MLM Companies: Everything You Need To Know

What's up people?

If you are reading this article right now, it simply means that you have been invited to a seminar of any MLM Company in India or anywhere.

In this article, I will be telling you everything you need to know about MLM Companies transparently for the sole purpose that you can make a right decision that is this Network Marketing Business is for you or not?

I will also tell my story what happened with me in the past when I got involved in the direct selling business and what was my exit and everything!

So without taking much time in the intro let's dive right into everything you need to know about these MLM Companies.

MLM Companies in India

Everything About MLM Companies

There are a lot of MLM companies everywhere so right now let's look at the basic things of this MLM Industry:

- What is this Direct Selling Industry?

Direct selling industry, also known as network marketing industry or chain marketing or Ponzi marketing or MLM full form as multi-level marketing, etc.

As the name suggests, it is an industry where the product of a particular company is directly distributed to consumers through regular people just like you and me.

There are no middlemen involved in this type of business and whatever the commission that the middlemen were taking is directly distributed to the person that generated the business.

Network marketing is simply a business model where the marketing of the product is done with the network you will produce.

- Is Multi-level Marketing Legal in India or other countries?

Yes, it is absolutely legal in India and a lot of other countries.

Forget about Network Marketing and just look at the system as a whole and try to understand right here!

Network Marketing is just a marketing model as just like any other marketing model[traditional marketing]

So, is traditional marketing model illegal?

Absolutely No!

Look at this from a company perspective, the company wants sales to survive in this competitive market place.

If the company is getting more sales by direct selling business model and have to distribute the same 70% of the middlemen margins and advertisement cost that was involved in traditional marketing to you.

Everyone is getting something out of the deal, that's why the Multi-level marketing business model is completely legal.

If you are getting involved in some Ponzi money investment/rotation scheme then that case is totally illegal!

Just understand the logic that network marketing is just a marketing model!

Mlm Companies in India

- What is the history of the Direct Selling Industry?

It is not at all a new business model!

Rather the business model is there existed from years back in the day from 1934.

Direct selling business was launched when a regular company out of its regular marketing promotions tried to test what just what will happen if "this" type of marketing model is applied in our company.

Later when they founded that their company is killing it in sales! just from the network marketing model, they were touching heights that they have never touched before.

Later when the other competitors get to know about the business model, their sales also went straight up.

It is basically a normal human behavior that if we like something we gossip about that product to others. Gossip I think would not be the best word but people generally tell other people if something has helped them.

So network marketing business is not at all a just new business model, it's well tested and very old!

- Why are people afraid of multi-level network marketing companies everywhere?

There's no need to be afraid of the marketing model of any company. Be afraid of not knowing the right knowledge.

As the Billionaire, Warren Buffet says:

"Risk comes from not exactly knowing what you are doing?"

Most people are afraid of these direct selling network marketing companies because people have actually lost loads of money in this network marketing industry.

There are a lot of money investment schemes in the market that guarantees people that they will double their money and all of a sudden a regular person who is eager to earn some.

"His dreams and emotions get in front and blur his intelligence and logical knowledge."

Usually, these fake Ponzi schemes do not have any product and they are basically new in the marketplace and doing money rotation at least which has been seen again and again most of the time.

If you are planning to get involved in MLM Business model then do proper research of the company's profile, their history, geography, and everything.

If you can be logical and think about:

How the company is making money?

And how you will get paid?

Then you will always make the right decision in the right direction which is right for yourself!
Done next,

MLM companies in India

- Why these direct sales companies have such a negative reputation?

This is also something that is not new but as the best network marketing companies boom up a lot of the fake companies came into existence in the name of the network marketing business model.

"When money is involved in something and a negative act takes place at a bigger scale, it gets a lot of coverage."

When a lot of people were making money legally and ethically in some network marketing companies, there came a lot of fake Ponzi companies.

As the business model works best and produces a lot of sales in a really short period of time.

These fake companies also make loads of money and just run away overnight and hard-earned millions of many were stolen, obviously, these things will attract a lot of cursing to the industry.

And the whole industry gets a negative reputation.

Someone gets a bad experience from some fake Ponzi company and these things get heavy coverage as its a matter of money.

That's why you will even hear from your own family, from relatives, from colleagues or from acquaintances that DO NOT JOIN THIS MLM INDUSTRY! IT'S TOTALLY FAKE AND RIP YOU OFF AND WILL SCAM YOU IN THE END!

It's common and it will happen again and again as the doors are open for everyone where anyone can start a new network marketing company at ease.

That's why it is very crucial to choose the right company which has a brand value and has a certain track record of growth over a couple of past years.

Did you get that, Awesome!

Moving forward

- Why do educated people fall for Network Marketing traps and pitches?

First of all, multilevel marketing is not a trap or a scam! It is an actual business model.

As far as the question goes that why educated people fall for a trap?

Mostly all people are educated. And everyone has these days access to the Internet.

Those who have been hurt from a fake Ponzi company in the past come up with this question as far as I think.

If you search about any successful person like Warren Buffet[Billionaire], Robert Kiyosaki[Rich Dad, Poor Dad], Donald Trump[Billionaire], Richard Branson, etc.

All of these top people are great believers in Network Marketing and they know exactly what they are talking about as they have done big things in life.

And these people only support network marketing for the sole reason that what you become and change as a person is unbelievable.

It doesn't matter if you become successful in the business or not but to produce great wealth and well-rounded personality you need to have certain skills that network marketing teaches at its best.

Your people's skills, your dressing, your gestures, charisma, confidence, body language, powerful presence, etc and the list goes on and on...

This was the sole reason after doing all my research I had joined the industry but it was not for me and in the end I will also attach my story also to give you some insights.


MLM Companies In India

- Are MLM Network Marketing ultimately unsustainable (like Ponzi schemes)?

