Can I Learn Digital Marketing At Home On My Own OR?

Maybe you are doing your regular job or in your teens and looking for a way to build up another stream of income or you just starting your career right now and landed on this query that can I learn digital marketing on my own at my home?

Maybe you have been seeing people getting into digital marketing certifications from Google or other institutes and confused like do I need to spend money on these digital marketing courses to start making money?

Before you read the whole article, I wanna give you a short and simple answer right here i.e. YES! You can learn digital marketing at home without paying a penny outside by yourself just by sitting in front of your computer/mobile and absorbing everything like a $pongeBob!

Because I know it can be really frustrating sometimes to read a giant article just to know something which can be confirmed in a single line or statement!

Now you got your answer, I will be sharing something out of my last 2.5 years of experience to help you understand better.

Did that interest you?

Now you can continue with reading the article, let's go:

can i learn digital marketing on my own

Can I Learn Digital Marketing On My Own?

Ok, let me tell you what is happening with you most probably if I'm not wrong because this is what happened with me almost 2 years ago.

You were watching some YouTube video that was really interesting and suddenly there comes an Ad in between which conveying a message something really close to this:

"90 % of Traditional businesses are failing in max 5 years and times are changing and it is the time you should learn how to make money online"


You have searched on YouTube how to make money online and you have just been mind-boggled that how it is possible that people are making huge chunks of money, even showing the results and advantages of digital marketing!

Because this is what happened with me which influenced me towards this path of learning digital marketing on my own.

Getting to know and going deep in this rabbit hole almost validated me that OK, money can be made here!

So I didn't have enough money to invest in these digital marketing courses and I was very fascinated with seeing the #LaptopLifestyle of people.

I was very curious and looking forward to learning everything and this is the time when I decided that I need to learn this on my own.

Read this before you get started:

Don't just be watching videos after videos and collecting the theoretical knowledge, I will be sharing in a second the resources from where you can learn everything in Free.

But before I share, I wanna say that there are a lot of components to digital marketing like social media marketing, affiliate marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, lot more, etc.

"It would take much less time if you just buckle down into learning one thing to excellence than to be all over the place!"

Really want you to read this above line once again because I'm telling you that whenever you will enter into the learning stage, you will get all over the place and will waste a lot of time as this is what happened with me so you don't have to make the mistake.

How Much Time It Will Take To Learn Everything On My Own?

Now, this is something that needs to get cleared!

Most people say that you need at least 5-6 months of free learning and you will become a pro-digital marketer.

However, in my practical experience, it took me around 13-14 months to get everything down the throat where I had my own failures.

And at this point, I had my clear strategy like OK!

This is what works and this is what I will be doing from now then I opened different websites in different niches.

But for you, I say try to grasp as much knowledge as you can and implement that too in a short period of time where you have your own set of experience.

My recommendations for starting would be:

1. If you don't have a lot of money to invest in then start with learning affiliate marketing, content marketing & SEO first!

2. If you have some money to invest in then start with social media marketing and paid lead generation.

In these modern times, information is everywhere. You can learn as much as you can as much as you wish as much as you are hungry for.

Ok, this was a really high-Fi statement which is true but what I did was:

I was on YouTube 7-8 hours a day, just consuming content, watching videos after videos and then reading blogs after blogs.

Learning for the top thought leaders in any way, shape or form!

And to be honest, in the beginning, it was all going all above my head like.

What is a landing page?

What is a lead magnet?

How to capture e-mails?

How to automate everything with auto-responders?

Then, how to set up a website, etc.

But it was from a place of pure curiosity as whenever I start doing something unproductive, those dollar symbols always come in my head :p

Like someday, I will also be someone who will be earning that much just because of a decision I made to learn everything on my own.

Maybe right now this is what you want and create for yourself.

If You Are a Student Then,

Realize this that you have a lot of time so instead of wasting that time watching funny videos on YouTube.

Slowly start to go into digital marketing events that are happening near your place.

Buckle down yourself right now and cut down the time of all the unnecessary activities and try to watch people on YouTube as much as you can.

