Tired of Life: Change Your Complete Life in One Year

What's up people?

Today, in this article I will be going in very depth on exactly how you can change your life if you are sick and tired of life and living in general!

Either if you are depressed, unhappy or wanting a change for your betterment or still waiting but haven't made it, whatever the case may be.

The stuff you will read here today will help you to get in a better frame of mind which will ultimately help you to get in the right direction to change your complete life around.

Why I'm writing this?

Because when I was earlier back then in deep trauma and depression and banging my head around to look something like this that can help me to get on the right track. I found little to none content like this that can help me!

Mental health is a big issue but I haven't seen a lot of people talk or write about it in an online post or any whatnot. I have seen a few articles but was not addressing the exact issue or whatever!

So I thought that I must create a page or resource of something like this that can help anyone who reads this to get on the right track faster than ever.

That's why!

Why Are You Feeling Tired of Life and Living in General?

I will not go into B.S. here and there and whatever...

I will just say this one thing that I will pinch your pin-point or main issue that is making you feel miserable or not having that motivation or that inner drive from within or do not have any life direction which is the reason you are feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

Before I tell you that thing that why you are feeling this way and which made you land on this exact page. The reason is that I have seen again and again this same pattern on repeat when I feel some weird emotions.

And that single reason is, "YOU" are not aligned with your own personal truth, that's the cause of all!

In this present movement, I want you to go read this above line what I have written and just give it a deep thought in this mere second!

What is Personal Truth and How can I Get In-tuned with Mine?

Every one of us has our own personal truth as we are grown Puckin people!

You know what, there is no one right now as a grown adult that doesn't know what he/she should be doing in this current moment?

Everyone knows doing exercising is a good thing, but hardly anyone does it.?

Everyone knows eating junk-foods is a bad thing, but people still eat it daily.?

Everyone knows waking up early is a good thing, but people wake up late?

Everyone knows meditation is a good thing, but why people then don't do then.?

To make it clear cut simple for you, the thing I am tryna say is "You" have a power called "choice", you can look back in your past any day of the time or even right now.

Everything you do or have done till now as you are reading this article, you had a personal choice!

Things are very simple if you can understand this, the more bad choices you will make from this very second into the future as these minute by minute choices are creating your future, the more far away you will go from your own personal truth!

And after a lot of bad choices finally, a day, in the end, will come in your physical reality[maybe today can be that day for you as you are reading this rn] where you will feel deeply unsatisfied, maybe depressed, maybe my entire life suck, I'm exhausted, have no purpose, can't deal with this sh*t anymore, job sucks, people suck, nobody cares...etc...!

What Do You Have To Do If You Are Tired of Life?

Don't ask me, you already know what exactly you should be doing rn and what exactly you have to do to get your life back on track.

While knowing that exactly, you still choose not to do when you realize or postpone and what happens, life goes on and then some other thing happens that grab your attention and you just move on as nothing has ever happened without doing or taking any actions about it!

If you don't believe, set your watch to it rn, a timer or anything that can remind you of this day as you are reading. If you didn't do anything about your own life problems, sooner or later you will land on this same exact feeling that you may be feeling this day or even worse!

The single best thing is to, always make the "Right Choices" consciously every-time to avoid this trap and to avoid getting screwed again n again!

How Do I Know This?

I have been the same way and seen these patterns again n again and then after spending a lot of time alone in isolation and then reading books and listening to people and then installing the right type of habits, I know this was the road where I was few-time back.

Moving forward in this article I will tell you what exactly what you have to do to completely change your life around.

And before I start, I just wanna say, do not read these things if you are here on this article for knowing or for time-pass or will not do anything after about it! You are free to go, right now!

And before you go, if you are depressed rn and didn't do anything about it, you will fall back on this exact page of your life again, Set You Puckin Watch To It!

Ok, for the people that are still reading this I wanna say if you can implement these things that I am about the share with you in points, these things changed my whole life around for better and I believe it can or may change yours if you are seriously committed to not being screwed again and if you really want to change!

Having said that, let's see in steps what things to do to change your entire life in the coming one year.

Steps To Change Your Life In One Year

Before I will tell you those steps, I want to remind you from the beginning itself that these things will just not change your life drastically just like that. You will get used to these things as time passes.

