Peer Pressure: Everything You Need To Know!

What's up people?

Today, I will tell you everything you need to know about how to deal with peer pressure or social pressure from your surroundings.

You will exactly know what you should have to do to avoid giving into, cope, resisting and standing up for yourself from friends at work or anywhere else, etc.

Then, I will tell you the causes of peer pressure with negative and positive peer pressure psychology with examples.

Sounds fair, then let's get right into it now!

How to deal with peer pressure

Dealing With Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure exactly?

First of all, as the word is clearly suggesting "pressure" means you are getting pressured from your peers in your social circle.

Bluntly as a definition, peer pressure simply means that you are not really matching in the group with who you are as your genuine self but somehow are trying to fit in.

So if all the members of the group or the team agreed to do one thing and you do not really like doing or hate doing but just going with the group flow just to be in the group.

If you are currently facing peer pressure, it simply means you are most likely a loner or just do not have friends in general.

EXERCISE: Who is Feeling The Social Pressure?

Before I start the article here is an exercise in which You have to tell by watching the image below that who is exactly feeling the peer pressure in this group of people? Comment down below what do you think?

How to deal with peer pressure

What Causes Peer Pressure?

Clearly, it is not something like someone is trying to force you to do something like:

Do it, Do it otherwise we will not be friends anymore.!

It is nothing direct like that!

It is something that happens at a subconscious level.

Like, there is no-one who just bluntly say to you or pressurize you to do something unless it's bullying.

Peer pressure causes when you hide your true genuine self just to make sure that everyone is in harmony in the group but,

When this thing in the back of the head kicks in that you are not true to yourself as you are compromising your true self, getting your true self out there or just feeling it internally is what causes you to feel this pressure on you!

Who Can Face Peer Pressure?

I know a lot of people think that only children at the middle school or teenage boys and girls of the same age range and only little kids feel this type of social pressure.

It is wrong! But it has kind of truth to it!

As social pressure is for grown people too!

People are around everywhere and we guys as humans that are considered social creatures that like to talk, express and form teams peers and friends, etc.

Peer pressure can be faced by anyone from young kids to 12-year-olds to classmates to full-grown adults, male and female doesn't matter, anyone can face peer pressure at any given point in a social circle of any age.

I think age definitely gives you more experience to cope or deal with this pressure more effectively but everyone faces this no matter how cool or good you are!

From Where Social Pressure Comes From?

It is not like this pressure thing can only come from "this and this particular places" and every other thing is safe!

NO, it is nothing like that!

Different situations for different- different people like:

- A 12-year-old kid can feel pressured by their parents.

- Your boss can feel pressure in a team convo with the employees in a particular topic even though the boss has more authority.

- Pressure from just your normal friends who are dragged into wrong things and you feel pressured just because you like your friends but do not want to go into bad things, etc.

The pressure can come from anywhere at any given point in a particular conversation with anyone of any age group of any gender!

How to deal with peer pressure

Effects of Peer Pressure Afterwards?

Just for the mere reason that you are pressurized to do something without even someone saying you to particularly do it.

You are losing your true identity in this process!

Everyone in the team or group influence each other in many ways, just because you are in a group that you know deep down you do not belong but,

Just hanging with them so that you can be accepted as their friends has the biggest effect of losing your self-esteem, not standing up for yourself in many other social situations where you used to stand up almost subconsciously.

The effects of this are distributed in all other areas of life.

You think about that situation when you get out then you again overthink and then if someone said you something goofy or funny about you in that peer-pressured situation, it is just a beginning of a negative overthinking loop!

It's like:

When one situation like this happens with you and you recognize it consciously, you think more about that situation and about giving in a better reply next time if that ever happens.

You pre-judge the whole situation in your head and next time when you are in that same social situation, you will find it difficult to flow with your natural self as you have almost programmed yourself in this situation earlier.

Just because of this reason, you get all in your head particularly and then your confidence goes up and down because these people around you are not aligned with your thoughts.

This whole process makes most people give in to negative peer pressure!

And if there is insult or hate talk involved in the convo, the results can turn out very bad!

Are Your Friends Really Your Friends?

Because of the reason you are reading this article on peer and social pressure, I wanna ask you that Is Your Friends Really Your Friends?

Who do you call you your true friends?

If you are reading this right now as you saw this article on Google or Facebook or anywhere, I bet you are someone who does not have a lot of friends.

And you have got this circle of friends that somewhat connect with you but you genuinely do not feel that you are their friends or not.

Maybe you are in school and your friends just disrespect you daily and you just call them your friends.

Maybe you are in college and you see people around you are doing crac*s and powders and you do not wanna do it but you also want to be accepted as their friends.
Can you see where I'm going?

