Is It Really Difficult To Learn Digital Marketing?

Ok so you have been thinking about learning digital marketing and want to know is digital marketing hard and difficult to learn from scratch?

In short, I wanna say digital marketing is the easiest of anything you will ever touch in terms of making a decent return on your learning. Yes, there will be times where you will find yourself what to do? Am I doing it right? Some challenges and issues that may bother you for a while.

But after that when you can have that grasp of main concepts practiced in practical knowledge called experience, you will never look at digital marketing the same.

In this article, I will fully expand on areas that may be right now concerning you before you give your time and energy in entering this field called Digital Marketing.

So without wasting any time, let's have a deep dive:

is digital marketing for me

Is Digital Marketing Difficult?

At this point, I want to counter-question to you?

Is learning how to drive a car is difficult when you don't know anything about driving?

Maybe Yes, Maybe NO.!

Ok, another one, Is learning how to ride a bicycle Difficult?

Maybe Ya, Maybe No.

The point is not the things that you have not been exposed to is difficult or easy.

There is nothing difficult nor easy to learn. Rather it is more of a mindset thing.

Like if you put your mind and energy in learning digital marketing. After some time, it has to grow and come up in the name of results.

Because it's the law and you can learn anything you can put your mind to.

When I got started I was the same way when I entered this field doing some research here n there.

Like some time I work and sometimes I better of just watching T.V. and some YouTube.

What I think right now is, Digital Marketing is the easiest thing you can ever put your hands to where people in today's age especially young kids earning more than they could ever expect.

Facebook is literally making millionaires every other week if I am not wrong.

Either you can start it now or come back later in 2 years watching videos and reading articles about i.e. competition is rising and digital marketing is dead.

Or some sub-branch of the same tree-like SEO is dead, affiliate marketing doesn't work, content marketing is difficult and traffic is hard to generate...

What Should I learn To Start With?

Is Digital Marketing Difficult

So this is really important to know and decide what should I start with as there are so many things to learn as there are million different things to learn and the field is so BROAD.

I would put rather everything this way that it depends on a lot of factors like,

Maybe you have a job, maybe you have a lot of time as a student, maybe you don't have a lot of money to invest in courses, etc.

There are a lot of sub-branches in Digital Marketing like SEO(search engine optimization), Online Dropshipping, Paid Ads on Google and Facebook, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

The thing is if you have the money to invest in yourself then I would very well recommend you to please go through a legit course online that has some type of reputation.

You can search it on YouTube for the people that do offer online courses and you can go with the people with which you feel authenticity.

Because going with a course will be so much better in cutting back your learning curve as it just fast tracks your process of seeing progress in Digital Marketing.

But on the flip side, if you do not have the money to invest in yourself I would recommend starting with learning SEO and affiliate marketing, it can be a good start.

If you want to get started with learning affiliate marketing, you can check out and get started for free here in learnings.

What Core things I Need To Master To Become an All-Rounder Digital Marketer?

So there are a lot of components to becoming a powerful digital marketer.

But the main thing that I think as a newbie marketer should focus to become an all-rounder at a later point is TRAFFIC.

Because you can have the most gorgeous looking powerful and effective product in your hands right now but if you do not have the traffic.

Traffic means people to market to in high numbers, you can do whatever you wanna do but you will find it very hard to make it on the top in this Game.

Other things that you need to also be focusing on like:

And before I do tell you these things I want to specifically let you know that all these things may seem very overwhelming in the beginning.

But it can be outsourced any time of the day on places like Upwork and Fiver so just to let you know but at the very least you should know these things as becoming a powerful digital marketer.

So here I go:

1. Copywriting

So copywriting is writing your keywords on a sales page or any written document whether it is content or anything that you type it out.

It should be in such a way that it should engage people and you have to know what type of language do your target market or customer use.

So that you can write those same words in the copy so that they can connect with you and be able to trust you and your brand as a whole.

2. Social Media Marketing

You should have to have a strong social media presence where people connect with you and form a community where you can have your influence.

This is usually a group where your audience gathers and discuss anything, it is basically a community of people all over the world interested in what you have to offer.

