How Much Money Can You Earn Just With Affiliate Marketing?

So you have been thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business? Here, I will tell you how much money can you make doing just doing affiliate marketing.

In short, as a beginner, it can take you some time to grasp but you can make anywhere between $100/day - $300/day. Other more experienced people can make $1k/day - $3k/day and really advanced guys can also do $10k/day to even $30k/day that knows the Game really well! 

Yea! I know it is hard to believe as we never see people doing these kinds of big numbers in a job or in other places.

Let me clear a few other things that you also have going on in the mind.
Let's dive deep right now:

affiliate marketing

How Much Money Can You Make Doing Affiliate Marketing

Before you get too excited about pursuing affiliate marketing, companies, programs, and success. Here are a few things I think you should know that will help you.

People really did not even consider AM a career option back then and to some extent, people still don't get this industry can also be a full-time career.

Now you have read that you can do big numbers here in this field, the most important of all is what it all gonna take?

You are like Yea! It's all good and fine but,

Can I Really Do This On My Own?

Yes! and NO Too!

Yes, because I don't care who you are, what's your middle name is, from where you belong, and none of that other things matter.

As long as you have the ability to learn and as long as you have a mind, you can penetrate anything I don't care who you are.

No, because not everybody tries to pull it for long enough. Maybe a few months, and there you go, on to the next chasing some other new shiny business.

Oh, Damn I need to learn everything. I thought it was easy money as everyone says?

The thing, yea!
It is somewhat easy when you get a taste of something working in the name of "Results" that is done by you.

Initially, it's like you will be completely unknown in the market place trying to test the waters and everything doesn't sound cool as it was seen and shown.

In my case, things tried to make sense in 4-5 months.

But the beauty of this business is, you don't need anyone to report to.

You wake up, you open your Laptop, you check the traffic, you check the commissions, you make some content or campaigns for traffic and then you wake up the next day to see more traffic and more commissions.

As far as this question goes, can you really do this on your own?

The Answer is,

It's 100 percent possible!

Affiliate marketing can be started with a single person learning and applying stuff with nothing.

How Much Time It All Gonna Take To Earn Some $$? 

The next thing that comes up is Investment.

More so I say Investment can be in 3 ways like,

Either you can put Money or Time or Effort(willingness).

Willingness is already there as you are reading this article from Google or found from somewhere. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

This means you got some viable interest to make this work for you.

It's more so about How what are you trying to achieve in What way?

Before you get confused about what I just wrote on the above line, let me explain:

Like, are you building passive niche affiliate websites of Amazon then it's gonna take more time than anything else as natural Google Seo takes more TIME.


If you have the money, you can then straight out build mostly paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram Shoutouts, etc and this takes more MONEY.

Just so that you can make an accurate judgment for yourself what to expect in terms of Investments without sugarcoating everything as you see everywhere.

I want to make this resource not to tell fake hopes as you see in the ads like Make $1 Million in next month. My secret revealed!

My secret strategy revealed, here is how I'm making_ _ _

That's not the point of this article. You already know deep down what's going on with all the shiny ads and whatnot.

Ok, I dabbled a little bit from the topic but back here again to keep it precise, you can expect something like this in a realistic range.

affiliate marketing

In terms of Time Investment, you can expect 7-8 months if you are going with building some passive affiliate blog or website.

It's gonna take 3-4 months of learning and working and other months to see "some results" in reality.

All the practical steps that you gonna take are not technical and can be easily done by watching a YouTube video like hosting & domains, and whatnot.

But by enlarge, I really think, a really sweet spot to get going really well in producing amazing results with affiliate marketing is 1 Year with content.

It can be done in a few weeks if you have the skill of paid traffic but that's off for another article.

How Much Money it Gonna Take To Earn Some $$?

In terms of Money Investment, you must keep at least $500 just to keep it in spare with no attachment.

And that too, I'm being generous!

Like, if you want to make websites, the $500 is more than enough to get everything going.

But if you are planning to take the paid advertising, you should consider little more than this. As I'm telling you, you gonna initially burn some money.

Yea, you read it right!

Nobody says this, but initially, it gonna take you to spend some money with no return.

That's why I said at the beginning of this section.

You have to enter with some money at hand with no attachment.

I think that would be the number one thing or you can say "the mindset" you must have.

Not only in affiliate marketing, revenue, model, links, commission, and earnings but with anything you touch to get going.

The less you get attached to someone or something, the more it's likely to happen and it's true with Affiliate Marketing also!

How I will Get The Traffic?

You will get the traffic from thin air! No seriously!

You are working online, so all these visitors gonna come to your page when you either produce content by yourself or help people by providing value in some way.

Btw, you can also consider hiring a content writer off other countries that have weak currency like Filipino from freelancing website that can produce content on regular.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you are producing good quality content and genuinely helping people.

It has always been the biggest issue, how are you gonna get the traffic to the affiliate links?

In my best opinion, content is the best way to get long term passive "sustainable" traffic to a website or blog or visitors to a specific page with your affiliate products.

Producing content that is helpful and adding genuine affiliate links in which you help the visitor by creating a win-win situation is the best way.

affiliate marketing

Everything's Cool! But When I'm gonna be an Affiliate Marketing Millionaire?

Hahaha... Do you really wanna know?

By the way, I'm from no means a millionaire. I just happen to be someone that has few niche websites and a little ahead from you as you are a beginner but I once was a beginner too searching the same thing and reading and gaining knowledge about it as you are doing it today right now.

I have seen the growth of many other people that become after a few years not solely 100 percent from this AM Career field I say but,

As you start to earn some money here in affiliate marketing, you obviously start to put your eggs in different baskets.

It is more of like different income streams working in synergy to build and reaching up to that 1-million-dollar mark.

Now, let's just not talk about that and keep on learning the basics and focusing on what's right now you have got going on at this moment.

If you really wanna learn how you can kick-start with affiliate marketing. You can check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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You can check their free course here if this interests you.

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In the end, if you like what you read here and find value after reading. Share.
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