How To Market Yourself As a Motivational Speaker

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So this is part 2 of the 2 part article series on how to become a motivational speaker.

Previously in part 1, I explained everything about how you can start a public speaking business in deep details.

In this article, I will tell you how you can market yourself and get business to speak on stage in front of different engagements.

Also, how you can get everything systemized so that you can grow yourself into a professional authority brand at a later point.

So without taking much time, let's get right into it!

How to become a motivational speaker

How To Market Yourself As a Motivational Speaker

So there are 2 ways in which you can market yourself, although there are a ton of ways but majorly the marketing will be done in 2 ways.

Either you can market yourself OFF-ONLINE or you can market yourself ONLINE. It totally depends on how you position yourself.

If you have a lot of connections and people that you are in touch with that can do your advertisement then you can go with the OFF-LINE route.

And if you have the skills that can enable you to open your website and set yourself up to receive clients then you can go with the ONLINE route.

But here I will tell you how you can majorly market yourself in both OFF-LINE and ONLINE ways.

Best OFF-LINE Marketing 

There are a lot of things you can do here like:

A search for public speaking jobs and market yourself there and can get a good salary or,

Surround yourself with highly motivational people and get many referrals this way.

But let's see what majorly you can do here in OFF-LINE Channels to promote and market yourself:

a. Distribute Pamphlets

Distributing pamphlets still works well if you do it right and do it smartly. Look, our goal is not to distribute pamphlets in schools or colleges or after training.

But you have to hire a person for like a day or so or even more. Pay him accordingly as you wish with mutual agreement.

Get yourself a lot of pamphlets in hand in which you clearly explain your specialty of motivating people and make it excited.

Then say to the person that you have hired to stand near metro stations and at different food and other locations and distribute hundreds on them daily.

These pamphlets are made very in-expensively and you can kick start your promotion this way.

b. Magazine and Newspaper Advertisements

How to become a motivational speaker

There are still a lot of people that read magazines and newspapers. So you just have to talk to nearly local newspaper guy that can give you a lot of information about this.

You have to make sure before designing your advertisement that you mention your key points and have a strong call to action.

Call to action means something that can instantly redirect your readers to ring your bell or call you.

Again these things are not that costly, you can easily do this very cheap and can get a lot of initial engagements.

c. Get Yourself a Professional Business Card

Notice here that whenever you do anything to promote yourself, you always have to do it in a professional way.

Get yourself a good and professional business card which can give the details of your profession and on the back of that card give your Ph. number and e-mail ID.

d. Start Going To Networking Events

How to become a motivational speaker

This is the best thing you can do when it comes to marketing yourself as an inspirational speaker.

Search for different apps even on google play store or app store that can give you even more details on next networking events that are happening near you.

The goal here is not just to distribute a lot of business card and feel pride that my card is with everybody, NO!

Everything here has to come naturally where you can introduce yourself with other people and then excuse yourself to tell about yourself and what you do.

You can get in touch with a lot of big people here and talk directly with the top coaches and everyone. So be present at events and engagements!

TIP: Do not put these big and influential people on pedestrial rather just speak with confidence and ask questions and talk about ideas.

e. Cross-Promote 

Nobody wants to be friends with or do business with someone who just only there to promote themselves.

So if you get in touch with a bunch of people from your same industry then whether it is self-help, business corporate, spiritual, fitness, financial, relationship, etc.

The goal here is to fix something up for the next get-together so that you can build more rapport later.

Mutually talk and keep going to these events and promote each other up and then introduce more people in cross-promotion.

f. Speak At Events

Now, this is totally different from going to networking events and speaking engagements.

You just do not have to go to events and network. Rather, you have to speak on stage to present your skill sets and also it is an extremely good warm-up.

Look at this way, when you enter the room where you do not know anyone or maybe a few people here but if you, in the beginning, go on stage and open yourself up.

If you even do this thing alone in any event, first, each person in the room gets to know your name onstage.

Second, you come off across as an authority.

How cool it that and this is what exactly you are looking for!

How to become a motivational speaker

g. Venture a Motivational Guest Meet-up

Now, this is not something you do it just right away in the beginning. Always remember that first, you have to sharpen your skills and then jump on the business side.

If you are doing all the above things right then you will get in touch with a lot of people from your industry and get very strong on the networking side.

Then, try to launch or fix a guest venture. Now it totally depends on you if you can handle it and believe in your skills and every other person that can you give tremendous amounts of value to these people?

Look and search for opportunities like these and keep talking to people to make this happen.

