[Main Reason] Why You Are Tired of Living Your Life?

What's up people?

How y'll doing?

Today I'm writing this article for everyone who is feeling tired of living their life and they don't know why they are feeling this way?

What are the possible reasons that are making you feel this way?

If you are someone who is currently feeling unhappy, exhausted, bored, miserable, depressed, unsatisfied, etc then this article complete article is for you!

Tired of life

Reasons Why You Are Tired of Living Your Life

Below are the possible reasons that you will relate to and can be the reasons that you are feeling this and I just wanna say, I also am not immune to these.

I have also gone through all of these at various points of life.

Here are the reasons why you are tired of living your life:


There come various times in life when you want to get something going for yourself and you know that this is a good thing for you.

You know deep down that this is a good decision for you, but why you do not take the action?

Look around yourself and take a deep look back in your life, is there's a reason or something that I am just postponing for no good reason?

Our stomach is almost considered a third brain and if you show prolonged in-action in life, you will feel this weird feeling that you may be feeling right now in this mere second or before you clicked this article!

So, if you are avoiding taking some actions from a certain period of time now, think about that action and do what's best for you immediately!


If you are going through depression in your life, always remember DEPRESSION only occurs if you do the above 2 points right!

Right in the sense, you got it what I'm talking about.

I don't want anyone to go through this stuff but,

Hey, it's Life and shit happens whenever life feels like throwing bricks!

When you are constantly over-thinking and postponing on taking actions in life, the more time you wait, the farther you get from your personal truth and the more depressed you become.

Did that make sense?

Read that line again if you didn't get it!

Most people do not understand depression and almost consider like there's nothing like this but slowly people are realizing this as a problem as depression is the leading cause of most diseases.

TIP: If you are feeling tired and depressed rn, just do the thing that makes you feel happy, it can be anything as you are rn too much in your head. After some time when this moment goes out, do not forget to take the action that you know you should be doing rn!

Reason 3: TRAUMA

Shit happens and sometimes you get unexpected blows from life and the main thing is most people do not want to tell people what they are going through.

Whenever there's trauma, you immediately feel there's not enough acknowledgment and while at the same time others feel your life it all easy and piece of cake.

And in this modern age of social media where everyone is posting shit like everyone's life is sunshine, roses and flowers and all perfect.

Believe it, everyone goes through trauma but nobody shows it on the surface but just right beneath that surface, a lot of heck that is going on right there.

If this is your reason for which you feel "omg I hate my life", then I say these things are temporary and at the same time, you also do not have to control everything.

Control the things that you have absolute control and let the chips may fall where they may, a Diaglouge from movie Fight Club that I live my life by!


Tired of life

Overthinking is an only sign of emotional weakness, it is basically caused by thinking thoughts that are toxic for a prolonged period of time which then takes over your whole head which makes you feel this way!

It is seriously an issue that most people ignore and they do it every day without knowing, almost sub-consciously!

People think things in their head in a toxic way and assume and accept it in their head and when those negative things happen in their reality, it is the beginning of a NON-STOP OVERTHINKING LOOP!

I am not pointing any fingers on no-body, I'm guilty of this too but after banging my head a lot of everywhere, this is what I came up with!


If you are going through too much stuff rn, maybe your job suck, maybe you got rejected, maybe you started to take actions and you failed miserably, whatever is going on...

I want you to start to do this one thing that has created maximum impact on my life which is:

But I don't know how to do it?

But I haven't done it before??

I know, I know everyone says it's a good thing but I do not have time to do this!

OK, I will do it later and then,

Life moves on and there's always going to be another situation and you'll forget about it totally!

Think about it, haven't you did this same thing with every other thing at a different point in life?

I exactly know how difficult it is for you to sit back, relaxed and chilled and do nothing.

I know it for you to not use the phone for 10 minutes is a big task.

I know it is very difficult to make 10 minutes available for your own self.

I Get That!

But on a serious note, do try this out for 1 week and notice the mental clarity you get after that chit-chat and crap and negative thoughts settle on the ground like soil particles in a container!



