would you buy that product?

Is this product can help my people in providing value?

If the answer is Yes!


Then you got another task coming:

Just go and do deep research on the website and all the other sources that you can find about that product.

Some websites of these affiliate products have a very odd privacy policy or some very off-putting terms and conditions.

Read through their whole website and do the full due diligence before you tell or announce to the audience.

Because your audience has a Trust over you and you just never want to break that.


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Start This Way


You can do the things that I'm listing or the steps as I'm showing in combination with Personal Branding.

It's like you can make a personal brand with a website and work on both or you can do the affiliate marketing separately without connecting them both.

But the steps would be:


1. Selecting a Niche


A niche can be anything. Select that niche that "YOU" personally know the most about it or have a very high interest in it.

Anything can be a niche, anything you can think of, there is a market for that.

And eventually, you gonna find people that will be interested in whatever you have to offer.

Just roam around in different affiliate networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, or even look in the category section on Amazon also.

The whole goal here is to find something you like and is passionate about and create content around it.


2. Start Creating Content


The next step would be creating content that stands out from the others.

There are a lot of people that are producing content in the same niche that you may have already selected so think about what makes you stand out?

Also, for creating content, join Facebook groups, communities, forums, read on quora, and all the other places where your target audience hang-out.

You have to observe and note down what are the problems that they are facing and start to create content around those problems.


3. Traffic

Affiliate marketing

Traffic generation is the most difficult part here and most people that start to create content lose here!

Listen, it would take you to around a minimum of 3 months of continuous content creation in that niche before you see something.

I know it is very difficult initially to get going where you post like 10 different pieces of content and nothing pops up in the search results.

Everything gonna come to you, you just focus on creating the content that can serve the audience without expecting anything back in return.

Always remember, if you ever want to be Rich, you always have to be Rich in your work ethics first!

Traffic gonna come later down the road, you focus on creating valuable content that solves people's problems.


4. Join Affiliate Networks


So there are a lot of affiliate networks out there like hundreds and thousands that have millions of products that you can promote.

The most common ones are ShareASale, ClickBank, Amazon Associates, Flexoffers, Commission Junction, etc.

The affiliate products that you gonna find in these networks that I just listed above are from very trusted sources, mostly!


If you do not find a good product in these affiliate networks, you just search on Google.

=> "your niche here" affiliate program and then press search.

Here it is: 

Affiliate marketing programs

Doing this, you can find ever more affiliate networks/programs that may or may not registered officially.

But the most important thing is, you just make sure that the affiliate network is Trustable and the product you choose to promote is Genuine!


5. Promoting The Product & Value Ladder


When you are getting enough people on the website or your YouTube videos are getting good traffic.

You create a free lead-magnet.

This can be anything that your audience has a high interest in like a free e-book or step by step guide to get something done.


Fitness= Give them a free workout program.

Diet= Give them a good healthy diet or a recipe guide.

Dating= Give them your 10 rules for dating that you personally have.


Like, these are just examples that I'm throwing on the wall on the fly but you get the point.

Each and every niche would be different, so you know what your audience likes and you give it to them in exchange for their e-mail.

E-mail them and give them value and promote the product and build a long term solid relationship with them.


Affiliate Marketing: The Bigger Picture


When you are making money as an affiliate by promoting the products of others.

So say the owner of the product is giving you 10%, 20%, 40%, even 70% commission.

Why not you create your own product and list that product on the affiliate network? Have you ever thought of or read about that?

Why not you go one step ahead from the rest of the 95% affiliates?

When you join an affiliate network, you already know that a single product is being promoted by 1000s or even 10,000+ of affiliates or even more at the same time.

So this product owner is at the top that listed his product on the affiliate network and there are affiliates from all over the world making him money.

And whenever you launch a new product again, you know this gonna again touch great heights as all these affiliates are promoting you.

It's just amazing how big of a business you can create if you look at the bigger picture of affiliate marketing instead of just being a small affiliate.

So if you are someone that is just starting out in affiliate marketing and do not have much or nothing to invest in and want to pursue affiliate marketing.

As affiliate marketing is something you can see yourself doing and making money with. You can check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have personally taken this training when I was starting out but as they updated the material, I think it has one of the amazing training any beginner can watch.

You can Enroll For Their Free Course Here.

In the end, if you find value after reading, consider sharing, that would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you become a super affiliate one day.


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