15 Powerful Reasons To Start Digital Marketing in College

OK, So if you are in college and pursuing any bachelor, MBA or diploma then this article is for you because in this article I will give you 15 powerful reasons that why should you start learning digital marketing in these college years at this age.

When people are in college, usually somewhere down the road I say after first-year people get this maturity that I need to start doing something of my own.

And then when you type on Google or look for other opportunities to pursue with no experience, digital marketing is what seems within reach and achievable.

So let me tell you what are those powerful reasons to start digital marketing in college, let's Go:

15 Powerful Reasons To Start Digital Marketing in College

Tho, I'm a College Dropout as these reasons were powerful enough to get started with learning in digital marketing in my college years.

And I would definitely not recommend anyone to dropout and shock your whole family up as I did but you can definitely know those powerful reasons to make a better decision. Here they are:

1. The Job Doors Are Always Open For You

When I was in college, I realized why people invest a ton of money in getting a college degree for these great universities, for what?

The answer that popped up in my mind was to get a job and make some money.

Seeing this from a bigger perspective unleashed to me this that most people even after getting amazing grades from college and getting that piece of paper still struggle to get a job.

This is because I realized that they don't have any skills to offer to the marketplace as I heard from somewhere degree doesn't pay the bills, neither do Swag rather skills pay the bills!

This is when I realized that I can get any job only if, if I have the skills so that's why I decided to learn digital marketing in my college years.

2. Boring Lectures

Is it me? I know I'm not the only one that didn't enjoy sitting in a college lecture.

I always get bored that why I need to know all these things that are not teaching me life skills that will help me the most at this age, why??

College years are a lot of fun when you build connections with so many new people and finally break your comfort zone in so many ways.

But when it comes to attending lectures, I was always that one kid that just sits in the end and pretends that I'm listening very carefully but in reality, I always waiting like when is this class gonna end?

So if you relate your situation somewhat similar to mine then you can start building everything in the back-end as digital marketing is for you.

3. Not a Rocket Science

Not don't get mislead at this point because initially, it will always seem like you are learning something very difficult or extra-ordinary.

But believe me, it is not at all a rocket science, it is as same as learning any other new thing which takes a lit bit longer to get a grasp of.

There will be a lot of new things that you will learn like landing pages, facebook ads, pixel, google analytics, e-mail marketing, traffic generation, SEO, copyrighting, testing and optimizing, etc.

There will be a lot of new things that you will learn that most people do not learn and probably when they get a job and start to work under someone.

After some time when they realize, I hate this job! This is not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

And when they finally search or look for an opportunity online or get to know from any other source that digital marketing is something that can be a viable option to pursue.

Then they start learning all this stuff that maybe you will be learning at this young college-age if you are reading this, that's why you are here on this page right now.

4. Bright Future

Nobody likes to take orders from other people even if you are getting paid monthly a certain amount to which we call a job.

And it's not like jobs are bad but rather you can learn a lot of valuable skills from a job like working in a team-work, taking rejection if you are in sales kind of, your own personal growth, job politics over promotion(I don't want to mention this but hey it happens in real life), etc.

Having a job for a certain period of time is actually a really good thing as it makes you a better person over-all at the end of the day.

But working day and night and following mostly the same routine is what makes most people pissed off because initially, they thought having this job will guarantee your bright Future.

But when you reach that job level, you realize that the story is something different after college in a job.

If you are in college rn, I want you to have a one-on-one convo with a graduate student who has seen the after 3-4 years of lifestyle after college. Because this is something that you will be experiencing somewhere down the years.

This is the point where I think opportunities like Digital Marketing come into play at any time of the day when you are finally ready.

5. Can Be Learned Even With Party Lifestyle

Who doesn't enjoy having parties every weekend especially when you are in college and living that YOLO Lifestyle? Oh man, I just loved that party lifestyle when the college is finished.

Btw, YOLO[you only live once] means when you only live your teens once, partying hard is the way to go.

Because in digital marketing, once you have put the foundation of work and once the systems are set in their place and everything is working fine, you can do whatever you wanna do without report-ing to nobody.

So if you are someone who loves to party a lot, you can definitely consider learning digital marketing right now in college years as this can benefit you a lot.

6. Great Side Hustle Even With a Job

Look, there are all types of people in college. Some are just too lazy to get anything done even their own homework, some are too studies and exams type, there is a lot of different variety to which I can most probably write a separate article out.

But for the sake of this article, if you are someone who is already having a part-time job that you are doing in your extra time.

Then you can also start learning this on the side as a side-hustle on which you can rely fully after some time.

It's all about taking that initiative so if you are in a job I would definitely recommend you to start looking for investing in different courses which can make you learn faster and put you ahead already from the rest of the people entering learning digital marketing.

7. Wide Range of Security

People run into getting a job because there is a wide range of security in that where you do not have to take any risk, just come in, do your work and take the salary and that's it.

But when you start looking in options like digital marketing I would not say that it is fully secure as it totally depends on you how much you work for it but I feel it is way better than working under someone in a job for whose first priority is NOT your safety!

Now that is something a pretty big deal! So I think learning digital marketing puts back the power in your hand as you are responsible for making everything work to the extent of as much as you like to accomplish.

And a matter of fact, if you tell your parents that you have found a different career option which can give you even more security than a job.

Believe me, they will not understand you an inch, they will feel or say like you have lost your mind. I have been in that same place.

