Can You REALLY Make Money On a Free Blogger Blog?

Ok, so the other day I met this guy from a party which was really fascinated with people making money and working from home.

We were having a little chit-chat about what's going on and you know regular talk. Then he asked if someone like me that do not want to invest money into starting my business online.

Can people like us make money online with a free blogger blog?

The answer is YES! You absolutely can make money online with a free blogger blog, it does not matter if it's a free blog or a paid WordPress setup. Look from the eyes of Google, Google wants to show the most helpful content that helps its users.

And you are the one that is providing the most helpful content and others are not then it does not matter if you are on a Free Blogger Blog or a Paid Wordpress Blog.

Your blog will be the one that will be successful in the long run despite paid or free one!

Then Why People Say That Wordpress Blog Is Better Than Blogger?

The simple one-word answer is this "CUSTOMISATION", that's it!

You can do a lot of things in WordPress as they have a ton of additional plugins which helps you to have more control over things.

Say, you want to make your blog load faster then 1-Click Wp Cache(Plugin) installed and you have now a faster loading website!

It was just an example but there are a lot of plugins in WordPress that can make everything easy.
It gives a lot of extra features that we do not get in a free blogger blog.

It also depends on what's your goal with the website?

Are you just looking forward to blogging so that some time down the road you can qualify for AdSense and earn money and that's it!

If you never want to surpass that level then you can start a free blogger blog and publish content and earn money.

If you are totally new like starting from complete scratch then Yes, blogger!

If I Don't Have The Money, Should I Go With Wordpress or Blogger?

As I previously said, if your goal is that you want to build this one really big website and you are considering this as a separate business then start with WordPress.

If I tell you from my experience, I started with WordPress and yes it did take me a while, it did just to understand everything and the functionality.

Like getting my domain and then purchasing the hosting and then connecting both of them.

It gets a little bit technical but I was down for it as I want to make money as everyone was saying around me that start with WordPress if you are serious as it is better than Blogger.

I really had little to no money to get started but that little some that I had, I invested in getting my hosting and domain and now I was officially on Wordpress.

I was done! I cannot invest anything more than that from my side.

I didn't know anything and was a total newbie and looking to make money with blogging as a beginner.

As I was learning from YouTube and they always were saying that publish long content, it brings in lots of traffic.

I started publishing content like really long posts, I'm talking about 3000-4500+ words long.

Like I published 17-18 of those big giant articles with 6-7 beautiful pics and this big infographic in each of my articles and I didn't get any attraction from Google what-so-ever.

I was really demotivated as I was getting 20-40 visitors per day even after 9 months and I know in the back of my head that if after 1 year I didn't get at least my money back that I invested, it would be a massive loss!

And what happened in the end? I had published 23 articles in total and received this e-mail from the hosting that please renew your hosting.

I didn't have any more to invest and in the end, I took the complete back-up of the website in every way I can and it vanished completely from search results and everything was removed from my hosting on the 13th month.

It was really heartbreaking for me to see all my work vanish and made no sense at all!

And if the same blog was hosted on a free blogger blog, it would never have happened, I just learned this by taking a massive hit on myself.

So if you like barely making the grade to pass then I say go with blogger, it's all Good!

What Additions Can I Do Once I Get Started With My Blogger Blog?

There are not a lot of additions if you talk about the free additions.

Like you can search for a Free Blogger Template and then make the blog look a certain way that you want.

You can add Social Share Buttons that you can even see on this page like on left or down or wherever they are.

Then comes to your Google analytics and Google search console which is universal for everyone does not matter if you are doing Free Blogger Blogging or Paid Wordpress Blogging.

If you are looking in this section for some paid additions then yes they all are available like Paid Templates, etc.

But it all comes back that if you are willing to invest some money in paid stuff then why are you doing blogging with Free Blogger Blog?

You can well off start with WordPress and you will be good to go.

Blogger Is Free, Should I Need To Worry About Anything?

1. Blogger is a product of Google and you already know whenever Google rolls out with a product, it has to meet a certain standard.

So, as far as the hosting is concerned your free blogger blog will be hosted on one of the fastest servers provided by Google.

2. When you will first open your blog, it will automatically come with an extension which is

So suppose you opened a new blog today with a name say for example "MrAwesome" so whenever you have to see your website, you have to type

And there is nothing wrong with the extension, you can buy a domain extension of .com and then it would be all good! Now if you open, your site will be opened.

3. Also, the URL of the website is a little different. So say you published your first post on Dec 2020 then URL will contain post name that you like here.

All That You Do Need To Take Care of:

As far as the rankings are concerned quite frankly it does not matter like the one with the most helpful content will always be rewarded with good rankings.

And then when you do show up on the search results page, other hundreds of ranking factors will kick in like:

- How much time do people spend on that page?
- How much authority the page has?
- Are people just bouncing off-of that page the moment they opened?

Like there are hundreds of other factors that kick in down the road...

I think these things are some that you need to take notice of and everything is all good!

I'm Doing Free Blogging, Should Google Give Me Same Priority As Same As Paid Wordpress Blogging?

It is a very normal and genuine question to ask and yes it creates a doubt in people's minds.

It seems logical to think that if I'm doing something on a Free Platform and some other person is doing blogging on a Paid Platform, it means they are better and Google will prioritize them first, isn't it?

Let me explain to you with this little example like say,

At this moment I want you to go into the basics and say let's take you, the reader that is reading this.

So you are completely new to the game of blogging and if you think that what you have read here today has helped you in any way then what will happen next?

You will want to read more of it as you are finding value in the content you are finding here.

Next time, maybe when you have the same or similar query that you have now as you are reading this then you most likely type the query on Google with the website name, isn't it?

Everybody does that, I do and the people I know also do when we find something really helpful on a certain topic.

And when people will come again n again, Google notices that and you will always get rankings to high boosts.

Whenever you are blogging, you are playing the game based on the principles.

I hope that you got your answer.

How Much Time It Will Take Me To Set-up My Blogger Blog?

It takes just 3-5 minutes at max. to get started with a Blogger Blog. Anyone can get started by coming up with a unique name and clicking on Open Blog.

Then another 5 minutes you can say will take in having a template and you can take as much time you feel like it to customize it.

That's it!


If you can get anything out of this article that would be this:

Just look from the eyes of Google, Google wants to help all those people that make a search on their platform.

At the end of the day if you are someone that can provide the solution to the problems of people that are searching on Google then you will be rewarded.

So, it does not matter!

Yes! You can make money on a free blogger blog.

At the end of the day, if you are from a free blogger blog, you will not get any traffic(or visitors) and some other person that has started with a paid blog will get all the traffic.

It seems like discrimination to me from Google and do you think Google will discriminate in terms of showing the results that are not most helpful than the helpful ones?

In my opinion, I definitely don't think so and that is what my experience says.

So be the one with the most helpful content and you always will be rewarded with greater rankings.

In the end, if you are struggling with making money online then check out this free course that will teach you to step by step how you can make money specifically with Affiliate Marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this and do share this, that would make the effort worth!

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