The Scope of Network marketing(MLM) in India

So, Network Marketing in India. What is the scope of joining MLM companies and the business model in India etc...

Are you also the one who has gone through a one on one network marketing presentation?


Got invited to a seminar of a Network Marketing Company?


Searching randomly on Google about the scope of Direct Selling Businesses in India.

And you are a little skeptical about the industry that where exactly this Network Marketing Industry Stands??

What is the scope of this Network Marketing Industry?

It doesn't matter how you came here on the page but if you are looking for the Complete Transparent Information on Network Marketing in India and it's scope. You will collect some valuable information that you will remember forever.

So Here we go!

Network marketing in India

Network Marketing in India

What's up people?

Today I have got an interesting question to answer that many of you want to know what is the scope of direct selling network marketing companies in India?

First, let's start from the origin:


1. How exactly this MLM Industry originated?

Then I show you,

2. What is the Statistical Record that we hold right Now just by looking back what exactly people have done here?

And Then,

3. Based on that statistical data what is the Scope of Network Marketing Companies in India?

After getting all the information...

Point 4- You have to decide if this business is your cup of tea or not?

Sounds Fair?

Let's jump right into point 1 how exactly this direct selling business begin?

Network marketing in india

History of Network Marketing

Now, you will be like.

History? Man, I just heard this type of business model a few days back!

You know what, multi-level marketing companies have not entered the market just now or even a few years back rather these companies are here in the market for more than 50 years!

Let's go back right when the direct sales industry was discovered:

In 1934, a company launched named "California Vitamins" in the U.S. who basically make health products for basic health care. The products of this company were so good that everyone was talking about it which made the company very popular in the shortest time frame.

Now, the owners of this company realized this one thing that we are getting massive sales volume just by people telling each other how good our products are.

Later they changed the name of the company to Nutralite Corporation and implemented this referral marketing model.

After some time in 1959, 2 distributors from Nutralite opened their own company named The American Way which commonly known as Amway nowadays.

Just as few years passed by, the expansion of Amway was huge and these guys made a heck load of money in a really short period of time with this referral system model.

Now at this point, a lot of companies jumped into the market with this same referral marketing model.

Then in 1994, after the huge success of the company named The American Way, the Amway purchased Nutralite.

The Entrance of Network Marketing in India

Now here comes the interesting part when in the 1990s Amway and a lot of these Network Marketing Companies came to INDIA for expansion purpose. A lot of seminars were conducted and we guys got interested in network marketing and made some money in the part-time.

All our fellow Indians were hooked from this concept of earning passive income just by referring people by the product they like and trust.

Then, when a little exposure was happening in India of Amway. Here come some brilliant people from India itself and remaining other few intelligent people from other countries.

These people opened their own companies in the name of the Network Marketing Model where there were no products. These companies just come up with a plan which says invest "this much money" and refer "this much people" and earn "this much" and you will be a Millionaire one day with this Plan!!

Network marketing in india

And we guys have a little trust in the beginning that money can be made in this networking system so we and our fellow Indians invested some money in the thought of that we will make big money as the business will grow with time...

And these companies with no product, just investment plans grew even exponentially, a little surprise was there waiting for these people that were promoting these Ponzi companies without products.

The Surprise Was:

When these Ponzi Schemes accumulated a lot of money in the name of Network Marketing Company shuhh.....

Shhh What?

When these fake Ponzi schemes collected a good "sum" they went straight out of the door 1,2,3 GONE..!

All the money from a lot of general public was stolen and people actually faced a lot of loses just because there were few companies that came in the market in the name of Network Marketing in India.

Now this news went straight to the government and the government of India launched "Indian Direct Selling Association", at this point of time the majority of the people are negative in India just because they have suffered a lot of losses and us guys up to this day hear sweet stories from our family or neighbors.

That how "Good" is this network marketing is! If you know what I mean!?

Man, I started my new business and I want to share my business plan with you

"Oh I know, you have joined a new modern-day Chain Marketing Scheme and want me to invest in it, NA?" 

No, our company is registered under the Indian Direct Selling Association.

Whatever, I don't wanna join. You just came here to scam me.

And BOOM Convo End!

This is the complete History of Network Marketing in India back in the day from 1934 to this day in the most precise way! This was Part 1 which explained everything about how exactly MLM Business Model was made.

Now let's jump right into Part 2 of the article which is completely about what the Statistical Data of Direct Selling Business Model and what progress or sales or revenue this MLM Industry has made from the back point to this Day.

