[Comprehensive Guide]14 Best Top Network Marketing Companies In India To Join

What's up people?

So you have watched a lot of Youtube videos and doing your research right now just to know if I join and get into Network Marketing, which is the top-rated and best Network Marketing Companies in India that you can find.

I have done my whole comprehensive research where I have analyzed a lot of official data and from collecting different viewpoints.

Today, here in this article I will tell you which are the top (MLM)Multilevel Network Marketing Companies in India to join and work with.

Before I start my list of top MLM companies which are best to join in especially in India I just wanna let you know these are not in any order as I do not endorse anything particular.

Rather this is the list that I have come with when seeing the stats and a lot of other factors like:

- When did the company start?

- What's the future vision as this particular company will hold the key to your growth.

- The quality of their Products?

- The genuineness of the plan with simplicity.

- Maximum profit margins.

Top Network Marketing Companies

So let's dive right into the list of best MLM Companies. Here they are:

1. Forever Living Products[FLP]

Top Network Marketing Companies in India

Forever Living Products is founded in 1978 by Mr. Rex Maughan and the company basically produce the purest Aloe Vera and bee honey products and various other health and nutritional and personal care products.

The company is in business for almost 40 years and there is almost no case or legal issue that has happened until now.

It is one of the most respected and most honored MLM companies till now. If you regularly watch youtube, Mr. Pushkar Raj Thakur is also a part of Forever Living.


- The FLP Business is free to join and there is no upfront startup cost to join.

- The whole business plan is based on the generation plan which means you have no limit to how much you can earn whereas if you look at binary, you can only add 2 in your direct referrals only. In generation based plan you can introduce "n" number of people in direct so there is no limit which is a good thing.

- The highest quality of Aloe Vera produced in the world.

- Highest commission rates in the Network Marketing Industry i.e. 70 percent.

- Company has a good long term sustainable growth from more than 40 years.

- Recurring Income month by month.

- World-wide official business in 160+ countries.

- World leader in Aloe-vera and Bee-honey which comes down to 85 percent of total world supply which is a world record in itself.

- 11 types of different income streams within the company plan.

- As products are on a little high-end side, the checks are usually massive with few people.


- Products are a little expensive and you may find it costly.

- As the products are a little costly, you may find it difficult to expand business initially.

- The compensation plan is difficult to understand.

2. Modicare

Top Network Marketing Companies in India

Modicare is founded in 1966 by ModiGroup. Currently, Mr. Samir Modi is at the leadership position and make all the leading decisions of the company.

The company basically started to provide quality food, supplement, beauty products which are produced in India after Mr. Rai Bahadur left Patiala.

Modicare is working in network marketing model from almost 15-20 years and they have their head office in Delhi.


- Free to join initially.

- 8 areas of different income stream withing the compensation plan which are:
  • Savings on the product purchased
  • Retail sale profits
  • Performance bonus including your whole team
  • The Director Bonus
  • Specific Travel Fund
  • Travel paid fund
  • Vehicle paid fund
  • House paid fund

- Products are those that are well used daily. So if you are using products from any other company, you can easily shift to using products from here.

- Reasonable price for each and every product which opens more doors for people to get involved initially easily.

- The compensation plan is fairly easy to understand.


- Commission rates are little less which may take large time as you have to recruit more and more people to get the business on a sustainable level.

- The company plan was changed recently which may emerge doubts in people's mind that is the old business plan was not working fine? or is the company find it difficult to operate in the previous system of the marketing plan?

3. ICM[International Marketing Corporation]

Top network marketing companies in India

Now, this company is fairly new in the network marketing industry. IMC is founded in 2007 by Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia. They have their headquarters in Ludhiana.

The International Marketing Corporation produce and market daily self-care, health care, home care and also good quality herbal products. It is one of the fastest-growing network marketing company which is expanding at a faster pace.


- The company business plan is fairly easy to understand and there is no complex income from different sources.

- The products are the backbone of any company and here also the products are fairly priced at normal rates where a large group of normal people can afford easily.

- The business plan of the company is basically based on giving you income profits 10 percent initially where you just purchasing products and building team and a large size team is built, your profit margins can go higher and higher and higher.

- Once you achieve a certain level, it is fixed and cannot downgrade your percentage income level which is a good thing.

- Not going into deep details, if you follow Mr. TsMaddan on YouTube it kind of give credibility to the company as such a huge influencer is a part of IMC.


- Products are fairly priced so you have to introduce a lot of people so to generate a big volume of business and earn a high-income commission structure.

- Normal or regular people may not know a lot of people to make a part of the business initially so you may not earn well initially as the quality products are fairly priced with low percent commission rate.

- The company is working from 10-12+ years so few people may doubt the consistency and base of the company as other network marketing companies are there in the market from years and years.

4. K-Link

top network marketing companies in India

K-Link is another good company started in 2000. The company basically deals with health care, health drinks, household products. Currently, they are doing business in more than 50 countries.
They have their head office in Chennai, Kolkata. Liquid chlorophyll is the main product which I have personally used and say it was very effective.

