How Much Money Can You Really Make Online?

So you been thinking and researching about starting a legit online business and want to know the potential asking how much money can someone really make online?

Before I expand and tell you in detail, in short, the clear answer is SKY IS THE LIMIT! You can make as much money as you want because you are dealing with an audience of billions.

Everyone that searches on the internet is your customer, all you need to do is niche down what you want to offer and after some time, now you have set yourself for a high chance of making a ton of money.

In this article, I will tell you straight how much can you expect as a beginner to advanced by involving yourself in different business opportunities.

By not taking much time, let's go and dive some deeper. Let's go:

How much money can you make online

How Much Money Can You Make Online

Ok, so before I move forward I specifically want to let you know from the beginning itself that nothing comes overnight and it takes some real mental work.

Because I do not want you to live in this illusion that making a ton of money online is easy.

So If you can accept the things that I am about to lay down, only then try to enter into a side hustle online.

Some Facts:

Making money online is relatively easy from a lot of things and other work but this is what I do not want you to do that you may have been doing almost subconsciously without realizing that.

You have been researching a lot or even may have tried a few things but after some time, life happens, focus change, new shiny things look more appealing.

And you shift everything on to the new big thing.

I have seen even my own friends that make it big and others just dabble here and there a Lil and then say oh its all BS, it does not work or something close to that You get what I'm saying.

If you can hang in there for a while, I'm telling you after some time you will actually feel blessed that You are making money from your Laptop.

My Laptop is my ATM machine, how does that even make sense. I am making money from thin air, you feel me?

Your Online Business Opportunities[BIG ONE'S]

1. Affiliate Marketing

I hope you already know what affiliate marketing is and If you don't know let me just explain in a few.

AM is when you do not own anything, No Product, No Sales Team, No Nothing and decide to promote other people's products at a commission.

You are actually the middle man, selling other people's products without no overhead risk or stress of paying salary to someone, customer service.

This is another opportunity that is legit and people are making a killing out of it every single day. I have actually seen people making 4 figures a day.

I know it is very hard to believe that when you yourself see people not making this much after a month as in a job.

It is also very common when you see especially Tech YouTubers leaving or saying in the video itself after leaving a review of a phone or so.

That Check the link in the description to buy, the links are all affiliate links.

How much money can you make online

So if you click and buy the item from their link, they will get a small kickback from that purchase.

It all depends on the product but it usually likes 3%-20% and there are other market places where you get 70% or even 100% on the first purchase.

If you wanna know the potential that how much someone is earning their money online fast, do this next time when you will visit YT.

Search any phone review and just see the views on the video. It's Mind-Boggling! If just one percent of the people buy the product then we are talking about hundreds and thousands in just commissions...!

And that too from a single video that took few hours or so to make, can you see the potential?

Again let me remind what I told you above, it can happen for you too but have to stick it to only 1 with learning everything about it, you got it?

Ok so next one is:

2. Online Network Marketing

At this point, if you are reading this article on this website named Keepovin.

I am pretty sure that you have heard this or even involved in network marketing.

When you buy a product and then you have to refer more people under you so that you can have a huge downline under you.

Doing the same thing of sharing the business opportunity of how they can be or can make some high bucks in part-time like you and so. But let's not talk about that too much in detail.

What if you do not want to ever hit door to door or asking your friends or family to join your business and can have the same system working for you.

But this time, it's not offline face to face meetings rather, this time it's online network marketing!

There are a lot of companies that allow people to join online and the product is also an informational product.

3. Blogging

How much money can you make online

What you are seeing and reading right here in front of the screen, it's Blogging!

Blogging is helping people out with whatever knowledge you have and presenting it in a nice way, it's my passion.

If you are good at writing or shii even a terrible writer.

You can write about it where you are actually adding value in people's life and people can actually sense it and feel it.

And when you start to get a few people out of millions and millions that search on Google every single day.

I and You are also covered in this number that searches online and buys products, especially on Amazon.

You can do a lot of things to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, Banner Ads, Affiliate and a lot of different things.

There are actually websites out there that are making 6-7 figures even more in a month.

4. Freelancers

These guys are the people that can do a lot of things at a price. Like, say you can voice over a video and can charge $100 for a 7-minute video.