How to deal with peer pressure

Understand this:

Whoever you consider your friends will always have the most influence on you!

Take a look at your friends and answer these questions below:

1. Are your friends positive?

2. Are your friends support or uplift you?

3. Can you consider your current friends to help you if you are in a bad phase of your life?

4. Are your friends are truly on their purpose to build something for financial freedom at the very least?

If the answers of most of these question are NO then I think you need to consider changing your circle and find new friends that are doing most of these above-mentioned things.

And do not ever be friends with people that are a bunch of losers because their lifestyle and habits will also rub on you as well!

For Example:
It is most common in school kids and college kids and teens that everyone is going into bad habits. So nobody just wakes up in the morning and then says that I will:

Wake up in the morning then,
Have my breakfast and then,
Try cracks and powders and smoke for the first time in my entire life!

These habits are almost brought to you in peer pressure!

Peer Pressure Psychology[Clear Cut]

Most people when they hear "Peer Pressure" or "social pressure", it ultimately brings this picture in everyone's head like:

Someone just pressurizing you:

"Come On Man! Come On Man! Do It!"

Peer pressure has psychology attached to it that everyone at any given point while facing this hear these things in their head which is:

I know the whole group likes to do this!
So I want them to be my friend so that I can consider myself as part of the group!
So, I will do it anyway!

That's peer pressure!

How to deal with peer pressure

Peer Pressure Psychology- Can It Go Intense?

Not most people, but some people after realizing that you are feeling pressure in the group rn can even try to use you to do certain more things that even you may not like to do!

Just because of the simple fact that you are feeling pressure in the group!

Some may try to test your confidence at this point to still double-check that can you stand up for yourself?

Peer pressure can go intense where some may try to verbally try to offend you to double-check that can you hold your ground in confidence?

I know everyone notices these things on a subconscious level without even noticing or especially "speaking" these things like:

Ohh... I can see you that you are feeling peer pressure so I now will test you can you stand up for yourself?

No, it is nothing like that! And nobody says this verbally in person as I told you before, it all happens on a subconscious level.

That's why I titled this para "peer pressure psychology" because psychology is what happens on a mental level!

Understanding Good and Bad Peer Pressure with Examples

To make you understand in a nutshell basically, peer pressure can be good and bad based on your type of friends!

"Friends can either make you or break you!"

I bet, you have heard this statement earlier before but you never have realized the real meaning and have never implemented in your life!

Let me show you a very practical example of considering good and bad peer pressure.

Good Peer Pressure with an example: You Are Trying To Lose Weight

You are in a friend circle in which people are all fit and muscular and in all-rounder good shape so whenever you go out with them next time this is what will happen:

- Because they are picking their food choices wisely, just because of the reason everyone is eating healthy, you will also go with healthy too as you do not have to feel that you are out of the group!

It was just an example but you get the point that if the peer or social pressure is making you come out as constructive or productive or in any way turn out to your betterment, it would be considered as Good Peer Pressure!

And vice versa, if you feel that you are doing something against your will just because the group is doing, it would be a Bad Peer Pressure!

But always consider that the habits of your friends will always rub on you so, pick and choose those friends that you personally resonate with you.

How Can You Deal With Peer Pressure?

If you are not truly connecting with the people that you have right now or consider your friends a bunch of losers that are not going anywhere in life or making you feel negative and disrespecting you every time.

Have some self-respect and cut them off completely!

It's your life and you choose everything that is best for you and if the pressure is affecting you very negatively, just choose to stay alone and find and search for new friends.

If you are in a situation where you meet with these people everyday then stand up for yourself. You do not have to fight people or curse them.

Just hold your ground in confidence!

Nobody is allowed to make you feel pressured.
Nobody is allowed to take advantage of you!
Nobody is allowed to play games with you!
Nobody is allowed to disrespect you!

After the situation is over, talk them face to face personally and address the issue if they are disrespecting you.

Cut people off and find new friends that are aligned as same as you!

How to deal with peer pressure

And really want to emphasize again that do not just read this and that's it!

Ask yourself this question:

Where are these people hanging out to whom I wanna be friends with?

And you will get all the answers that you are looking for!


Understand this that in whatever social circle you will enter, there is no guarantee that you will mix up with everyone and everywhere.

So do not try to fit in just because you are in a circle that may not value you enough. Kick yourself out from the circle that does not truly understand your value and do not respect you.

Find new friends and being alone for some time can be considered better instead of being bashed and compromising your own personal self!

You do not have to fight anybody but you always have to stand up for yourself as nobody is allowed to take advantage of you or to use you in any way!

That's it!


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