[Main Reasons] Why You Are Tired of Living Your Student Life!

What's up people?

This article is completely devoted to the people that are in college and feeling tired of living their student life!

I just wanna ask you like Why. Why? Why are you tired of living your student life?

Don't you know like this is one of the best moments one experiences in college or specifically as a student? Why are you saying you are tired of experiencing your current ordinary student life?

But hey, I am not here to judge you why you or why not this and that and what, etc...

I gave it a thought and just compiled a list below which can or maybe the reasons why you are bored, sick or tired your student life.

Tired of Life

Here I go:

[Main Reasons] Why You Are Tired of Student Life

Here are some of the reason why you are sick and tired of student life:

1. You Are Not Making Efforts To Make New Friends

Make new friends!

Now if this was your reason which is making you feel not enjoying your student life then I say,
Friends are like very much fun, especially in college.

Only talking about cool friends and not the ones that make you or I say to drag you into bad habits, you know what I'm talkin about?

If you wanna make and build a circle of a lot of cool friends then do these things:

- Be cool yourself so that people can actually feel comfortable to ask you out. I have seen people are well dressed and make such a terrible face that I too as a dude feels like,

Heck, he is like about to punch me!

- Joining some clubs and societies is the best way to make new friends if you are feeling unhappy because of the reason you don't have any friends.

Tired of Life

2. You Are Playing Too Many Games

Ok, I know it you haven't felt more open and alive and this freedom especially a student life of college!

And all of a sudden you are now free to do anything and everything but this does not mean that you play video games all-day-everyday!

Games are good I know and I totally get that but don't just waste your time playing otherwise you will miss a lot of other cool things that you can experience just by putting yourself out there.

I as now a grown-up consider playing games like an escape to the reality the main point is just to keep these video games in moderation.

It is completely fine if you are being paid to play them!

And devote more time in like on the outside world than that of in front of a computer or Laptop or whatever console, do you feel me?

3. You Are Isolating Yourself

If this is your reason why you feel sick and bored of student life.

It simply tells that you are a loner or do not mix well in social circles and situations and feel very uncomfortable or very intimidated and whatnot.

If you are like someone who is studying abroad to Canada or Australia or New Zealand, maybe just because of this reason you are feeling uncomfortable to mix with people around you and choosing to isolate yourself instead of socializing!

Isolation is the worst kind of thing, it really makes you see and view things in a really weird perspective. I mean Literally!

Most of the time if you isolate yourself too much, it will just hurt your mental state and even get you in relation to disease and can give you anxiety or depression and overthinking thoughts.

Disease, Yes! Not even kiddin! Long Isolation is really a mind killer!

So, avoid going into long isolation at any cost!

Tired of life

4. You Are Not Learning The Pick-Up

Now you are like what is pick-up? Or maybe some people already know what is this but for everyone who doesn't know. Pick-up is basically,

The art of understanding people's psychology and getting to know them better and developing really sharp social skills so that you can become a Social God!

A person who has connections with everyone and everywhere. If you can learn the art of pick-up in your student phase, I cannot express how far this skill can shoot you.

If you are currently bored and exhausted and wanting to bring drastic changes in your life and really want to level up your social life then I say learn the art of Pick Up!

Google this or find someone around you who is a pick-up artist who can become your coach.

Believe me, you will never regret learning the skill of pick-up ever in your entire life.

5. You Are Rejecting The New Experiences

If you are a student and like if you are not working on anything seriously in the sense of like building a business or learning a skill or anything like that then I say,

Learn to say Yes more often! You never know who you are talking or sitting next to.

Ask your friends and make their friends your friends and go to places, do the things that you normally do not do that makes you feel that fear.

Start a business on the side if you really do not have anything to do in student life, how cool that would be that you start to accept new experiences and face some difficulties.

If you fail, you will get a cool story to share.
If you win, BRAVO!

6. You Are Not Focusing On Your Personal Growth

Personal growth means you are working on yourself in any way, shape or form.

It means working on yourself, your body. Means Going To The Gym!

It means learning new things, like how you can transform your body, the Nutrition!

Forget about the studies, I mean do not take my words literally, you should study obviously as you are paying amounts to get a degree!

But also understand that the piece of degree cannot guarantee you anything!

So it is always better to work on your personal growth in different areas.

What are your interests and passions?

Maybe you like gymming, maybe you like modeling, maybe you like to learn about ethical hacking, anything!

If you are bored and unhappy and unsatisfied, just make Google your best friend and search sh*t up!

You will be blown away how better you feel when you know some shi*ts that others don't, so just try it today maybe you find some passion to make you complete!

7. You Are Pressurised Because of Your Debt!

It is completely OK!

Maybe you are waiting for things to change and things ain't changin which is making you feel this weird way.

Maybe you are in school and deciding and worried about entering into college and everything!