However, I am not personally associated with them anyways but products I think are pretty effective.


- The company basically works on Generation plan which allows you to have as many people in your direction so that you can make large amounts of money without being dependent on anyone.

- The business plan is also easy to understand.

- There are no initial joining fees initially which is a good thing.

- The company basically have 2 business plan which makes it kind of profitable long term.


- This may not be a problem with a large number of people as most of the companies in the list and entered into business in India from 2001 and started to expand.

If I have personally worked in each and every single company which I have mentioned in this list, I for sure be able to tell you to exact good and bad about these companies so I am leaving the official links of there official websites where you can register or contact them and ask for more information about their business plan and associates or may ask them questions that you may have in mind.

5. Herbalife

Top Network Marketing companies in India

Herbalife is another trusted company that is working on a network marketing business model. It is also a respected mature brand which makes foods and health products and also a world leader in the wellness industry.

Mark H.hughes is the founder of the company and Michael o. Johnson is the current CEO of the company.

Main Things to Know:

- It is in business for more than 38 years+ years and operates its business in more than 95+ countries.

- It entered in India in 1999 and currently, there are more than 4,00,000 distributors working in Herbalife India.

- Cristiano Ronaldo, a great football player is the main brand ambassador of the company in terms of promotion which gives a lot of credibility to the company.

- Virat Kohli is also a brand ambassador of Herbalife from India.

- There are 7 types of income in Herbalife

6. Vestige

Top Network Marketing Companies in India

Vestige company is launched in 2004 and is also one of the leading Network Marketing company in India. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in India.

Mr. Gautam Bali is the present CEO of the company. It is basically an Indian based brand which makes health and wellness and other products of daily uses.

Main Points to Know:

- The company has its head office in Delhi and its international head office is in Nepal and another one is in Dubai.

- Working actively in the market from more than 15+ years.

- Currently, there are more than 1 crore distributors that are part of the company with a turnover of 1000 crore.

- It is currently working in 8 countries and it is estimated that in 2020, the company will expand in 20 countries with 6+ crore distributors with a turnover of 5000 crores.

7. Avon

Top network marketing companies in India

Avon is another good company to consider and actually it is one of the oldest Multilevel network marketing company out there. It was originally founded by Mr. Davin back in 1886. Yes, in 1886! Avon is about 186+ years old!

It is also one of the trusted and highly respected brand out there in the market as it deals and dominates in the beauty sector worldwide.

Main Things to Know:

- Avon basically deals in beauty, house care and personal care products and a mature leader in the industry.

- It is the second-largest Network Marketing Company out of the pool of hundreds and thousands and many.

- Currently, there are a lot of people working in this company in total out of the majority of the number consist of women as "beauty" and "women" complement each other.

- Avon sells its beauty products in more than 100+ countries and generates around 8 Billion in total sales every single year.

8. Tupperware

Top network marketing companies in India

Tupperware is also another MLM Company which is founded in 1948 by Earl Tupper who was an American Businessman and an investor. It is also a mature and trusted company whose age is around 70+ years old.

Tupperware is not that famous in India but people usually use their products as a "good product" rather it as a business.

Main Things to Know:

- A huge trusted brand which does annually 2.3 Billion in sales which is very huge.

- They basically make kitchen preparation, storage containers, and home and beauty products.

- Majority of the product users are women as most women are the house maker.

- Almost 3 million+ people are working as sales makers in Tupperware.

- The business is successfully running in more than 80+ countries.

These are the best Network Marketing companies that I have found that you can trust and work with!

Network Marketing Honorable Mentions

There is a list of Good quality best MLM companies out there that are registered in the Network Market Association and doing their business legally.

Here are some Honorable mentions that you may want to consider while making a decision to join and get involved in the direct selling business.

Below I have mentioned some more registered direct selling networking business companies which may come handy to you.

Before I tell reveal you the list, I wanna tell you that some of these companies are highly trusted and some of them may come in that little GREY area so do your best research if you wish to go ahead with any of these companies.

Top network marketing companies in India

Here I go:

1. Naswiz- Founded in 2001 and is about 18+ years old. Origin- India

2. Oriflame- Founded in 1967 and is about 52+ years old. Origin- Sweden

3. Altos- Founded in 2000 and is about 19+ years old. Origin- India

4. Ebiz- Founded in 2001 and is about 18+ years old. Origin- India

5. Safe Shop- Founded in 2000 and is about 19+ years old. Origin- India

6. Hindustan Unilever- Founded in 1933 and is about 86+ years old. Origin- India

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After doing all my research plus having on the field experience, I can say these are the best companies that I found to which you can trust and decide for yourself.

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of companies that enter the market and stick for some while and then run away.

So my final suggestion to everyone reading this would be if you want to get involved in any of these companies or any of the companies that are out of this list. Just make sure that you do your own research.

Do you like the product? If this company should never ever be in network marketing. Should you still be buying the products? Ask difficult questions like these and do your full research.

As you have to put your time and effort and dedication, so better make sure you put it in the right direction.

That's it!

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