So these are some few things that you can actively do from today right now to promote yourself as a motivational speaker.

Top ON-LINE Marketing

Now, this is the most important thing that you need to do these days to come off as an authority and to get business that can actually last.

a. Publish Kindle, Paperback And Audio Book

Now, this is the best thing when it comes to marketing yourself as an authority speaker. Literally, I mean this has got the massive scope!

You can get your book published in for many platforms like you can get an online Kindle Book for people that like to read on Kindle devices which you can actually self publish on Amazon Kindle.

And then publish a paperback version of the same book with the help of CreateSpace or Amazon Paperback which they have newly launched.

And lastly, you can get that same book converted into audio version so that people that listen to book in audio formats can also get covered with the help of Amazon Audible.

Read these words AUTHOR and AUTHOR-ITY, being an author gives you the most authority if you have got published a book. Now you are making an impact at this point!

You can promote this book on various Youtube channels and basically get your name out and a lot of things and opportunities that you will get to know on other points.

b. Identity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora

These 3 platforms are a must if you are looking to get massive business. Get yourself a separate page in each of these platforms so that people can connect with you online.

The goal here is to build a community of people. People that are actually interested in listening to you and get to hear from you more.

You can share your own videos where you are speaking on stage and saying something inspirational and addressing the audience with full charged motivation.

You can even post pictures with people that you are meeting on a day to day basis or specifically people that are already an authority in your niche.

This way you can build more credibility and authority where people can actually start to recognize you.

How to become a motivational speaker

c. Hit People For Collaborations

Now, this can be a very vast topic in itself where you can DM people on Facebook or mail people directly from their Youtube About Section.

You can start to approach these big influencers that can promote you in a day. You can't even imagine how much people you can reach if you just get to collaborate with just 1 big influencer.

You can record your short video clip that provides tremendous value about your niche and at the end of that clip, you can give your details where people can get in touch with you on social platforms.

And when these people get to know that you are an amazing inspirational speaker, they can book you for more speaking engagements or get your book to know more about you.

d. Shout-Outs

Now, I am not a very big fan of this shout outs but just for the sake of knowledge and what exactly this is.

You can find an influencer and pay them for a one paid post either on their blog or on their YouTube channel or any of their social media.

It is a one-time sponsored post which can spread your name and do the heavy lifting for you.

e. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

If you have got a powerful message to share then start your own Youtube channel and start to upload your own motivational and inspirational stories.

You do not need many types of equipment rather if you are good at speaking at events, you can start to upload those recordings at YouTube and get a lot of attraction.

This can also go very big if you get consistent with it and in the description of your videos, you can leave you links where people can get to know more about you, your facebook and other social media handles, your Amazon book links, and everything.

If you are not on YouTube then you are mission out like look at the list of motivational speakers that are on YouTube.

Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Tony Robbins, Stefan James, Jordan Belfort, Steve Harvey, etc.

Now you may now think that these are very big names and these are very famous people.

Look, these people will never be got this famous if the never started a Youtube Channel. YouTube is a worldwide audience and when your videos can start to pop-up in the results.

First, it can be a different income stream even though you are just doing your work of motivating people.

Second, you get even more authority if you become a public figure after some time.

How to become a motivational speaker

f. Start Your Own Podcast

Now, if you are new to this then let me tell you what exactly this is,

A podcast is like an audio recording or video where the user can listen or even download and then listen to it later.

Consider this as your daily show where you post your message and create your audio content and publish on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc.

The aim here is just to get your message out so that different marketing channels can work together and can build you up as a personal brand.

g. Start Your Own Website

Having a website nowadays is also very important if you are very serious to build yourself into a powerful motivational speaker and then into a personal brand.

Because people these days directly search motivational speakers on Google and you should also grab attention and create your long-lasting marketing channel this way.

If you have a website then you can also create a course at a later point which you can sell from your own personal website.

You can also open your newsletter very easily where you can collect emails from people that visit your website and then market your latest updates this way.

For example, if you get 5k people in your newsletter so with the help of just one e-mail, you can reach 5k people and this number grows as big as you wanna stretch.

If you are really overwhelmed about especially online marketing then I say get a course like this that can guide you along the way on how exactly online marketing works.

This is a completely free course that will teach you how you can build your own website, market yourself or even create an online business in itself of its own.

Check here if online marketing is something that interests you=

In the end, I say comment down below if you have any questions, I will be happy to reply back and share this article with someone that would make the effort worth if you liked it.

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