If you don't know how it will work, I say just be cool and start to take these small steps daily and without getting back to your old habits! It's time to change and I will tell you straight, your brain will try to trick you back into the old habits.

There is a Devil in each and every one of us and if you listen to that devil and do the things that devil say, try to procrastinate or postpone on things, you will sooner or later get depressed, sad, it's a pattern after all that you have to realize.

Whatever past actions or decisions or choices that you had made are the reason that you landed in your deepest heart with unhappiness.

Things ain't changin! What do you gonna do about it? It's time to change so follow these exact steps to change your entire life in the coming one year.
Here they are:

1. Stop Being So Serious!

This is the first step, it is to realize that whatever you are worrying about rn is temporary so stop being serious about it. At the same time take action in the right direction, what do I mean by that?

From this point, I don't care whatever problems that you have going on in life rn, the first step is to set yourself mentally free, whatever happened has happened, it's past to which you have no control.

Your happiness should have to be your number 1 priority, focus on the things that you have absolute control over from now.

Someone said you stupid things or disrespected you, let go and do not let things, people or anyone hurt your mental state of well being. If someone did you wrong, move on and do your own thing that matter and will bring the change, let the karma take care of everything else!

If you are very much in your head and struggling to let go:

Watch this movie called FIGHT CLUB[if you like entertainment]

Read this book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay[if you are into reading]

I do not have any affiliations with them whatsoever but just tryna genuinely help!

2. Precise The Things That You Wanna Change!

Make a list of things that you are disappointed with and want to make a change.

I know at this point how difficult it is for you to pick a pen and write about things, you haven't done this before when depressed earlier either.

I know how difficult it is to write things on a piece of paper and how silly it seems to write things on paper.

Oh, I will write it later, let me read the full article first.

At this point I again wanna ask you, are you really serious to make a change? Promise yourself rn that after reading this article you will write the things that you want to change for the sole reason of your betterment!

Write exactly and precisely:

Maybe your health is suffering right now, write it anything and everything!

I wanna have better health!

I want to have a good looking physique!

My Job suck, I wanna make more money!

etc, whatever you wanna change, just write it!

3. What Can You Do Now?

People say I don't know what to do but I wanna make a change, what steps I take or make, I have tried everything and seen everything and nothing is changing, what should I do?

Listen to this very carefully what rn you have to do.

1st- You set yourself mentally free and let go of the things that you have absolutely no control, at the same time, took the responsibility to change.

2nd- You wrote the things what exactly and precisely you wanna change!

Now, this 3rd point is:
Ask this magical question from yourself, what can you do now as in this present moment as I own the power of choice!?


My health is suffering, what can I do?

Your mind will precisely answer you, this is what you have to do...

So, take care of the nutrition. OK, today I will collect all the groceries and will get my diet all on point!

Another Example:

My friends are negative, they suck and let me down, what can I do?

Your mind will precisely answer you, this is what you can do from tomorrow...

So, look for new friends, but where?

If this is your case, where exactly these new friends will be hanging out?

Maybe at the gym, maybe at the basketball court, maybe in a motivational seminar, etc.

You get the point basically, ask the mind the right questions and it will exactly tell you what you have to do.

And I am telling you again rn, that Devil that I told you in one of the earlier points. That DEVIL will also interrupt you at this point or try to fool you into old patterns and routines that landed you into depression!

Leave it man, this sh*t is B.S.!
Leave it girl, this will not work on you!

I have seen this again n again and I'm telling you, set your watch to it, these old thoughts will occur while you are writing all these changes and asking this magic question again n again from your mind!

What Can I Do About It?

I have been through this same road and I know this thing will going to happen as you are taking a step to change in the right direction, So,

I wanna ask you again at this moment rn:

Are you really serious to make a change?

Are you really want to change your life around from this present moment?

Do you really wanna take charge of your life problems?

Think about it!

There is always a choice in the present, maybe bookmark this page rn and come on this page some other day to really wanna make a change!

You have the power of choice in this present moment, you may choose to suffer more and make a change in your life at a later point when you are more screwed.

I have Titled this article "Tired of Life: Change Your Complete Life in One Year", for a reason.

This is a no BS Guide for only those that really are too tired to care anymore and want to make a change for their betterment!