The answer is Yes and no, both!

Yes because, if you yourself are working in a company which is like terrible and have poor leadership, no self-improvement, no quality product, no action plan, no guidance, no skills, nothing!

There are very high chances that you are working in a Ponzi scheme or you haven't done a good job picking a company.

And yes ultimately you are going to fail miserably!


No, because, if you are working in a company which has quality products you enjoy using, have a good backtrack record, people are receiving results and have a great culture that supports you like a family, a repeat orders product and everything!

Doesn't matter if you will find success or not but there are very high chances that you will develop very well and may sustain a long term generation transferable business.

- How can an individual succeed in multi-level direct selling network marketing?

Have you heard this saying:

"Skills pay the Bills"

Ya, you catch it right exactly!

Skills, if you are going in network marketing for the sole reason of making money.

You can make a lot of money and making money for yourself is actually a good thing.

If you can take one thing from this article that would be "learning skills" because if you can learn the skills and take regular actions as big actions leads to big transactions.

You can be very successful in network marketing in a very short period of time.

And always remember, skills are built by facing fears and doing particular uncomfortable things again and again for a certain period of time.

Ya, you can succeed in multilevel network marketing if you focus on Skills.

Those skills are:

- Prospecting
- Good word exchange and building repo so-called communication skills.
- Objection handling
- Closing skills
- Team management
- Leadership skills, etc.

What is your Story and review of Multi-Level Network Marketing (MLM)?

What I was thinking?

So, I was just looking for a way to get my hands on some extra income.

Back then I was like all over the place and was too overwhelmed by too many opportunities in front of me.

I was kind of researching a lot from like 3 years of how can I start a business, what types of business. Normal regular people only know about normal traditional business and factory and everything.

Everyone kind of believed from my parents to relatives to everyone around me like go to college and after getting your degree, get a job or start a traditional business which involves a lot of risks and everything.

As I was watching and listening to so many entrepreneurs and business people and mentors on basically YouTube.

I was overwhelmed just because in my mind I can do so many things like:

I can start my Youtube channel.

I can start my blog[which I'm exactly doing rn!]

I can start an online Shopify store.

I can start an e-com website.

I can start selling physical products on e-bay and Amazon.

I can do drop shipping etc, a lot of things was going in my head!

I have seen people earning a lot of money from these online business models.

But the problem was I do not have any money to start and also another problem was what do I say to my parents that I want money to start my online business, they probably will think like I'm crazy or stupid and I should do a job like everyone else is doing around me!

How I discovered Network Marketing?

It was that time when I discovered the Network Marketing field.

I joined the network marketing industry just because a lot of big business people are praising the industry as of network marketing success, what I have seen through YouTube.

Everyone comes in the Network Marketing Niche just to make money and I entered for that same reason but after joining the industry, that purpose of making money was like shifted a little away.
I got to know about some truths about it.

And the truths was not like I have selected a bad company but there were a lot of things which I will/may explain in any other article and may link it right here.

The main thing was I do not have the money to start any business so I convinced my parents to fund my expenses for doing network marketing that I will make money from this "Company" soon!
And they were like "he seems pretty serious, let's see!"

I already didn't have the money in hand earlier and now I'm traveling from one place to another every day, the whole day, paying for expenses for a one-one meeting with the prospects.

And I didn't have any success and was rejected from like 16 of the prospects, it kind of builds strong values in you when you face all of this in the process.

And, little do I know my parents were also like frustrating me or I say taunting me that I just got enrolled in a scam and these network marketing people got you in member, chain, scheme, etc...

How I took my exit was in this Network Marketing Industry?

It was that time when I was like 40-45k into the expenses and had literally made no-one join.

It was like a learning experience and I like it and at the same time, I didn't!

I like it just because I was all the time around these 6-7 figure earners and like-minded people that want to go big in life and do not see something as I Can't! And also was building strong values in myself!

I didn't like it because it was like a costly affair for me as I didn't have the money from the get-go!
At the last point, I just got what I want which was some valuable business skills, I didn't make any money but it was definitely a learning experience.

I took a backdoor exit and I was out of the MLM Industry!

So What exactly is my review of the Network Marketing Industry?

Network Marketing is actually a really good Industry. It makes you face your own fears and challenges and limitations which always results in becoming a better you.

Always make sure and focus on getting in the right company who has a decent profile and have a good background.

The industry is good but few leaders are corrupt, it's like they receive pressure from their uplines and that pressure is distributed to you to achieve the targets.

And people say, it's a part-time thing. NO!

It is a full-time thing and in my honest opinion, you will not get any results by doing part-time. There are always exceptions if you may have a lot of connections then totally go ahead with part-time!

If you are in college then Bravo, you have the time and you have a lot of reach to a lot of people.

In network marketing, you will soon see the real faces of everyone!

And you should definitely do network marketing in college, it's a great learning experience.

Will I Join the Network Marketing Industry Again?

I left the multi-level marketing industry just because I didn't have the money to fund my own traveling expenses and didn't have the right skills.

But now as I have a lot of exposure into the industry and have seen things happening around me from people doing it big just in a short time period by putting in the time and effort.

Absolutely Yes!

I am currently working on this website quality content and some few other online businesses and once I put these online businesses into passive sources of income.

I will be back in network marketing.

As the Billionaire Mr. Warren Buffet said once:

You never put all your eggs in one single basket means you always have to have multiple sources of income.

I know exactly in the back of my head that Network Marketing is like a pipeline of money directly to your home and once the pipeline is built, it will continue to give you money without you even working for it.

So, yes I will join the network marketing industry not now but definitely in the future.

MLM Companies in India

End Words on MLM Companies

That was the article for today and do let me know in the comments if you have got any questions.
I will update this article if anything else you want me to add to this.


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