So if you start getting people from places like fiver or Upwork, Facebook groups, etc to do 10-15 of these in a day.

For this, you are standing 4 figures in a day. Obviously, this was just an idea of how my mentor actually started making money quickly in one day.

And it takes some work, I never deny that but it can happen. People hire people as a team and do millions in a year on websites like Fiver and Upwork.

It was just one single idea that I shared that can work but there are a lot of others that can work too.

You can start with as micro as you want and as big as you want to scale with the team that is too freelancers/Virtual assistants.

5. Paid Advertising

Ok, there is a reason why I put this one the last because this takes a lot of money to make money.
I mean you have to have a decent budget just to even enter this field.

Again I know if you are searching for the potential of making money online then I am pretty sure that you have heard Tai Lopez.

He is also a paid advertiser. But on a bigger scale, have you ever noticed on YouTube or websites.

Why are you seeing the same ads again and again, it's because someone is spending money to show the ads.

And why they are showing the ads, again and again, it's probably because they are earning more than that of what they are spending.

I mean this is a really really big business that requires a decent budget to even start and there are big players that even have bigger budgets.

I added this point for the knowledge purpose just to show the real potential.

Requirements From You To Make Money Online

So I know after reading this even as a kid searching the web, teenage student, single mother, parents, teacher, in college, anybody!

There is a bulb light up in the head that Yes, there is actually money to be made here as everyone is shifting from making money from traditional ways to online ways.

And the list that I wrote above is just a small list and believe me there are countless other ways people are making money online.

So I want to share some things that you should absolutely need to have in yourself so that you can make something out of these opportunities and start making some extra money.


How much money can you make online

1. It will take some time, it's the truth. You can touch anything you want to touch in the field of making money online. The one thing that you have to know that it just takes time.

It doesn't matter in which area you will enter like the stock market, trading, kindle, SEO, etc, it will take some time for you to actually get a grasp of what's actually going on and how you can actually make it work for you.

2. It all Depends, so I say that it takes 6 months to actually learn Affiliate marketing, it may take you 2 months if you learn it from the right people.

I say it takes 6 months to learn Blogging, it may take you 8 months to even see some traction going with your blog.

So it all depends on You.

How much you put in the time in actually studying and learning instead of browsing the internet with one hand and doing your stuff of scrolling your Facebook news feed.

3. The right mindset, imagine you reading this exact article after meeting a friend or seeing someone earning decent and you are just in that right mindset.

Also other factors like what online business you have decided to run, from who you are learning, your knowledge, etc

Question- How Much Money Does It require To Start An Online Business?

I say it all depends on which type of business you have put your hands to, like if you have a decent budget of like $5-$10k laying around with no attachment then go start learning paid advertising.

If you don't have the money but have the time to put in then go and learn SEO and how to rank a website, you can start this for free.

If you have a job and some money then I say learn affiliate marketing which requires little to no money.

You can learn Affiliate Marketing for Free here.

Question- What Is The Cheapest Way To Make Money Online?

The way I look at this. But obviously, you need some type of money to start from the get-go.

You can go in one of these 2 paths that I have personally considered when I was starting out without paying almost anything upfront.

1. Either you can go and register yourself on Fiver and Upwork and work as a freelancer/Virtual Assistant.


2. You can open up a Free Blog and start giving your time on the website as you do not feel investing too much money.

Question- How Much Time It Will Take In these Business Opportunities To Work?

If I have to give a time limit of what I think how much it will take to see somewhat noticeable results in your reality.

I'd say you can expect to get out of what you are putting in 5-6-7 months.  Don't quote me why it is taking so much time.

Just look at what are the other options do you have in other areas. Compared to that, this is fairly less time.


In the end, I say there is no limit to what you can make as you are dealing online with an audience size of billions that search for different things with million different keywords.

There are a lot of different niches in which you can enter but the big ones are Health, Wealth and Relationships as these are the evergreen ones.

The sky is the limit and obviously, anything that is worth achieving comes at certain skillsets, knowledge and other factors.

And if you are someone who is confused about what to pursue to make money online and want to get started the same way I got from the bottom. Click How?

I hope you got the complete information on how much money can you make online in detail after reading this article.

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