4. No Distractions

Look and analyze each day what are the tasks that you do on the whole day or what are the types of people you meet and greet that is taking and wasting your time?

Know and think about the people that are truly negative and that are holding you back or stopping you to do something good for yourself.

As you now know what are the things that you truly needed to do so before doing that, just look and analyze in thoughts that what people or thing or in my daily task are wasting my time?

Because distractions lead to time waste and wasting time means you are doing something that is not making any improvement in your life.

No Distractions, the Ability to let that which does not matter truly slide! ~ FIGHT CLUB

This mere process will help you to cut down the time to the people and situations that are just not worth it.

In this next step, I will tell you how you can plan each day ahead and do those things that truly matter for change as you now have eliminated all the distractions!

5. Schedule Your Tomorrow and Day After Tomorrow RN!

This is the most important step!

What you will write today on a piece of paper will be giving direction to coming days, weeks and months!

As you read the STEP 3 where you have got all the things you need to do for a change.

Now, look on your current routine whatever it looks like and it doesn't matter how miserable or unplanned or unproductive it may be looking rn.

Then, add all those extra activities or tasks that STEP 3 has suggested you and add all those in the routine in different time slots wherever possible!

And don't come up with this excuse that I do not have the time or I'm too busy! Don't even start it Today as you already know those excuses always make you land on unbearable situations ultimately making you suffer. So,

Make all these new tasks your priority as priorities are always treated well no matter how difficult they are!

And from tomorrow, start to follow this schedule for at least 3 months minimum to see significant changes. Things take time so do not expect any overnight change.

6. Sustaining Everything With This One Habit To Start With

If you can take One Gold Coin from this article, I say that would be Reading Books.

I do not wanna read books, I have already read my boring school-college books and I know they were boring as hell!

I totally understand it and I totally get that!

I was the same way back then when I was really looking for a change when I got this that you need to start reading. I was like What?

But I must add here that reading books totally changed my entire life when I was desperate for change and I'm dead serious.!

Look at this way, books are the accumulated knowledge from the people that have lived their life in fulfillment and greatness.

Let me shower a little light here, a person live his entire life by collecting life experiences from years and years and in the end, you can get the book which can tell you everything on pennies on the dollar.

A person has lived 60 years and then published a book, another lived for 50 years and then published their book.

How cool this is that you are accumulating years of wisdom in just a few days. How wealthy, rich, successful you can become just think about that?

Look at every successful people around you, Grant Cardone, Stefan James, Tai Lopez, etc.

Why are you not as close as to these people in every area of life, it is just because they have the wisdom which other people do not have! So why not walk the same path on which these people are walking so that we can also get a similar result as them!?

Almost every successful person reads books and when I started reading, I was blown away when I implemented what I learned from reading.

Focus on the word Implement, because knowing smart crap is not going to get you anywhere, actions on what you get to know from these books make you reap the rewards what you truly looking for.

If you can pick a Gold Nugget from this article, that would be read the top self-help books in the areas that you truly want to improve.

7. Understanding the KEY to EVERYTHING in a Nutshell!

You know what?

I wanna ask you, what made you click on this article?

I truly believe that everything that is happening with you is just there to teach you something.

If you at this point got to where you feel bored from your job or people and sick of everything, it was just for the mere reason that your life was telling you to improve on certain things but you are again n again keep making bad choices and got far away from your truth.

There are millions and billions of other web-pages on the internet but you still somehow found this and clicked on this page? Why?

Please do not watch the below video if you are truly not serious about making a change!

Because otherwise, this would be a total time waste. Forget about this article, no-on can help you if you yourself are not ready for making a change!

You are attracted to this article, Now find out why and understand everything in a nutshell what is exactly going with everything around you and with you?

Source- Barnone11970


If you can follow this STEP by STEP guide seriously and religiously and slowly learning and going through day by day by taking care of yourself and not giving up on the change as you already know from which past you are coming from, you have seen it.

Just give some time in the process of getting used to these new things and keep constantly adding new things as you may feel.

Because of the reason, your every day is planned this way so you better believe in just a year how much you can change your life as you are giving directions to your life with planned actions on a daily basis!

You have read it now as you promised earlier, sit right now and implement what you have learned from this page today.

And lastly,
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Do share this article with someone as I put a lot of thought into delivering the best, that would be greatly appreciated!

Until then

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