If you are being tired and stressed out by someone who has hurt you the I say to you,

- Most people do not even care or even do not know if they have actually hurt someone so just move on!

And also, always remember this thing whenever you feel this way that:


Make your own happiness your number 1 priority and do not try to wait on things and people. You have only so much time to live.

Why wasting on crap from one person who said you something starts to hinder you, out of billions of others!?

Life is too short to care about shit like these and just Move on!


Almost everything you do in your daily life is on auto-pilot!

If you are doing something and didn't take the action in the present that you know deep down is necessary for you. You are not hurting anyone, you are just too busy hammering your own foot!

If you said to yourself[it happens sub-consciously in thoughts] that you are sick and tired of screwing up and from tomorrow you will make a change for your own betterment.

You really want to change your entire life completely and the next day, you do nothing about it.?
As life goes on and you do not feel the same as you were feeling yesterday.

Set Your Watch To It, after some time you will land on this page of "LIFE" again after some time just because you were not being true to yourself! As life just goes in circles!

Live with a purpose and make yourself powerful and always be true to yourself!


Tired of life

Sometimes, here n there or in the year-end, get your full body check-up done.

You will eat, talk, walk and shock everyone with your results for the things you are working on, all when your health is on point!

I'm not your doctor or a medical professional but if you are really feeling silly all the time, just make sure by any means that your health should be your priority!

And if you are an action taker and building on something, make sure that you also take care of your health.

I know sometimes the GRIND gets too hard but instead of focusing too much on the PURPOSE, also have a look on this way on the health also.


I hate to say this but this is the thing that I'm currently working on and has struggled in past!
You are the food you eat!

What happens is, sometimes in parties or a social gathering or outing with friends.

We eat shit that we regret it so much later and even if you are on diet and stuff.

If you are working on yourself or on your whole life and trying to fix your life then take nutritious food daily.

I totally get that, sometimes parties get too hard especially if you are in college, you feel me?

That dirty party lifestyle is short-lived and will leave you with many health problems down the road and in the end, there is only one thing to feel i.e. REGRET!



As time passes, responsibilities and money problems are common among a wide variety of people.
It's like, in the beginning, you never realize how things are going to turn out and after some time life just drags you in the ring from all sides.

This was actually my case for being sick and tired and frustrated with the money issue and the responsibilities to cover up.

Luckily, I got into self-development and self-improvement, it changed my whole entire life. I got introduced with some millionaire mentors that always guided and showed me the way.

But I have actually seen in different houses, people working different multiple jobs, low salary, the responsibility to face head-on, bills to pay, single moms struggling to just get by and meet the ends!
This will the reason in which a majority of people will fall as this how to handle money problems are never taught by our own parents and what not!

Another BONUS Reason:


Money problems and getting into a bad career goes hand in hand.

Now, this is some real shit!

If you are currently in a job which you absolutely hate or working on something that you do not like and this is what makes you feel tired, exhausted and terrible.

This shit begins right from the beginning when you are just pass-out school and it's time to enter the college.

If you took the wrong steps and later then got into a bad career, it leaves a deep heart tear!

This is what makes me hate the typical road that society teaches:

- According to society first, go to school then,

- Get a good college degree then,

- Get a job[for which you are going to get excited that everything is OK]

- Then after years and years later, you realize that I am not enjoying this shit!

You be like:

I am doing and going through the same things over and over again and I have also done everything right as what my loved ones and my parents, everyone has told me to do,  but why the heck I so deeply feel like this "VOID"

Why I feel so disconnected and unsatisfied.?

If this is you, I cannot exactly feel your thing but I have few friends that are into Job and they hate it and when sometimes we talk I kind of sense that like they are deeply disconnected.

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To everyone reading this I say sometimes sh*t just happens and temporarily gives us this feeling of sick and tired and screwed up but this is just a temporary thing which will also go away as every moment brings something new.

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In the end, do let me know in the comments how you like it as I been recently grinding very hard just to put up quality content on the website.

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