Can You REALLY Make Money on a Free Blog?

So these days a lot of people are getting online and discovering a lot of new ways from which they can open a free Wordpress website and monetize it to earn money.

But the question is can you make money on a free blog?

The answer is Yes! You can definitely make money with a free WordPress blog by using affiliate marketing, giving paid backlinks out, writing sponsored posts for brands, doing e-mail marketing by building your own list, etc.

Keep in mind that and are two different platforms where one is completely free to get started with and is paid one(WordPress is open-source software but it costs you money to purchase the domain and hosting and then installing the free WordPress software so that's why)

In this article I will be talking about, the free platform to get started that absolutely costs no money.

Restrictions That You Face With Free Blog 

The main restriction that you can face which is holding you back from monetizing your website is Ads!

As you are a free user on the website, they own a full right to show any kind of ads on your website that you have absolutely no control over.

First, you are working hard to get the content up and then when the traffic comes, they are showing the ads and having all the revenue that you generated.

So basically you cannot run any kind of ads on your website even from platforms like Google Adsense which is a big problem.

You are only allowed to run their own ads that are called WordAds.

While Doing Affiliate Marketing:

Plus at the end of the day say you are doing affiliate marketing and the network that you are using for your links is not in the terms of service[of]

They own a full right to suspend your blog and it may seem from the outside that, oh it was a free blog regardless!

Anyway, I will make a new one tomorrow!

No, it is really heart tearing to see when you work so hard in posting content that actually helps people and out of no-where some link that you may have used in the past, you just lose all your work.

It actually happened with me two years ago not specifically with the Free blog but rather with my paid blog.

I started publishing content these like really big 4000+ words articles more of like a mini e-book with gorgeous pictures and everything.

I literally made no money and in the end, I legit had no money to invest in even for my payment of the domain and hosting.

It was a really bad feeling to see all your work just made no sense in the first place.

In your case of, I am not saying that it will be going to happen with you but I am just stating what they own the right to.

Take This Into Consideration With Your Free Blog

At the end of the day let me present you with a real-life example that may or can affect your Free Website:

In this example, let you stand in your visitor's shoes or even take yourself as an example.

So if you search something on Google and you have found this amazing resource on the first page with 1st result.

You clicked it and you were like Damn! This is what I was truly looking for.

And the content that you read there just solves your problems like magic. You are finding quality content there.

And then when you see the URL of that website to bookmark or for any other reason.

You see that-website-name.WORDPRESS.COM!

Isn't in that exact moment you have little of your personal guards up like I will not do any kind of payment on this website or something close to that.

Like-kind of not literally but you lose some respect for that website in an instant!

And then you see this particular website has this paid product that you expect would be good, at least what it seems like after you read some content right on that page that you were scrolling to check the content.

Is that HAPPENS or NOT?

Be really honest about it and think for a second.

Then if later down the road or just after reading this article that you are reading in this mere second decided to open a free WordPress Blog in the hope that one day you will also make money.

Later you will also be going to be the one that will also be coming in the same situation that I just stated above, isn't it?

Then if you want to remove that extension you have to go buy the paid plans.

And if you want to have full control over your website. You definitely have to go with their business plan or e-commerce one if you really want to be big one day.

And I have also seen their plans and you can absolutely go with them but in my opinion, they are way-way more costly than what you can get at the same price as self-hosted platform.

Or even better if you don't have the money to invest in, you can go with the Free Platform from Google called Blogger.

Now at this point, you may be thinking but isn't the Free Blogger also have their extension

Ok, I got your point! Let me explain to you this with crystal clarity so that you can get the best understanding between both.

Difference Between Free Blogger Blog & Free Blog 

As I was saying that having an extra extension ruins the trust of your website with the people.

So if I go with a free blogger blog then also I will have this extension.

If going with both free platforms leaves this conclusion that I have to own this extension then I should go with free WordPress and get started tomorrow!

Ok, so initially it looks fair but let's go little ahead down the road into the future.

You cannot have .com domain extension in Free WordPress if you did not upgrade into a paid plan.

Look at this, in Free WordPress, you will go:

Creating Free WordPress Blog ==> Then Saw I Cannot Use Google Analytics, etc  ==> Got Into Paid Plan ==> Then Paid For The Domain(.com) ==> You Have Full Control And Can Do Anything Now.

In Free Blogger, you will go:

Creating Free Blogger Blog ==> You Have Full Control And Can Do Anything Now[with .blogspot extension] ==> Then Paid For The Domain(.com)

Can you see the difference?

It all depends on you for what purpose you are using and creating the website for? If you want to create this into this big brand one day.


You just have to use it for free affiliate marketing and spread this website link all over Pinterest with beautiful infographics and get the traffic and get started with making money online.

At the end of the day, you can absolutely go with any platform you feel like to go with.

In this article, I have shared what are my views that should you get started with Free WordPress or not?

Just By considering the situations that you can face in the future once you get started.

Not at all saying that WordPress is bad but if I have to put them in the order of maximum to the people that are getting  started, that would be:[Low Value] =>[Moderate Value] ==>[Absolute Best]


After getting an understanding of all the things that I shared above, you can make money!

You can post sponsored posts, go with the WordAds for ad monetization, give out paid links from your blog.

But at the end of the day, it will cost you more as in business stand-point to get something that you can get in Blogger for free.

Whatever I have shared in this article was my opinion and can you make money with Free Blog?

You Absolutely Can!

Check out these 7 ways that you can go with to monetize your Free Blog.

And if you are struggling to make money online or looking for ways how can you?
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Until then, do share that would make the effort worth :)



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