And it is nothing wrong with them, it's like they themselves have never seen people earning money out of the internet so that's why but they just want your security that you do not just mess your future up, so that's why!

When you are doing digital marketing, you can hire people off short from other countries and freelancers and virtual assistants and whatnot.

8. Pursuing Entrepreneurship And Being Your Own Boss

When you are doing digital marketing, you are being your own boss which means you set your own working hours and when you feel like working it.

You can work 18 hours a day or even 3 hours a day if you like it. So this is also something digital marketing can land you to that laptop lifestyle.

It is all up to you how much time you think you need to give to work best according to your situation and timeline.

You may also have seen people starting different businesses in college and then later drop-out college when the business growth outgrow their expectations to which they can accomplish with having a degree in a job.

I was that one guy that dropped out as this was the website that popped out and some other ones so you can definitely lean towards like starting a blog or posting on your passion.

9. Flexible Working Hours

As in a job, you are allowed to just work from 9 AM till 5 PM and everything is fixed!

If you have to take a leave or do something, you have to take permission, there is a fixed time for having food or even I have read that in some call centers where there are fixed washroom hours also, now that is something extreme!

When you are doing digital marketing, you do not depend on working in specific working hours.
Now, I will not kid you here that oh everything is easy rather I will put it this way:

You need dis-balance to create balance in anything and everything you do!

So initially you have to work a lot but some months down the road you can have a lot of flexibility much more than that of a job!

10. Friends Working 9-5 While You Building Business on The Side

It takes a little time to scale a business and nothing pops out in a week or so but you can be sure that you will be earning more than your college friends.

When most people are in college, they always have this mentality of getting a job and to this point maybe you were also like that but as I said above in the article that things are not always like that when you finally get that job.

There will always be new circumstances and new people and situations and whatnot.

Just have a picture in your mind with the words that I'm about to write and just look back in your time:

When you were in the high-school, you were too worried to get an admission in a college or university, as my this friend got into this university and then their parents are like feeling pride that and then you get scared what I'm gonna do if I didn't get the admission, like you get the picture right?

And now when you are in college, you most probably like Ok, I got this down what next?

The next is, you can start learning digital marketing on the side and start generating some revenue and then you can even outgrow that money digits more than people working 9-5.

11. Powerful Skillsets

The reality is people wanna give money to people that have any kind of skill. Day by day, a lot of people graduate from college and do not learn the skill-sets.

So when they do not offer any skill to the market, nobody gives them any money and then it takes a lot of trial and error, time, energy and resources in building those skill-sets where they can even earn or start to earn some.

This website is there for everyone to read and get benefited from the content I have published here but it continues to produce revenue even without me actively working daily.

So this is what having a skill-set does, you can exchange the skill-set any time of the day with money.

If anything goes wrong with your other sources of income or you lose your current job, you can always have this skill set to which you can take advantage of.

So learning digital marketing is a powerful skill-set which can make you money throughout the day, every day, all year.

12. Work From Anywhere In The World

When you are doing digital marketing, you do not specifically need an office to work everything effectively.

Say for example you have chosen to learn about building a blog and generating traffic doing SEO, so if you are working on your blog, you do not need a lot of things happening around you.

You only need an internet connection, a laptop and you can start to write your posts up on the website. As long as they are generating value in the lives of people that are reading, you will always be going to thrive and level up as time passes.

So definitely if you are learning digital marketing or other sub-niches of this same umbrella, you can definitely work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, that's the beauty.

13. Great Support To Your Dad/Family Financially

Our family wants good for ourselves but they do not understand this Internet money and how it works.

But you can start on a small scale like start doing the freelancing for people, making landing pages, even make a blog or website where you post your passion.

Basically, all the things that interest you and do not worry about the traffic, you just start providing the value up-front first without expecting anything in return.

And after some time when you will see that something that the post you published earlier are now generating you traffic and revenue. This way you can help and support your family even if you are in college.

The thing with digital marketing is, this internet thing can scale pretty big in a short period of time where on the other hand, you just get a consistent paycheck to just survive.

14. Getting In-Touch With Like-Minded Powerful Entrepreneurs

I almost consider this thing as a blessing because you know what, you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with. You can look at this statement from up and down and slice it any way you want.

If you are someone who has never made $1000 a day or never seen any other college student making this much, there are high chances that you will also find that difficult to achieve that.

Now here comes someone who is already making that much and sharing that how you can duplicate that too, then there are very high chances that you will also touch that money digit too!

Basically, the mindset of these people is rubbing off of you and you are lifting yourself to their level!

This can be done through coaches, mentors, books, seminars, courses, you joining different facebook groups, connecting people on Linkedin, attend all these meetups and get-togethers, etc.

15. Effective Utilisation of Time Instead of Browsing The Internet With One Hand

Now I have been through this same college phase and I already know how much time the internet takes away in doing unproductive things that absolutely do not matter.

In this time-frame, you can well off learn a lot of things that can benefit you a lot and this is what I did in my college years. I basically opened a bunch of different blogs and websites as a side hustle and gave them time to grow, the website on which you are reading this post-RN is also a result of this.

And if you also wanna duplicate what I did as getting ready to become a digital marketer then you can check out this free course out- bit.ly/OnlineMarketing1O1

It will basically teach you how you can build different passive niche websites that continue to produce revenue every month once you have put in the work.

You can get started with this if you want to duplicate my footprints and in the end, do share if you find value after reading, that would make the effort worth!


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