You can promote yourself on Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media.

And these people can become your buyers any point down the road if you can build and maintain trust.
is digital marketing difficult

3. Lead Generation

A lead is nothing but an online person when he gives his email in exchange for you providing them something valuable that they think is valuable to them.

In the online world, a lead is a person who has some type of interest in whatever you have to offer.

These people have a clear interest in your product or services and it is very well that if you provide them with enough value.

They will give you a shot by buying your products to see what exactly you have to offer on the paid side.

4. Email Marketing

This is also a very important skillset when we talk about becoming an all-rounder digital marketer i.e. Internet E-mail Marketing.

Because this is that part where you can leave your business for a while and it continues to produce you even better results without actually occupying your time in the realtime.

Have you ever noticed whenever you buy a product from Amazon or even better whenever you sign-up for a new social media account on any platform you can think of?

You continue to get e-mails afterward on something related to the product or something.

Have you noticed that.?

It is nothing but from that company to which you have given your email. They have set automation on their e-mail marketing software to send relevant value emails to you.

You have to learn this automation too!

5. Some Technical Work

Is digital marketing difficult

Ok so before you again get somewhat overwhelmed.! Off there it is... Of there it is... I have to do the technical work. I knew it... I knew it... It's difficult and what not...

Calm Down!

This technical work requires Domain and Hosting, connecting your google analytics code, search console code, few plugins on the website, tracking and FB pixel.

Making the landing pages in software(without coding) and some little more light work like that.

I would definitely recommend you to learn this asap but in the end, it seems too much mental work, you can always outsource to technical people on Upwork or Fiver.

How Much Time Do I Need To Give In To Learn Digital Marketing?

When you sit back relaxed and ready to learn all these things. The last thing comes that how much time do I need to give to make and get somewhat something out of it.

Before I tell how much time you should be really be giving in learning all this.

I must say I am not talking and even counting that time when you get home, there is T.V. making noises, your best friend playing video games on the side and you been stressing over why this person took 11.2 hours to send me a text back, huh.?

I'm talking about a quality time where there is minimal to none distractions.

If you can give quality 3-4 hours per day daily while continue to practice it on the side.

I say you can expect to get something out of it about month 6-7 with some good knowledge.

And to become a good Digital Marketer, it can take years to master it.

As everything online works on algorithm whether it is YouTube, Facebook PPC, SEO, Pinterest, etc and algorithm is always changing so it just takes time.

How Much Money Do I Need To Have As, In The End, It's a Business, Right?

It is very difficult to give you an exact number to which you can feel comfortable having your operations in a well-organized way.

I would say the more and more the money you got, the better off you would be to get something in good returns.

Like if you are in college and you just have got last $100 left.

I mean Yes, you can get started with this much but at the end of the day, you would be highly emotional if something goes bad.

On the flip side, if you have $1000 on the side, you can still take a breath of fresh air calmly knowing it was just a $100 loss.

I say at least have a minimum of $200 of spare money, in the beginning, to start with but the higher, the better.!

Are There Any Restrictions In Entering This Field?

Yes and No!

There are no restrictions and anybody can enter anytime in the field and do big numbers after dedicating some time in learnings first.

But the thing I wanna add here is:

Digital marketing may, can or become at a later point easy but rather it is more of a mindset thing.

So if you put yourself in this mind-frame that DM is Tough and is only for the smart people, you have already lost it!

Despite being the fact that the market place is all open for whatever you have to offer.


If I tell you from my own personal experience is that it took me 2 years of consistent failures roaming around in different sub-branches of Digital Marketing.

Everything is clear and it may get somewhat technical but the knowledge is out there of which you can take advantage of any time of the day.

I got started with learning SEO and Affiliate Marketing which you can also learn for free here.

The person from which I was learning from used to say that Digital Marketing can be scalable to great heights but the sole-entrepreneur has this mindset of not going above $300-$500 per day.

So it is not at all difficult and everything can be learned, all you need is the right knowledge!

Do share this article to make the effort worth. I hope you found value after reading.



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