At least give 5 hours pure watching genuine content minimum!

can i learn digital marketing on my own

If You Are In a Job Then,

I know you do not have a lot of time to invest in but the good part is, you have the money to invest in which can boost your process a lot faster.

I do not recommend that you invest that in a course where you physically go there and then learn everything.

As I was doing my research for this article, I found out that people are selling these digital marketing courses at high prices with outdated information!

I want you to also watch YT but then analyze the transparency of people that are teaching there.

As for now, I say watch a minimum 1-2 months content on YT with as much time as you can give to get your base so you just don't get overwhelmed with everything straight forward if you get into a course.

Then when you click with someone's teachings, go with their high-priced course and start learning the advanced skills.

Should I Get a Nice Job After I Finish Learning Digital Marketing?

Ok, everything is fine to this point and if you are good at your skills then actually people and companies will pay you even if you can work from your own place running ads for them and producing results.

But hear me for a second, if you have this skill that currently you are looking to learn from home online from the comfort of your own place.

Why would you still like to get a job?

Because that would only be going to set an upper limit to your earnings that you cannot earn more than this in your job working for someone, isn't it?

You can go with the job, no questions asked!

And as most companies are not online, they actually need and looking for people that can produce results by building their online presence!

At this point I really want you to expand the horizon of possibilities that what else you can do to make more money than a job?

- You can make your own website and sell your own digital products.

- You can get into affiliate marketing.

- You can make your own e-mail list subscribers which are ready to buy whatever you have to offer.

- You can even open your own digital marketing agency, etc.

- You can get into drop-shipping where you do not own anything, you just drive traffic and making money.

The possibilities are endless but to end this section precisely I say,

YES! You can make decent money in having a digital marketing job but my recommendation would always be this like you build your own brand and make it touch high figures!

Where Can I Implement Everything Practically?

It really depends, I got started with content marketing and affiliate marketing as I really did not want to hassle to make my own product and look after branding.

I find it much better to go with affiliate marketing where I do not want to own anything, I just have to build passive affiliate websites which continue to produce income even if I stopped working on them.

When you will be learning everything, it would be better that you put everything into a practical test either on a free website or on a paid one.

It totally depends, are you comfortable with free blogger or paid WordPress.

In my case, I implemented everything into free websites so to sharpen my skills and you can do that too, again totally on personal preference.

can i learn digital marketing on my own

Matter of the fact, the website on which you are reading this content is also one of the free websites that I got started with back then :)

Keep that in mind that once you get started with a free blogger, you can always transfer your site to WordPress any time of the day without losing your results which I didn't know that back then.


Can You Really Make Money on a Free Blogger Blog?

Can You Really Make Money on a Free Blog?

The Resources To Learn Everything Free:-

I know you were thinking this from where I can learn digital marketing so let me tell you what I did and what worked for me.

These are some of my recommendations and picks from which I learn and get updated with new trends and updated information for my business directly from the thought leaders of the industry.

1. You can check out Neil Patel Blog on SEO here.

2. You can get the updates from MOZ on SEO here.

3. You can check Google's official guide to running Ads here.

4. You can check out Google's official guide to SEO here.

5. You can check out Income School to get a strong foundation on Content Marketing here.

6. You can check out all the list of free courses on ahrefs blog here.

In the end, if you are getting too overwhelmed with information and just really wanna get started then you can follow my footprints as when I was in the same position.

I got on-board with affiliate marketing and making passive niche websites as I wanted a business with the least hassle!

Check this free video course that I took on Affiliate Marketing and how you can also duplicate the same for yourself.

Enroll here-


The whole conclusion is Yes! You can learn everything for free and I have done the same for myself but always remember that whenever you get into something new, there is always a learning curve which means you will initially get too overwhelmed by the things.

So, whatever part of the digital marketing you choose to get started with whether it is affiliate marketing, SEO, paid social media marketing, just learn and master that fully so that some months down the road, you can earn the rewards of the work you had put in!

Do share this to let me know you liked it, that would be greatly appreciated and make the effort worth.



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