Let's go right into it:

MLM Companies in India[Latest Statistical Data]

Your neighbors lie, your friends lie, your dog lie, your cat lies, even that random stranger convincing you to join his company from FB messages also lie, But Statistical Data Don't!

Let's see what we have over here:

The statistical data that is represented here will not only cover India but rather the volume produced by this Network Marketing Industry as a whole on the Globe.

India will also be there somewhere according to the sales generated. However, MLM is very popular in other countries but it is just started in India to gain little exposure from the last few years.

The Global Data of MLM[Country Wise]

Because of the reason, people in other countries were well aware of getting to know what is this MLM Industry and How it works. This business model has grown a lot in many other countries.

The total turnover produced by the U.S. alone is like 25 times bigger than that of India.

There are various ways you can make money like from various jobs in different industries like health care, technology, etc. But, slowly and gradually as the MLM industry got bigger in America and in other countries.

We can say as compared to their population, the market has almost completed their massive "J" curve just because of the reason that these countries were doing Direct Selling from more than 50+ years.

If you look closely and observe this point which is:

According to

America has a population of "327,167,434" people whereas,

India has a population of "1,35,26,17,328" people.

Now if you compare the data of America and India according to the Turnover produced by Network Marketing:

India is at "21" with 1.2 Billion in total turnover whereas,

America is "1" with 32.7 Billion in total turnover!

Did You Get That?

This is totally unbiased, do what you want to believe. I am not at all saying anyone particularly to get into the Direct Sales Companies but can you see a potential just based off Statistical Data?

Every Industry goes to its booming point when it gets massive exposure just because a different variety of people get to know new things when new things pop off.

According to the Times of India, the latest 2016 Data shows that India has produced a total Turnover of 12.6 Crore in 2016.

Got it!

So what exactly we have done till now?

- Saw the History of Chain Marketing= Done!

- Latest data what is exactly happening in the market field= Done!

Moving Forward to Part 3 of the article which will show what is the scope of these India or International Networking Companies.

Scope of Network Marketing in India

Network marketing in india

According to Times Now, just seeing and analyzing the numbers of Network Marketing. This Industry is expected to grow from 12.6 thousand crores in 2016 to 15.9 thousand crores in 2021.

Now, that's around 3300 crores of growth in just a few years. All this money is been and has been and was been distributed to normal people like you see who are doing Direct Selling. That's huge!

If you look at India where almost half of the people are unemployed or doing jobs that they hate or even underpaid according to the potential they have.

Looking at this, Times Now released that:

2018, In India, around 50 lakhs people were doing Network Marketing in India and this figure will bound to go 1.8 crore people by 2025.

This Industry is the fastest growing industry in India right now.

Now, before you make further decisions and come to any conclusion I will share my opinion:

My Opinion

Just by looking I think the fastest growing MLM business is a good thing like people are getting paid Passive Income.

All that is Good!
But when it comes to choosing an MLM company,
- You have to be very sure that "this particular company" has a reputation in the market. Next,
- Make sure that the company is actually registered and doing his business legally.
- Make sure that it has a quality product that solves people's problem. Not like you like the plan very well and there's no product and the company is running just by selling a plan.
Not like:

"Bande Lao, Bande Badhao, Paise Kamao Paise Kamao..."

- Make sure that when you meet the people of the company, you are feeling good and connecting with others because you have to think long-term.

Talking about money and profits is actually a good thing but only money, money money... and no personal development and connection with people will not go too far.

- Direct selling Industry is a good Industry but only if you get in the right company and give it time to grow and like every other business, it will also take time to work on autopilot where your business is running without you.

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Ok, so the scope of Network Marketing is Huge but exactly;

Who can do this Network Marketing Business?

College students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, street boys, Anyone!

Here there is no degree required, no marks are required, no approach is required, Nothing!

As long as you have your personal ID which is Adhaar Card and a Tax ID which is your Pan Card. You can do the business and it depends on you how much are you willing to put in the work and time and effort and dedication.

You can produce as much business you would like to produce to make your own fortune in this pool where there is an abundance of money everywhere!

Having said that,

Money is a very important part of our lives and the scope of Network Marketing is endless and rest is your decision. What you think and what you wanna do after reading this is totally up to you.

I just gave you a Transparent Eagle View of what I have seen practically and analyzed.

That's all for today's article!

And one more thing,

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article on "Network Marketing in India" and don't forget to share this with everyone to which this article can help.

That would make the effort worth as I put a lot of thought in producing quality content here on our website.


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