Are Digital Marketing Courses REALLY Useful- My Experience

So you have been thinking about getting into digital marketing courses and confused that should they be really worth the price you pay?

Should they be capable of even delivering up to that mark where you can make a decent career out of it?

In short and simple, Yes! Digital marketing courses are like a piece of GOLD handed over in your hands at a discounted price! Whether it be from Udemy, Google certification, or any other online institute, they will be cutting down your learning curve tremendously.

To that point where you will start ahead of most people that learn digital marketing out of trial and error approach out of searching everything online.

So if you wanna learn more about my experience to help you make a better decision, you can read this article further.
is digital marketing course useful

If We Can Learn Digital Marketing For Free, Why Should I Pay?

I know this is the first question that comes in the minds of many that if the content is available online on YouTube, why should I pay?

The thing that you need to realize today that I had learned the hard way is I was that one dude that was watching and consuming everything on YouTube.

I was not ok with paying so I watched everything from YouTube, Podcast, Blogs, any resource you can think of, I went there to learn, etc

You have tutorials on FB ads, dropshipping, blogging, social media marketing, a bunch of other stuff!
Each and everything is available online, the answer to all the problems.

But the thing is you don't have all the problems so you don't need to get to know everything.

If you start consuming each and everything, you will only be the one that will go into information overload.

I know this and I have also seen how that works as I was the one who knows everything but had nothing on my plate in terms of results.

And I was this one dude that was seeing everything for free mostly on YouTube and was not leveling up.

The Truth About "Free" Suff You Find On Digital Marketing

So whatever I will be sharing right here in this section, do not judge this and read this in an open-minded way as this is what I have realized.

You know what, when someone is on YouTube providing value for free, it will not necessarily mean that they will teach you everything.

You have to look from their perspective and from a bigger perspective.

Whenever someone is searching on YouTube, a marketer knows that when someone like "YOU" makes a search on a search engine specifically like a query like this that you are reading right now.

They know that the person will not that well in-grip with the knowledge on that topic.

So whenever you watch YouTube, they will be telling you everything to that point of showing the overview.

And more specifically with high energy and showing step by steps like how easy it is and how someone is making that much and this much...

They will only tell you that much that can add value to your time in some way but nobody will never share their actual true strategies for free.

It's not like they are an evil person and not wanting to disclose everything but rather doing that will only result in decreasing the value of what they have to offer.

As nobody values free stuff, you know that I know that and it is how it is!

And actually, there is nothing wrong with that because, at the end of the day, they are providing value for free.

is digital marketing course useful

Why Did I Decide To Get Into a Course?

So as I told that I was the one that was watching and consuming all the free resource available out there.

I know everything and you can not actually tell me anything! Whatever you will say to me, I will instantly say to you that I know that as I had read so much and gone through so much information on my own.

I tried a bunch of stuff on my own and actually, there were zero results!

Absolutely Zero! I myself opened a bunch of blogs and websites and they all failed and I actually got really disappointed!

And when nothing was working as I tried and was failing again n again, this was the time when I finally decided to get into a course.

What Happened When I Got Into a Digital Marketing Course?

This was clear in my mind that on the free stuff, NOBODY will share their strategies and what is actually working to the point of precise.

The thing is we only need to know a bunch of working stuff in a step by step footprint of someone who has actually done it and made it to the outcome that you are looking for, In my case the outcome what I was looking for!

And when you get to know those exact strategies the same way they themselves apply it then it is only a matter of time that you also start producing results.

You don't actually have to re-invent the wheel, you only have to know what is working, and doing that consistently is what is gonna turn that into your own personal skill-set.

So at this point, I received that action plan that was earlier missing from the puzzle from the course I got enrolled in.

I also got to know if I do this then this will be the result and some skill-based training, etc.

And the matter of the fact, the website on which you are reading this article is one of the websites that I made after learning the advanced strategies.

I am also planning to open other websites and go into other ventures once enough cash-flow comes in.

And one most important thing that you need to know is how you decide which course is good for you?

How To Decide Which Course You Wanna Enter?

While doing thorough my research for this article to get along with the right information I have seen some reviews that some people are only launching their courses for the sake of adding their another stream of income without giving the actual value.

Most people that had this "information overload", just turn this into a course where you will also value what you will learn and it works fine for them.

I am not at all saying all courses are bad but be careful before you get invested with the money.
Now there are a lot of ways you can learn:

- Udemy

- Coursera

- Skillshare

- Affilorama[For Affiliate Marketing]

- Afrefs Academy[For Content Marketing], etc.

And some other bunch of places where you can learn.

How I Got My Knowledge?

I say, I was there mostly on YouTube and listening to everyone and soon I start to click with certain people.

After I got to see the transparency, I decided to go with learning online.

I got enrolled in the online courses that some of my favorite YouTubers were providing.

And Yes, they were the little high ticket but I have seen their track record and have seen them providing enough value for free on their YouTube channel and that trust.

I finally decided to go with an online course by Income School YouTube channel.

And I finally advise you the same, go and search on YouTube and watch some videos and get in touch with the people that you get clicked with.

And I think this is the best way to get started with any course not only digital marketing rather with anything you wanna learn especially online!

Most importantly, if you are just getting started then these are some steps that I think you need to take right now, here is the list:

Do These If You Are Just Getting Started:

1. Learn how to make a website so that you can have a place where you can send people to, you need to have a domain name[extensions like .com] and a hosting account for a place like NameCheap.

2. Learn how to do basic SEO and try to implement all that on that website that you have made, by doing this you will start getting free traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

3. Learn how to market yourself on social media so that search engines like Google can get to know that you have something valuable to offer that's why people are coming your way.

4. Learn about affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, information products, etc so that you can monetize the traffic that you do have and start to see that "J-curve" in your income.

5. Then lastly, learn about paid advertising, lead generation, media buys so that you can master your craft and get so skilled that you can get anywhere in the world with an internet connection and Laptop, you can make money there, did you get that?

I think these are the main steps that you need to go through if you are just starting out!
Is digital marketing course useful

So Is Digital Marketing Course Useful And Worth It?

As I said earlier in the article that you don't need to know everything, you only need to know the precise stuff that is working and that's all!

It's like whenever you purchase a big puzzle from the market and when you open it, you just see all the pieces were overlapped one another and mismatch and all over the place.

And then when you try to build this puzzle from the start, you find that Oh, I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle but then you try to find and it takes time to find.

The same is with not only getting into any digital marketing course but getting along with any course in any field.

So that is what I think getting into a digital marketing course did that for me.

The course outlined a foundation of all the working steps that were earlier missing in the puzzle.

In the end, it is totally up to you that if you want to save your hard-earned money and figure out all on your own or get in touch with the people that have already a track record to produce a certain result when a beginner start with their expertise.


In the end, I think it is definitely worth the price to pay for a digital marketing course because they already have a track record in producing results.

It's not like you do not have to work hard after getting a course, you definitely will have to as there is no substitute for hard work but your learning curve is way much shorter as you are directly learning from the professionals.

But I do recommend that you do get some basic knowledge about some key things about digital marketing from YouTube and various other resources.

Just for a simple reason that you do not find all the stuff foreign and actually have an initial grasp on all the stuff that you will learn there.

So are Digital Marketing Courses really useful? Yes! I hope you got your answer which you were looking for.

If you are someone who is interested in learning how you can make money online then check this free course out that will help you tremendously in getting started.

This course will teach you precisely how you can make passive niche websites that continue to produce your money month after month.

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Anyways, thank you so much that you made it this far! Share this to make the effort worth, that would be greatly appreciated.




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