OMG, I really want to fix my life!
OMG, I really hate my life!
OMG, I'm going to get screwed up!

How I'm gonna pay all this money back?

Maybe your situation is, my parents have invested soo much money into this so I really want to look out to make everything work!

This was actually my situation like I was really worried like what the future holds?

My situation was like totally messed up as I fired my drop-out button after I learned some skills that can pay me.

You do not have to go that far unless you absolutely have a plan that how you gonna make it.

And definitely, do not take this step if you are studying abroad. Your parents and everyone around will just get very shocked. At least this was what happened with me!

I removed my total safety net and everyone thought that I lost my God Damn Mind!

But I kinda made everything work.

If you are a student, I highly suggest you look for different ways how you can make money part-time.

7. You Are Actually Missing Your Family!

Tired of life

It happens initially when you just get apart from your family and you feel that loneliness after some time which is totally normal as you have an attachment with them.

Totally get that!

But believe me, you will get over that in some time. Do not ever bottle-neck your emotions and all that, cry if you must otherwise it will be a total emotional disaster if you do not let everything out!

Just give yourself some time and you will totally get over this and I cannot speak much about it as it is everything your personal.

8. You Feel Like Everyone's Life Is Perfect Except You

This can be a major reason because of your unhappiness for your student life.

GodDamnIt! That girl has such a great follower list.
GodDamnIt! That dude is just flying country over the country and having too much fun!

Everyone's life is so perfect and I'm right here looking for things to do and my current life routine is just too ordinary. Everyone's having fun and I'm right here!

You know what, every person you see around is having an internal battle for things that they can have and without knowing you or anyone else, they also have their own sense of insecurity in different areas.

NOBODY is perfect, it is just about your personal self-esteem which I feel takes time to build as you mature a bit and realize nobody is even caring and it is all in your head.

9. You Are Actually Worried About Your Future!

It is very true that college cannot make you or guarantee you that you will be successful in life.

It is a circle what you need to understand and especially if you have taken a course that you do not see any future with.

Also, especially if you have degrees in different sections and not making any money at all!

Do not get any more degrees and cut your losses and accept that you made a mistake you are actually lost.

Gary V also labeled going to college a scam as you are paying too much for something that is not going to help you in any way in real life! On top of that, you cannot get your money back.

And the result is, you get out of college with a ton of debt and really worried about your future for the better and actually got no skills to offer.

This is actually a big one and a really genuine reason to be really worried about as it is the question on your future.

I always say to people,

If you want to learn how to be a plumber, learn from a plumber!

If you want to learn how to cook, learn from an actual cook!

If you want to learn singing, learn from people that actually are good at singing!

But if you want to learn how to make money for yourself, then why listen to people that do not have the money themselves?

Isn't it strange and incorrect.!?

My final suggestion would be, if you want to make money then ask from people that are actually making money or message to people on FB that can help you level up.

I can promise if you can message to people that are making decent money for being mentored by them, you will not get rejected! The help is out there, you just have to reach out to the right people!

If this was the reason that resonated with you I would highly recommend you to read this book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad if you are really serious!

This book will tell you what Rich parents teach their kids and that their kids also become Rich and what exactly Poor parents teach their parents that poverty gets transferred from generation to generation!

It is really a Life-Changing Book!

If you really looking to change your life, read this article that I recently wrote:

How To Change Your Complete Life In One Year

10. You Are Tired Because of Doing Part-Time Jobs

Tired of life

I am somewhat skeptical sharing this here as it was once back then told to me by my mentor!

Look at this way, you have only got 24 hours in a day and out of which you can max work 18 hours and more after this is what leads to burn-out!

If you get a degree and started to work for someone, you can anytime get fired if the company get into loss of any kind.

He said, it simply means if you are earning 10 dollars an hour, you can only earn 180 dollars by working 18 hours.

It means your income has got a limit and you cannot earn more than that and you will be working your life away by working for money and officially get into the rat race of job and will never get ahead.

On the other hand,

The person you are working for can chill, enjoy and do not care about anyone and he will still be making money off of you and other people that are working under him. Did you get that?


To conclude all and everything I say if you are a student working hard in studies, you have to realize that getting a degree is not going to guarantee that everything is all Set!

In your student life, you should always thrive to break your comfort zone every time by joining different societies or learning new things and just do not depend on your degree!

If you are a student who is basically worried because you got financially ripped off and working hard just to get some extra part-time income then I have got a piece of good news for you!

Click the link below and learn how you can build an online business by working part-time.
It's a completely free course that will teach you how you can make money online.

Check here- bit.ly/OnlineMarketing1O1

And comment down below if you think you are tired of living your life student life for some other, I will update this article.

And lastly, Share this with someone to which this article can help as that would make the effort worth!

Until then,

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